How to Have an Intimate Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, and while some people might dream of a big affair with over a hundred guests and a lot of glamor, others prefer to keep things simple. Choosing to have a more intimate wedding has numerous benefits, including usually a smaller price tag and the opportunity to spend quality time with your guests. If you and your partner aren’t interested in having a big blowout to celebrate your nuptials and would prefer a more intimate gathering, here are some tips to help you plan this kind of wedding.

The Guest List

The hardest part of putting together an intimate wedding is finalizing the guest list. It’s not uncommon for relatives, friends, or even colleagues to be offended if they aren’t invited to your wedding, which can make selecting who to invite a stressful experience. However, you shouldn’t feel pressured into inviting everyone you know, especially if you do want to keep the celebrations small. State from the start that you are planning to have a small wedding, and only invite your immediate family and closest friends to avoid anyone else getting offended that they weren’t invited.

The Venue

Of course, you want your special day to have the perfect backdrop, but wedding venues aren’t cheap. While you might not mind spending a lot of your budget on the venue, be mindful of things like how easy it is to get to, whether there is accommodation for your guests nearby, and what catering packages that venue can offer. If you are getting married somewhere that doesn’t have a bar or offer catering as part of the deal, you will need to hire external services on the day. You can find bartenders at Event Bartender to help serve your guests’ refreshments on the day.

When it comes to choosing catering options, if you want to embody a truly intimate feel on your wedding day, consider having a sit-down meal, as this will bring people closer together as though they are at a dinner party, whereas a buffet or food truck can feel a little bit impersonal.


Candlelight is the ultimate romantic lighting, and it isn’t uncommon to see candles dotted about the place at weddings for this reason. Paired with some simple string lights to add a little more to the soft glow, can help to make a truly intimate atmosphere. Just make sure that your candles aren’t placed too close to anything flammable!

Handmade Decorations

Another lovely touch that will be personal on your wedding day is handmade decorations. This will not only be a fun activity for couples who enjoy arts and crafts, but it will help to make your venue feel more intimate. It’s also ideal for those who are trying to capture a more rustic atmosphere, and you can even get the kids in your family so that they can leave their marks as a sweet addition to your wedding day.

If you and your partner would prefer to have an intimate wedding rather than an outlandish affair, consider the tips above and use them to help you plan the perfect day.

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