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Religious music (also called religious music or sacred music) is any kind of music that has been specifically or predominantly used or adapted for religious use. It can overlap with other ritual music, which is popular music, specifically, non-religious music, sacred or otherwise, played or composed for either religious or secular purposes. The two genres are often confused or thought to be one in the same. However, they are very different and have different definitions, as well as influences. Knowing the difference will help you appreciate and enjoy your favorite types of religious music.

In this main article, we will focus on two specific subgenres of religious music. The first is traditional Christian music. This is probably the most common genre of music created or used in worship. Often, traditional Christian music is played at churches and church activities, services, and other religious gatherings. Some popular genres include worship songs, praise songs, children's hymns, and instrumental Christian music.

Another subgenre of religious music is the 20th century gospel music. Gospel music is loosely defined as any traditional type of Christian music created by or adapted for worship and praise. Many artists are identified as belonging to this genre. The most famous subgenres are hymns, praise songs, and special songs. These songs often portray the personality traits and stories of Jesus and the Christian faith.


A third subgenre of religious music is Eastern religious music. This type has become more prominent in recent years, especially in the United States. Some examples include Buddhist religious music and Eastern classical music. While it shares some characteristics with Eastern classical or pop music, Buddhist music usually emphasizes the role of mind and spirituality in its creation. A good example is the poem "Dharma" by Yogi Dhara.

The fourth subgenre is contemporary religious music. This term describes modern or contemporary religious music. Its main characteristic is its use of dance in religious functions. This genre usually differs from other genres by having a distinct sound that cannot be classified by listeners. Common genres include spiritual songs, hymns, and praise songs.

Today, there are an unlimited number of Christian music genres available. Each artist portrays a different representation of God. With the increasing popularity of artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and other artists, it's getting easier to categorize and classify religious music. In fact, more artists are emerging every day who are redefining the genre. As the years go by, only the best and the brightest artists will remain in the limelight

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