10 Dreamy Destinations For Scotch Lovers

scotch tasting destinations

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Today Scotch is more than a mere version of whiskey that is prepared and processed in Scotland. It needs to be at least three years aged oak barrel, adding the ultimate quality and essence to the perfect Scotch. Oak is an absolute requirement for good Scotch along with suitable casks. The process of preparing Scotch has evolved significantly with the rolling of time.

As per surveys on Scotch, even as a crude item, Scotch is gaining massive popularity among today’s recreation seekers and health-conscious socialites. Scotch whiskey processing has progressed significantly in many markets. From the process of the fermentation process, use of equipment to ingredients, everything has evolved. To take full advantage of the scotch tasting experience, here are some of the places you must visit.

1.  Edinburgh, Scotland

Some people choose Bourbon, while others prefer Scotch whiskey. If you are one of the minds who shall always go for the latter option, then there is no match for Scotland to any other place. Out of all the countries globally, Scotland rules as the largest producer of Scotch and whiskey. Suppose you have a plan to grab a bunch of samples from these renowned distilleries, get a comfortable car, your companions, and a lot of enthusiasm.

Opting for an RV is also wise, as you can spare yourself from finding a hotel. Just install a highly convenient land rover defender accessories  if you plan for a long drive to the distilleries. These racks are convenient and have immense capacity to help you load your favorite scotch carriers and bottles.

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2.  Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA

Lynchburg is situated in the central region of Tennessee. It is almost an hour or two drive from the town of Nashville. This place is famous for just one magical thing, and that is the distillery of Jack Daniel. An interesting part is that this place is an arid nation, prohibited from selling liquor. But, Lynchburg offers you the globe’s most renowned distilleries, and you cannot ignore a scotch tasting or sampling tour there.

3.  Australia, Tasmania

If you want a more unique and more robust taste for whiskey and Scotch, you can always try Australia. Tasmania is the hub for some of the most noticeable distilleries of Scotch. A large percentage of tourists visit these distilleries every year to collect quality scotch samples and fulfill their goals of scotch tasting.

4.  Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Kentucky is quite a famous town in the US. It is known for many good things. One of them is that it is a United States town that breathes and lives Scotch. You will find some of the top distilleries in Kentucky, along with amazing scenic beauty. You can check out more details about the place online to add an edge to your next touring experience.

5.  New York, USA

This place barely requires any description. New York is often considered the price of the US, and you will never lack things to do there. Going to New York anytime soon? Then look forward to visiting Kings County Distillery and the New York Distilling Company. These popular spots will win your heart if you are a scotch lover. You can also find a lot of unique local book bars there if you are fond of reading.

6.  Northern Ireland

If you have heard of Ireland’s whiskey and Scotch tales, you must explore the top Irish distilleries. The Old Jameson and the Old Bushmill distilleries are the gems of Ireland when it comes to quality blends of Scotch and whiskey. The walk along with these distilleries and the visits can be quite a thing to remember if you are a fan of elegant places and fine liquor essences.

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7.  Glasgow, Scotland

As per sources, Scotland is the divine nation where Scotch was born. Hence, you can always expect to see its names more than once on the list. Glasgow is another pride of Scotland when it comes to whiskey and Scotch. It sits with the perfect picturesque beauty and has many scotch-related attractions. This city bestows you with a range of sampling and tasting tours. Apart from that, you can also try out the famous pubs and bars.

8.  Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the most prominent places in Japan, and it is the Capital. So you cannot ever underestimate the vibe it offers to its tourists. But one of the facts that many did not know is that Tokyo is also famous for many fantastic liquor distilleries, especially scotch. If you are interested in sampling local creations and do not know where to start, Zoetrope in Shinjuku is your stop.

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9.  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago has always been one of the go-to places for fine liquors. It ruled the same even during the era of prohibition in the late 1920s. But when the ban ended, the very popular Chi-town still maintained its popularity for the best blends of Scotch and whiskey. If you have a fascination for Scotch, you must hit this place at least once in your lifetime.

10. Port Ellen, Scotland

You began with Scotland, and it ends with the same. Port Ellen is another legendary place when it comes to Scotch and whiskey. Among more than one hundred and twenty active distilleries, Port Ellen has some of the best ones. If you are a Scotch enthusiast and have a fine taste for its blends, why not add some exciting edge to your enjoyment with the top Port Ellen distilleries and bars.

Time to Make Your Dream Come True.

Finding the right Scotch can make you feel you own the world. Visiting the top distilleries or aligning them with your following travel plans will help you build your knowledge of Scotch blends. So, get set and cherish these places now.


Where can I find good scotch in Ireland?

If you have heard of Ireland’s whiskey and Scotch tales, you must explore the top Irish distilleries. The Old Jameson and the Old Bushmill distilleries are the gems of Ireland when it comes to quality blends of Scotch and whiskey.

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