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Come on out and find the best seats as the San Diego Gulls take on all of their rivals and treat fans to exciting hockey action.  The Gulls have games agaist the Ontario Reign, the Stockton Heat, and the San Jose Barracuda among others, and there are always tickets available to the games. 

San Diego Gulls Hockey

Let's talk Gulls hockey. This is where the action unfolds, right in San Diego. You're about to get an inside scoop on the players making waves and defensive tactics keeping opponents at bay. With goalies like Tomas Suchanek guarding the net, every game is a thrilling watch.

Dive into media resources for those not-to-be-missed highlights and behind-the-scenes stories. We've got your back with ticket info for upcoming face-offs too, ensuring you won't miss out on any rink-side excitement.

If you bleed orange and blue, we'll explore membership options that put you in the heart of it all. Plus, see how Gulls' wings reach far beyond hockey with community initiatives galore.

Table of Contents:

San Diego Gulls Team Overview

The San Diego Gulls skate into the spotlight with a team that thrives on agility and precision. Key players leading their offensive charge are none other than Brayden Tracey and Jacob Perreault, whose player stats reflect not just potential but performance.

Meet the Forwards

Tracey's finesse on ice is matched by Perreault’s power plays, creating a dynamic duo for the Gulls' roster. Together they represent some of the most promising talent in league standings, shaping what it means to be at the forefront of American hockey.

Fans watching these forwards know each game could bring record-breaking moments as they navigate through defenses like seasoned navigators charting unexplored seas—except their compass points towards goals rather than new lands.

Defensive Lineup Highlights

In defense lies Olen Zellweger, a name synonymous with robust defensive strategies crucial to keeping opponents at bay. His presence is akin to an impenetrable fortress; attackers might breach walls elsewhere but seldom pass where he stands guard.

Zellweger’s statistics don't just measure up—they tell stories of blocked shots and swift interceptions that keep his team firmly rooted in competitive terrain within AHL rankings.

Guardians of the Goal

Beneath layers of protective gear resides Tomas Suchanek—the guardian between posts for San Diego. With goalie stats that echo resilience under pressure, Suchanek has proven time and again why he's integral as last line defense against waves of offense from teams like Coachella Valley Firebirds or Iowa Wilds who have clashed sticks with Gulls before here.

Catch him live, watchful eyes tracking pucks much like hawks eye prey—ready for swift dives or lightning-fast glove saves that electrify crowds and etch memories in minds long after the buzzer sounds.

Their synergy makes every match-up more than just another date on sports calendars—it becomes an exhibition where skill meets willpower head-on—an event you wouldn’t want to miss if you're anywhere near San Diego.

Key Takeaway: 


Get ready for high-octane Gulls hockey with Tracey and Perreault leading the charge. Their synergy on ice promises record-breaking plays, while Zellweger's defense is a fortress in itself. In goal, Suchanek stands as an unwavering guardian. Each game is not just a match but an unforgettable display of skill and willpower.

Upcoming Games and Ticket Information

The San Diego Gulls are ready to take the ice in a series of games that will have fans on the edge of their seats. Coming up, they face off against dynamic opponents like the Coachella Valley Firebirds and Iowa Wild—teams known for their competitive spirit. Fans eager to witness these thrilling matchups can snag tickets here for the game against Coachella Valley Firebirds, or grab your spot at Pechanga Arena by clicking this link for when they challenge Iowa Wild.

If you're all about strategy and stats, keep an eye out as our team takes on rivals like Abbotsford Canucks. The anticipation builds with each play, where power plays matter just as much as penalty kills.

But it's not only about what happens during gameplay; it's also about where you experience it from. Whether you prefer being close enough to see players' expressions or enjoy a panoramic view of the rink, there’s a seat just right for you—and we've got all angles covered. With every ticket purchase comes access to top-notch amenities that make game days unforgettable experiences.

Schedule Notes: Mark Your Calendars.

For those who follow closely, don't miss any schedule notes: clashes with Texas Stars always bring fireworks while Tucson Roadrunners show us speed meets skill head-on. And let’s not forget San Jose Barracuda—their games are never short of intense moments worth watching live.

Fans know well that hockey isn’t just played—it’s felt deeply within every shout and cheer inside Pechanga Arena.

Ticket Grab: Get Yours Before They're Gone.

To get wrapped up in this excitement first-hand means acting fast before tickets sell out. Make sure your squad is part of history-in-the-making by securing spots early—a smart move considering how quickly these hot-ticket events fly off shelves.

You'll be part of electric energy so palpable it feels like another player on our side—as if cheering could tip scales toward victory (and sometimes, doesn’t it seem like it does?). So rally behind our Gulls; let's fill stands with passion loud enough to echo beyond San Diego borders.

Key Takeaway: 


Score your tickets to see the San Diego Gulls' electrifying games and feel every heart-stopping moment from your perfect seat. Act quickly—these high-demand matchups sell out fast, so grab your spot and join the roar of passionate fans at Pechanga Arena.

The Ultimate Fan Experience with San Diego Gulls

Ready to ramp up your game day? The San Diego Gulls bring the thrill of hockey with a splash of Southern California vibe. If you're itching for that VIP feel, look no further—membership options like VINYL Membership and Premium Seating have got you covered.

Novelties Menu

Cheering on the Gulls is more than just a pastime—it's about flaunting your pride in style. Whether it’s the Men menu or Women menu, every fan finds their fit. Don't leave out the young enthusiasts; dive into our Youth menu where future MVPs gear up.

Become part of an exclusive club with VINYL Membership. It's not just a seat at Pechanga Arena; it's a statement that says 'I'm here for every slap shot and body check'. And let me tell you, those seats aren’t mere chairs—they’re thrones from which to witness gladiatorial ice battles.

Premium Seating Upgrades

If close-up action gets your heart racing, consider upgrading to Premium Seating. Imagine being so near to the rink that you can see players' expressions change as they chase victory—a true aficionado’s dream. With such prime spots available at tantalizing sale prices, who could resist?

To secure these hot tickets before they're all snapped up by other eagle-eyed fans, click here for Coachella Valley Firebirds matchups, or here if Iowa Wild games get your blood pumping.

Membership Perks Beyond The Game

Your experience doesn't end when the buzzer sounds. Members enjoy perks like invites to watch parties—where camaraderie meets competition—and discounts on fan favorites including stylish attire like chain drive fleece crews or American gull trucker hats. Get ready to deck yourself out in gear even mascots would envy.

So why settle for ordinary when extraordinary awaits? Being part of something bigger than yourself—that's what membership brings.

Key Takeaway: 


Ramp up your Gulls game day with exclusive memberships and premium seating for an unbeatable experience. Gear up in style from a diverse menu, snag VIP seats for intense ice action, and enjoy perks that go beyond the final buzzer. Don't just watch; be part of the thrill.

Behind-the-Scenes with San Diego Gulls Operations

Peek behind the curtain of hockey operations and you'll find the pulse of any successful team. For the San Diego Gulls, it's about more than just what happens on ice; it's a strategic dance coordinated by a dedicated front office staff.

The front office is where plans take flight—where scouts, trainers, and executives map out each season. It's here that they nurture raw talent into league standouts like Brayden Tracey and Jacob Perreault or fortify defense with players such as Olen Zellweger. They're also responsible for signing stalwart goalies like Tomas Suchanek who become indispensable guardians of the goal.

This operational hub works tirelessly to support both player needs and fan expectations, balancing roster decisions against long-term goals. But what does this look like in action? Let’s say there’s an upcoming game against Coachella Valley Firebirds—a match sure to heat up Pechanga Arena San Diego—you bet every detail from strategy to player readiness is meticulously reviewed here first.

Hockey Operations: The Strategic Core

A winning streak doesn't happen by chance—it stems from a deep understanding of both our own team dynamics and those of opponents like Iowa Wild or Abbotsford Canucks. Hockey operations at its core are chess masters playing at lightning speed; their next move could mean climbing higher in league standings or adjusting strategies that redefine how we play.

In essence, these folks are not just supporting—they’re steering the ship through stormy waters whether facing off familiar foes such as Ontario Reign or charting course through untested waters when new teams join fray.

Front Office: Unsung Heroes Off Ice

You might catch them crunching numbers or scouting prospects but make no mistake—the front office crew are pivotal players in their own right. Their playbook? A blend of foresight, agility, analytics—all wrapped up in one mission statement: Bring home victory responsibly & safely while fostering growth within community initiatives too.

If you've ever wondered why your favorite forward was traded or how we snagged that star defenseman mid-season—chances are answers lie within conversations had within these walls which buzz with possibilities long before fans cheer under bright lights come game night.

Key Takeaway: 


Discover the heart of Gulls hockey where front office heroes strategize, scout talent like Brayden Tracey, and secure game-changers to keep the team soaring.


The operations crew are real-life chess masters, making moves that shape our wins and community ties off the ice.

Engaging with Fans Through Media Resources

Stay connected to the pulse of San Diego Gulls hockey with an array of dynamic media resources. These platforms ensure you're in on every thrilling play and behind-the-scenes moment.

AHLTV: Your Virtual Seat at Every Game

Cheering from home? No problem. AHLTV lets you stream games live, so it feels like you’re right there in the action. Catch all those edge-of-your-seat moments whether the Gulls are going stick-to-stick against rivals like Coachella Valley Firebirds or standing strong versus powerhouse teams such as Iowa Wild and Abbotsford Canucks. Beyond live games, AHLTV offers replays and highlights—perfect for reliving that game-winning goal or scrutinizing plays just like a coach would.

Gullscast Podcast: The Soundtrack for Die-Hard Fans

If deep dives into strategy discussions rev your engine, then tune into Gullscast Podcast. It's where aficionados break down past performances and forecast future matchups while sharing insider tidbits. Whether dissecting player stats or predicting outcomes against squads like Texas Stars or Tucson Roadrunners, this podcast has got your back.

The Snapshot Gallery of Glory Moments

Eyes hungry for ice action off-screen? Dive into our photo albums on Flickr. From jaw-dropping saves by guardians of the goal to electric celebrations post-goal frenzy—it’s all captured here. Relive recent victories over formidable opponents such as San Jose Barracuda through vibrant snapshots that make you feel part of the fan wave without stepping out your door.

Fans are more than spectators; they're part of the team spirit—a force driving players towards that net-crashing climax we all crave. With these media gems at your fingertips, staying looped in with fellow enthusiasts becomes second nature—because when it comes to Gulls hockey passion knows no bounds.

Key Takeaway: 


Stay in the game with San Diego Gulls media resources. Stream live matches on AHLTV, dive into strategy on Gullscast Podcast, and catch electrifying moments in our Snapshot Gallery.

Community Initiatives & Youth Engagement

The San Diego Gulls take flight beyond the rink with programs that soar into the hearts of our community. With a keen focus on youth engagement, their wingspan extends to educational and social initiatives like Reading is The Goal program. This isn't just about hockey—it's about shaping lives through literacy and learning.

Kids Club Activities That Score Big Points

The Gulliver’s Kids Club isn’t your typical fan club; it’s an experience where young fans join a squad dedicated to fun and education. It's more than games; it's inspiring kids to embrace sportsmanship both on ice and in life. Members get exclusive access to events that are as exciting as they are enriching—think face-offs between book pages rather than puck drops.

This dynamic approach has seen significant involvement from families all around San Diego, showcasing how the team doesn't just play for points—they aim for positive impact.

A Foundation Built On More Than Just Ice

Driven by passion both on and off the ice, the team lays strong foundations within our city through the San Diego Gulls Foundation. Their hands-on support ranges from improving health and educational outcomes for children to fostering recreational activities which strengthen communities across San Diego.

This foundation stands not only as a beacon of hope but also exemplifies commitment—a true testament that this team plays harder for its home crowd well after leaving behind stadium lights.

Diving Into Literacy With Reading is The Goal Program

Reading is The Goal, one part of their multifaceted community outreach strategy, tackles reading proficiency head-on because every child deserves stories that ignite dreams bigger than any arena could hold. Imagine kids flipping pages faster than players skating across ice—it’s happening right here in Coachella Valley Firebirds territory thanks to these tireless efforts.

Inspiring young minds doesn’t end at chapter books or story time sessions either; these engagements foster lasting connections between athletes who understand there's no "I" in “team” or “community.” When you hear cheers echo outside arenas during watch parties or feel pride swell while sporting gear adorned with logos like Gulls russet logo hats,, remember: It signifies unity born out of much more than mere fandom—it symbolizes shared goals reached together as one big family under wide-spanning gull wings.

Key Takeaway: 


The San Diego Gulls score big with community and youth, pushing beyond hockey to enrich lives through literacy programs and educational fun.


Young fans win more than games at Gulliver’s Kids Club; they learn sportsmanship for life's ice rinks, not just the game's.


In San Diego, the Gulls' foundation is changing the game by building healthier communities and smarter kids off the ice.


Dive into Reading is The Goal where Coachella Valley Firebirds territory sees kids dreaming big through books thanks to dedicated outreach efforts.

Merchandise Review & Where To Buy

Fans, if you're looking to sport the San Diego Gulls' colors and show off your team spirit, I've got some must-have merchandise just for you. Let's talk about what's hot on the Men menu, where the White Gulls Hockey Hood is a fan favorite.

Ladies, don't think we forgot about you. The Women menu features chic options like the WhoHoppers Pullover that blends style with fandom perfectly. And let’s not leave out our young fans; check out the Youth menu for items like jerseys and headwear designed just for kids.

Now onto novelties - these are those unique finds that really set die-hard fans apart from casual supporters. Head over to the Novelties section of and grab something special that says 'I'm more than a fan'. Maybe it's time to replace that old cap? Well, look no further than their extensive Headwear selection where variety meets quality.

Jerseys Menu: Your Team Armor Awaits

If there's one thing every hockey aficionado needs, it’s an authentic jersey. The Jerseys Menu offers everything from home game classics to road trip ready kits so whether at Pechanga Arena or cheering remotely – you'll feel part of the flock. What makes these jerseys stand out is not only their sale price but also how they capture our beloved team's essence down to each stitch.

Headwear Menu: Cap Off Your Look With Pride

Caps are crucial in sunny San Diego and what better way to shield yourself than with branded caps from your cherished Gulls? From snapbacks boasting crisp logos such as Gut Feeling Youth Snapback or rustic designs like Gulls Russet Logo hats; pick your perfect match without breaking stride or budget because this gear isn’t just fashion – it’s passion woven into fabric.

No matter which item catches your eye remember wearing them responsibly & safely goes beyond personal style - it reflects pride in our city our team and ourselves as committed supporters who stand by through thick thin ice cold winters warm beach days alike. So why wait? Score big by snagging some official San Diego Gulls merchandise today right here on Don't forget shipping details either since getting hold of this awesome swag should be hassle-free after all excitement waits for no one when puck drops next gameday.

Key Takeaway: 


Show your Gulls pride with hot merchandise from Grab a White Gulls Hockey Hood for men, stylish WhoHoppers Pullover for women, or cool jerseys and caps for kids. Authentic jerseys let you feel part of the flock anywhere, while unique novelties express die-hard fandom. Top off any outfit with a logo cap that screams passion.

Follow The Flock On Social Media

When the game clock stops, and the ice clears, San Diego Gulls fans keep the spirit alive on social media. It's where you catch that behind-the-scenes glimpse or share in a collective cheer with a community that bleeds blue and orange.


Become part of our Facebook family to get your daily dose of Gulls content. From player interviews to fan shoutouts, it's all happening over there. Just hit 'like' on our page, and let’s make those connections fly.


The chirps aren't just from birds; they're also tweets about every slick move on the rink. Follow us on Twitter for real-time updates during games and quick snippets that will have you feeling like you’re right in the middle of all action.


Pictures speak louder than words – especially when it comes to hockey hits and hat tricks. Our Instagram feed is where aesthetics meet athletics. Double-tap your way through our gallery, which captures every thrilling moment both on and off the ice.

YouTubers Assemble.

If moving pictures are more your thing then check out our YouTube channel for highlights reel galore - because sometimes you need to see that goal from four different angles just to believe how awesome it was. Get subscribing at San Diego Gulls YouTube Channel.

TikTok Trends & Hockey Memes?

Absolute goldmine. Whether we’re breaking down plays or just having fun with trends, TikTok gives us another fantastic platform to engage with fans who love their sports served with a side of humor.

Come join us across these platforms—let’s talk stats, celebrate wins together (and yes even losses), dive into discussions or simply enjoy some good ol’ hockey camaraderie. So grab your device and start following—we can’t wait to connect with each one of you.

Key Takeaway: 


Stay in the game off the ice by joining the Gulls' social media family. Like, follow, and subscribe for exclusive content, real-time updates, and a solid dose of hockey humor across all platforms. Let's connect and keep that team spirit soaring.

FAQs in Relation to Gulls Hockey

Were the Gulls ever in the NHL?

No, the Gulls have always played in leagues below the NHL tier.

Who are the Gulls' NHL affiliate?

The San Diego Gulls are linked up with Anaheim Ducks as their primary NHL partner.

What AHL team is in San Diego?

The American Hockey League's team based out of San Diego is known as the Gulls.

Who is the Anaheim Ducks' minor league team?

The Ducks call on their farm squad, none other than the San Diego Gulls, for fresh talent.


So, you've got the lowdown on Gulls hockey. You know who's scoring and defending like champs, from Tracey to Zellweger. And those goalies? Rock solid.

Game day's not just a ticket; it's an experience with media gems and VIP treats that put you right in the thick of things. Whether at Pechanga Arena or through your screen, every play matters.

But remember this: It’s more than goals and games—it’s community spirit and die-hard dedication that truly define the San Diego Gulls’ vibe.

Cheering on the team is great; joining them in giving back is even better. With each face-off, pass, and power play, be part of something bigger both on and off the ice.

Finally, let these moments fuel your passion for gulls hockey as they do ours—every shot taken is another chance to fly higher together!

Professional hockey team San Diego Gulls plays in the American Hockey League (AHL). They started playing in this competition during the 2015 – 2016 season. Their first game was against Grand Rapid Griffins, which took place on October 10, 2015.


Coaching the team is Kevin Dineen, who has over 30 years of experience as a coach and a player in this sport. In 2015, he helped Chicago Blackhawks lift the Stanley Cup championship. Dineen brings that experience and championship pedigree from a great organization like the Blackhawks.  

2018 – 2019 Season Highlights

During the 2018 – 2019 season, the San Diego Gulls finished third in the Pacific Division, with 80 points. Out of 68 games played, they won 36, lost 24, and had five overtime losses and three shootout losses during this period.

The team qualified for the playoff position during this season. They scored 239 goals and conceded 221 while racking up 978 penalty infraction minutes. In the four seasons they were in the AHL, they played 272 games, winning 154 and losing 95, with zero ties.

Pacific Division Teams

In the Pacific Division, San Diego Gulls plays against six other teams:

The team considers Ontario Regin as its rivals in the league. They call their match against Regin as “Rivalry Night.”


San Diego Gulls plays all their home matches in Pechanga Arena, located in San Diego, California. Robert Breitbard, a football hero, was the one who built the Pechanga Arena in 1966. For ice hockey, the stadium has a capacity for 12,920 spectators. Disabled/Accessible seating is also available to patrons.

There are ample amounts of parking in the Pechanga Arena. The cost of using the parking lot in the stadium is $15. Pechanga Arena doesn’t require advanced reservations to use this space. Also, the stadium doesn’t permit re-entry or overnight parking.



AHL Minor League Hockey:

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