Essential Supplies Every Lacrosse Player Should Have

Essential Supplies Every Lacrosse Player Should Have

All successful lacrosse players know that there’s some gear they can’t live—or play—without. Investing in quality equipment can make the difference between a novice player and a professional athlete. Before you hit the field, you should learn about the standard equipment, how it works to keep you safe, and how it allow you to play your best. If you’re new to the sport and looking for advice, here are some essential supplies every lacrosse player should have.


Lacrosse is a contact sport, which means the potential for injury is high. Players should have padding on vulnerable parts of their bodies to protect themselves from getting hurt. Athletes will almost always wear shoulder, elbow, and arm padding during a game. Some may also wear rib padding for extra coverage.


In the interest of safety, helmets are pieces of must-have lacrosse gear that every player needs. Men’s lacrosse teams have always worn helmets, and women’s teams have begun introducing them for additional protection. It may seem obvious, but we can’t stress the importance of protecting your head and neck enough. Choose a helmet that fits snugly and that has a faceguard that doesn’t disrupt your line of sight.


Another piece of gear every lacrosse player should have is a mouthguard. Regulations require all players to wear them to prevent concussions and other injuries to the head, neck, and face. Your helmet should do most of the work, but a mouthguard adds extra protection to your jaw, teeth, lips, and tongue just in case you take a hard hit that causes you to bite down.


One of the biggest mistakes new lacrosse players make is choosing the wrong footwear. All cleats aren’t equal, and the kind you wear can significantly affect your performance. Before buying lacrosse cleats, keep in mind features such as cut, comfort, and the type of surface you’re playing on. All of these factors should influence the kind of footwear you purchase.

Your equipment will play an essential role in your lacrosse career, so choose it wisely. All of these important supplies will set you up for success right from the beginning. Now that you know about the necessary gear, you can play a better and safer game.

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