Modifications on Famous Music Star Tour Buses

Life on the road isn’t easy, even if you’re a world-renowned recording artist. Still, a dedicated musician can learn to make the best of it… with an enormous budget for tricked-out wheels. Learn how to travel the country in style with these modifications on famous music star tour buses.

Second-Floor Luxury

Until pop groups start traveling by custom train, they only have the limited space on a bus to stretch out. That is, unless they decide to expand upward. Mariah Carey shows us how it’s done with a double-decker tour bus with an upstairs lounge. It boasts a 35-foot wraparound couch, color-changing nightclub-style lighting, and two 60-inch televisions.

Elaborate Kitchens

Once music stars decide their party days are over, they prioritize different features on their buses. Gwen Stefani made sure that hers contain impressive kitchens. The extensive counters feature stainless-steel backsplashes and marble floors. After performances, Stefani can chill with a selection from her wine refrigerator.

Exterior Advertising

No manager can resist the urge to announce that the boys are back in town. World tour buses like to make a splash with a moving billboard to remind locals that there might just be a few tickets left. Artists such as Keith Urban, Insane Clown Posse, Ice Cube, and even KidzBop have learned to appreciate the benefits of attention-getting bus wraps.

Recording Studios

Time is money, and the creativity doesn’t stop when the traffic does. Timbaland installed a fully equipped mobile recording studio so he can keep the hits coming. The lounging area onboard has room for eight members of his entourage to give their reactions on his latest music.

Wig Storage

Music stars know that wigs can be a godsend when they’re doing quick changes between songs in concert. Everyone from Cher to Lady Gaga to Hannah Montana uses them when necessary. But when it comes to coiffure-related modifications on famous music star tour buses, Dolly Parton puts even Sia to shame. She has a cabinet on board to showcase at least seven blond wigs at a time.

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