5 Things to Do Before Your Wedding Ceremony

things to do before your wedding ceremony

Most people would agree that your wedding can be cold, calculating, and painstakingly tedious throughout the planning process. However, it can become an important and memorable day with enough organization. To help you plan a wedding that will be both beautiful and exciting, we’ve put together a list of five things to do before your wedding.

1. Get The Most Important People Involved

First, the impossible task of gathering all of the people you need to be involved in planning your wedding is what gives everyone else headaches. For everything to go smoothly, it’s best to start in your own family and reevaluate, adding other people as appropriate. Remember that getting everyone on board means that every person will have something to contribute and exercise a little power. Involve your parents early on. They might disagree, but they’ll respect that planning a wedding is something they helped birth.

2. Consider Extras and Options

While most people aren’t sure where to start when planning a wedding, many have found that the best concept is to incorporate customizations so everyone can have their ideas. If you want to choose a particular type of band for your reception:

Try booking one before booking the venue or special-occasion dinner with them as attendants at your teppanyaki dinner or sushi party.

Get in touch with a photographer who knows how to work with your wedding requirements or a florist that specializes in the specific designs you want.

Find out whether the venue you have in mind offers on-site catering or if they can hook you up with a preferred vendor. If your preference is ballroom dancing or country music, it would be helpful to find out what band and song list they would use for your reception.

Look for the right engagement ring insurance; it would be best if you consider checking out different jewelers so you can get several estimates for how much it will cost to insure your ring.

3. Determine Invitees

Deciding who should be included in your wedding can sometimes cause more stress than actually planning the wedding itself. Most couples have a difficult time deciding whom to invite. Suppose you can think of someone who would make an exceptional guest, invite them to your wedding, but don’t assume that this person is already invited. This is why it’s crucial to go through your parent’s list and ensure every name is crossed off the guest list one at a time until you feel satisfied that everyone was invited by someone else.

4. Plan the Reception

After everyone has been invited, next on the agenda should be choosing a venue and renting a hall, catering hall, or banquet hall – whatever type of setting you might want for the reception. Don’t forget to consider extras, such as an orchestra or DJ. This is the stage of the planning process when you can decide whether to get married at the location you contracted for your wedding or choose another venue. Suppose you’d like something more elaborate than the reception hall, such as a ceremony in conjunction with a reception at an upscale restaurant. In that case, it might behoove you to consider asking for an upgrade on your contract.

5. Choose A Theme

A wedding with no theme is like making a cake without icing; it will not be as fun or memorable. Working with a professional wedding planner is typically a good idea if you can’t afford to create the theme you want from scratch. One of the most popular themes is rustic weddings and barn weddings. It’s recommended that you try to attend a couple of days worth of other weddings before deciding on what type of theme yours should be, except for Indian wedding themes, which are relatively similar. This way, you have an idea of what you might like, what it will cost you, and how much time it will take to pull off.


Hopefully, this will help you plan a memorable and inexpensive wedding. If you don’t want to make things too painful, consider taking a vacation or removing the stress by getting married on a cruise ship where you can enjoy your honeymoon at the same time. This will make planning your wedding so much easier because most of the work has been done for you, and there are many options available.

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