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The Los Angeles Lakers is a basketball team based out of Southern California. The Lakers play home games at Staples Center, an arena shared by the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Sparks, and the women’s National Basketball League’s Los Angeles Lakers. While the team plays in the top division of professional basketball in the United States, they are not considered among the elite teams in the league. They have not made the playoffs since 2021, despite winning six championships during the previous five finals appearances.

Despite their recent poor performance in the postseason, the Lakers are still a formidable team to beat. The team has a number of talented players, including Kobe Bryant, who is still capable of unbelievable performances on a consistent basis. The addition of Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who has been an assistant for several years, only solidifies the fact that this roster is now better than ever. The addition of Alonzo Mourning and Chris Webber also solidifies the fact that this unit cannot be replaced. In fact, no other team in the NBA can even come close to competing with the Lakers.

The Lakers enter the 2021-2021 NBA season as one of the biggest mysteries in the league. Many people have already speculated that this team will miss the playoffs entirely. This is due primarily to the fact that no one knows what L.A. can produce in terms of star studded stars such as Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, or even Vince Carter. It is also believed that the lack of outside shooting, which they possess is holding them back from making a deep run in the playoffs.

With the recent turn of events involving steroid use among some of the players on this team, it has been hard not to make comparisons to the steroid scandals that rocked the sport several years ago. Still, there is no comparing the current situation to those occurrences because this is all new. So how does the Lakers stack up against other powerful teams in the National Basketball League? Surprisingly, they are not that far behind the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. The Los Angeles Lakers will most likely continue their winning ways through the season, while everyone else is struggling to find a way out of the Western Conference.

The Lakers are a very intriguing team to follow due to the fact that they have a number of dynamic players. That being said, one player that must shine brightly this season is Kobe Bryant. If he can continue to play at an elite level like he did during his illustrious career with the Memphis Grizzlies, then the Lakers should go far in the NBA playoffs.

Beyond the stars, there is no doubt that the weather in Los Angeles is quite nice. When the team is playing at home, that is. But, they will need to prove themselves against tougher competition when they take on the likes of the Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, Portland Trail Blazers and the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers will also need to prove themselves against a more experienced team such as the New York Giants or the Dallas Mavericks. In addition, they will have to show some fight against the defending champions from the New England NBA playoff series.

The Lakers will be favorites to win the Pacific Division again this season, but the real question is whether rookie center Kwakoeiem the team can produce enough offensive stats to help them win the title. Playing minutes will certainly be an issue since all the young guns have so much to learn and not enough time to play. They will certainly need to acquire someone that can stretch the floor for them, but there is a lot of question whether that person is themselves or somebody else.

With all the expectations placed upon the Lakers this season, this might be the year that they lose in the playoffs for the third straight year. That would be an unbelievable run for any team to have, especially when injuries are involved. However, Los Angeles has the personnel to make it happen if things work out for them. They just might be ready to challenge the heavily favored Dallas Mavericks for the West’s title. It will be a fantastic story to follow through the next few seasons.

The Lakers stand at 37-11 currently and still hold the #1 seed in the Western Conference. The Lakers have been paying tremendous tribute to Kobe Bryant captured in a speech by Lebron james as they work towards the latter half of this NBA season.

The Denver Nuggets and LA Clippers are both 3.5 games behind the Lakers currently.

The Lakers have encountered some resistance on this recent road trip. The Boston Celtics crushed the Lakers by 32 points, and the Philadelphia 76ers easily defeated the Lakers as well. Every team faces some pitfalls along the way, and this will even happen to the Milwaukee Bucks. After the Bucks now, the overall NBA rankings are bunching up a bit. The Lakers have a huge looming battle with the LA Clippers this week.

There is no doubt that Anthony Davis is one of the NBA’s top players. So it only stands to reason that he would be one of the top employers, according to the NBA. That is why ESPN picked him to host the “Live From New York” pregame show on June 11th.

He will be hosting the nationally syndicated “Sports Morning Shows” alongside Ramona Shelburne and Chris Broussard. Sports fans and anyone that just like sports will get a taste of what they can expect on June 11th when ESPN begins airing “Live From New York.”

The show will air live from a Manhattan studio and feature a full day of sports talk. On the show Davis will discuss things from the basketball to the news in the world of sports. This is something ESPN hopes will attract more viewers and bring them back for more. Sports fans will get to hear the talk of their favorite teams and talk about some of the latest events in sports like the recent Super Bowl and the new rivalry between the Heat and Lakers.

In order to host the show, Davis will have to be of decent enough character to not get into any petty fights or dust up with the other crew’s background. He will also have to know the sport of basketball and have a knack for showing a passionate love for it and of course someone who is passionate about sports in general. According to ESPN the team of Davis, Shelburne and Broussard is set to make the show more than just an entertaining show but more of a must see one for all NBA fans. Fans of the game will be in for quite a treat.

The lineup of guests will feature all the usual suspects that come up for these types of shows and one of them is probably some other Hall of Famer who will share a piece of their past. Davis, Shelburne and Broussard will also talk about current events in sports and the world at large. These two topics are among the most popular ones.

These shows have been produced for a few years now and each year they have gotten better in terms of the quality and content. They were not so popular just a few years ago, but those days seem to be gone. The crew seems to be more talented and the discussions much more interesting.

If you like sports and like being interviewed then you might want to give this a try. You will definitely have a great time on the show with your favorite NBA team and the crew will keep your attention.

The Lakers still have the best record in the NBA at 17-3, and they are currently #2 in the ESPN NBA Power Rankings trailing only the Milwaukee Bucks. The Denver Nuggets are #4 and the Boston Celtics are #5.

The Lakers are now 9-2 and the Boston Celtics are 9-1. The Celtics have a rigorous five game road trip out West to content with, so perhaps there is a nice chance for the Lakers to get to the top of the NBA Power Rankings. Live streaming allows you to watch the Lakers and the NBA without cable and by “cutting cords” and taking the action with you at all times.

The Lakers crushed the Golden State Warriors 120-94 the other night and oh how the times have changed. It wasn’t long ago that the Golden State Warriors were routinely beating up on the Lakers and that run lasted for about five years or so. Revenge time.

The Toronto Raptors downed the Lakers at Staples Center to move the Lakers to a solid 7-2 on the season. Now the Lakers are behind the Boston Celtics in the NBA Power Rankings. NBA Power Rankings has the Celtics #1 and the Lakers #2.

At 7-1 the LA Lakers are tied for the best record in the NBA with the Boston Celtics. The Laker defense has been excellent this season and the team is really meshing far quicker than most had imagined. Though it is a long season indeed and far still from the NBA Playoffs, the intensity of the Laker defense and the winning attitude the team has are a huge improvement from last season and enough to carry the club to a big move up over the results last year. Reddit NBA streams are a great way to watch the live action at Staples Center and all over the NBA.

The Lakers currently sit at 5-1 and have cruised to five straight victories since being crushed on opening night by the Los Angeles Clippers. Things are starting to gel for the Lakers as they learn more and find a bit of a groove. The Lakers are getting better use of Anthony Davis as Lebron James continues to evolve and fit himself into any and all scenarios.

Lebron James and Anthony Davis are the only two Lakers averaging over 2 assists per game as the team is effectively playing without anything resembling a true point guard. Rajon Rondo is still sidelined and Quinn Cook plays the point off the bench. The Lakers are #1 in the NBA currently in Defensive Rating, and both Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard are giving huge defensive performances night in and night out. The LA Lakers could be scary if Dwight Howard has a big bounce back season.

As the Lakers arrived in Chicago to face the Bulls, the media asked Anthony Davis about playing for the Chicago Bulls. Davis basically said that since he’s a free agent after this season you never know it’s possible. Of course Laker faithful went nuts and Davis is simply leaving his options open or perhaps trolling the media and fans.

In the recent victory over the San Antonio Spurs, it was the Laker defense led by Lebron James and Dwight Howard tat captured the game and was the decisive factor in the victory.

The Lakers demolished the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night and Anthony Davis had a monster game. Davis had 40 points and 20 rebounds in this game and set a Laker record draining 26 free throw attempts.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. I’ve always had a simple view of sports – athletes compete, win, and get paid. I don’t always agree with everything that I see on the court. This past year, though, I’ve seen something different – something very unique and intriguing.

On the court, it’s Anthony Davis and Kobe Bryant who lead their teams to victory. And after every game, there are still players who come out and talk about the team and how much they have accomplished. When their teams win, people generally cheer for them and cheer them when they lose. But, I have noticed something else that I’m never sure about – and this might have to do with the fact that I was at the game and I watched the game in real time.

It seems like the Lakers fans seem to be behind this team, even when they are losing. They don’t seem to care if they play well, or if they just don’t have a chance to beat the other team. I’m not quite sure what is happening here, but it’s something that needs to be investigated.

Some of the other players seem to be getting more attention than Davis, who has been spectacular for this team. Some people think this is because they think Davis is better than Kobe Bryant. Maybe that’s true, maybe not, but something needs to be done about this.

Indeed, I think a change should be made, because it appears that some of the players who actually do care about winning are given more attention by people than those players who don’t seem to care too much about the game. So, what needs to be done?

Well, according to the Los Angeles Lakers’ President of Basketball Operations, Phil Jackson, he would like Anthony Davis to play more minutes, and that he is ready to put him in a game anytime he wants to. It’s unfortunate that this has to happen, but at least Davis is getting more time on the court, and it should be a priority. Perhaps a discussion between both Davis and Kobe Bryant could help the team has a better performance, or perhaps, both of them should be made captain.

What can be done to make the game better for the Lakers, and to also make the team more unified? I’m pretty sure that Phil Jackson isn’t going to change his way of doing things unless it is going to change completely. So, if anything, this is something that need to be done, and I hope that we can change things so that there is no more controversy.


According to the latest NBA news, the LA Lakers do not have too many exciting games to play this month. Also, according to some reports, Andre Igudala might soon be a part of the LA Lakers. That is what many NBA executives and players seem to anticipate at this moment.


Although there have been some limitations, the LA Lakers managed to add a few quality players to their team this year. Danny Green happens to be one of them. They could also add Demarcus Cousins, who, although is not a superstar player like he used to be, still displayed sparks of playmaking and scoring ability.

Game Results

The Lakers clinched a 112-118 win this Wednesday (6th November) against the Chicago Bulls, and the match was played at United Center, the home of the Bulls. James scored 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists in the game, thus bagging his 3rd consecutive triple-double. The big Q4 of Kuzma helped the Lakers to enjoy their 6th successive win.


It is now sure that Rondo Calf will not be seen representing the Lakers on Friday’s match against the Heat according to a report of the official site of Lakers. Even Bradley’s (lower leg) participation in today’s competition (8th November) is doubtful, according to the same report.

The Lakers are sitting at 2-1 to start the season, but the two wins are not against leading contenders in their conference such as he Houston Rockets or Denver Nuggets. In fact, the Lakers were demolished by the LA Clippers on opening night, and the Clips do not yet have Paul George active. This does not mean all hope is lost, but at this point the NBA is not exactly fearing the team assembled around Lebron James and Anthony Davis. It’s not entirely clear what level of Lebron James they have at this point either.

No reason to think however that they can’t make a lot of noise in their Division and exceed the wins of the Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, and Phoenix Suns – though none of those three are slouches at all (the Suns downed the Clips on Saturday night).

Former Laker Kobe Bryant is out praising Dwight Howard and declaring that he will have a huge impact on this Lakers team. They still await the return of Rajon Rondo as well.

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LA Lakers Basketball
Basketball Insiders began The Offseason series to a Grading, breaking teams and each had far, the summer. Today, well keep that series as we’ve got a look at the L.A Lakers. The Lakers had the up and down they went to the season, but things spiraled out of control. With an aging LeBron James in their center, an offseason was awakened by LA, something had to be done. Therefore, how did they get here, and what’s next for the Lakers? After all, the Lakers must contend with Kawhi Leonard and the LA Clippers, a loaded Houston Rockets team, and the emerging Denver Nuggets among other issues and challenges. Overview – With James in LA, the Lakers had some major anticipation to start last season. And, in the early going, it seemed like they’d live up to these expectations.

Despite their hodgepodge roster, LA started the season steady. Around the top of the Convention, the floated behind James for a lot of the early going. At their best, the Lakers seemed dominant. LA looked like a roster, James Cavaliers carried by one of the NBAs to enough. Its difficult not to succeed on your corner with James, and anticipation had been managed by the Lakers to a point in James LakeShow season. But it all came when James went down with an injury undone. Going in their Christmas Day matchup the Lakers were 20-14. They tried to remedy their woes only to be rebuffed in the Februarys trade deadline. 

From there, things rapidly careened out of control. As also the losses mounted, also the Lakers steered to the skid and went to the tank. The Lakers were anticipated to part ways with former head coach Luke Walton plus they rapidly did so once their season ended. Magic Johnson was able to shake things up further as he stepped down on also the last day of also the Lakers season. At the end, LA postponed its postseason return and finished also the season 37-45. Whilst it can have been difficult to get fans to watch, it provided also the team an Opportunity to not only rest James, but showcase his young talent Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart, among others to also the rest of also the NBA from the hope of an expected offseason blockbuster. 

Offseason – LA, fortunately, got the blockbuster it needed. Following a lengthy search, the Lakers found his next head coach in Frank Vogel. And, while they didnt luck out and win also the NBA Draft Lottery, also the Lakers walked away with also the No. 4 pick. Along With his other assets, also the Lakers had quite also the cache of riches that they immediately handed over to also the Pelicans for Davis. While they were turned away by Dell Demps within season, Ball, Ingram, Hart and 3 first round picks were shown to be enough for lately appointed executive VP of basket ball operations, David Griffin.

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