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Both the Eastern and Western Conferences look like a major battleground heading in to the second half of the NBA season. In the East, Milwaukee appears to be comfortably in shape to secure that #1 seed, but after that it is a real scuffle. The Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, and Indiana Pacers are all within arm’s reach of other. The pacers are bringing their best player back into the mix, and the 76ers have been crushed by high quality teams as of late very badly. They even have Al Horford coming off the bench now in a reserve role trying to shake things up.

The Boston Celtics might be getting healthy at the right time. On the radio this week, both Head Coach Brad Stevens and President Danny Ainge noted that explosive forward Rob Williams is making the West Coast trip and is expected in live game action on or around March 1st. The Celtics start the trip with a visit to Minnesota to face the Timberwolves followed by a Sunday afternoon clash with the LA Lakers.

Kyrie Irving is out yet again for the Brooklyn Nets. Irving had a setback with the shoulder and now speculation looms that he is strategically camping it for the remainder of the season so he can come back only when Kevin Durant is ready.

Celtics defeat the OKC Thunder 112-111 in a high intensity game that had a playoff feel to it. Kemba Walker drilled back to back 3PT shots down the stretch, and Marcus Smart came up with a huge steal in the final seconds to seal the game.

One club really struggling of late is the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers went through a stretch where they played many of the top teams in their conference and the league as a whole. Philly is in the #5 seed right now but could easily land in the 6th spot as the Indiana Pacers are getting healthier. The Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and Milwaukee Bucks each clobbered the Sixers easily, so fans are rightly concerned about how the team might fare in the NBA Playoffs.

The Celtics continue to play musical chairs with who is in or out on any given night. Gordon Hayward, Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum have all had levels of rest and load management combined with minor injuries over the last couple of months. Big man banger and presence Daniel Theis is now out with an ankle injury as well. The biggest looming factor might be freakishly athletic big Rob Williams and his hop bone edema. Celtics President Danny Ainge remains confident that Williams will return better than ever, and he could be the key to a title run. Wiliams is explosive on defense protecting the rim and can generate easy buckets on offense with the pick and roll, lobs, and easy dunks. He’s a very solid passer as well.

The Brooklyn Nets were quiet at the trade deadline looking to stay intact as they are on the cusp of the playoffs and have presumably Kevin Durant coming back next season.

The Eastern Conference is looking quite tough right now for seeding in the 2-6 slots. The Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Toronto Raptors all have about the same record and are really banging each other around trying to get that #2 seed.

In the last four games versus playoff teams, the Boston Celtics have defeated four playoff teams by a combined 85 points: the LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Tatum doubtful versus Miami Heat. Tatum has now missed a few games and this could be a big concern for the Celtics. The Celts and Heat are basically neck and neck in the Eastern Conference, and these head on collisions are becoming more and more critical. After being somewhat quiet for years, will the Celtics be more active at the NBA trade deadline in February?

Zion Debuts

Zion scored 22 points in 17 minutes in his NBA debut, and he already has the basketball world buzzing. He took some time to ease into it and then ripped off 17 straight points in the 4th quarter before being pulled to stick to the plan laid out by the medical staff.

The Pelicans face the Boston Celtics on Sunday evening, and the Celts are dealing with a barrage of injuries. Both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are doubtful for the Friday night game versus the Orlando Magic, and the team continues to play with a new starting lineup and rotation almost every single game.

Damian Lillard poured in 61 points in a Portland Trail Blazers victory over the Golden State Warriors. The Celtics destroyed the LA Lakers on MLK Day by a whopping 32 points as they look to get out of their funk. Jaylen Brown is the latest injury for the Celtics as he battles issues with a wrist and ankle sprain. The Lakers had a 9 game winning streak and have now dropped two of their last three.

The New Orleans Pelicans started the year off going 6-22. Since that point they have won 11 of 16 ballgames and look like a different team. In the midst of all the losing, some people clamored for letting Zion rest for the entire season and get ready for next year perhaps with another very high draft pick. However, the team is on a roll and gets Zion back starting with this game against the Spurs on January 22nd.

It appears that the Zion era is set to begin on January 22nd when the New Orleans pelicans take on the San Antonio Spurs. #1 overall draft pick Zion Williamson is on track to make his NBA debut after dealing with another round of a knee injury. Meanwhile, the Pels are 16-26 and sitting about 5 games out from a NBA Playoffs spot. Brandon Ingram has really emerged this season as a major offensive threat for the Pelicans, and he is a a big reason why they still have a legitimate shot of sneaking into the playoffs. Will be intriguing to see how many minutes Zion plays initially and how he blends in with Ingram.

The Miami Heat continue to play excellent basketball overall. The Heat have the #2 spot currently in the East at 29-12, and they are a remarkable 18-1 at home.

The Celtics got blasted at home against the Toronto Raptors, and the Lakers endured a four game losing streak. Very quietly the Miami Heat continue to win lots of ballgames, and the Heat are currently #2 in the Eastern Conference. The NBA Power Rankings on December 30, 2019 has the Milwaukee Bucks locked in that #1 slot.

Lebron James leads the NBA in assists per game. Jaylen Brown and Brandon Ingram were both named NBA Players of the Week. The Celtics visit the Charlotte Hornets on New Year’s Eve for a 3PM EST tip, and the Celtics look to rebound from their worst game of the season versus the Raptors.

The word on the street is that the Houston Rockets have been shopping Russell Westbrook and unable to find a trade partner for the veteran guard. It’s very interesting how with a depleted roster the OKC Thunder are hanging in there and playing competitive basketball, and they have a bunch of 1st round picks coming to them.

New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson has reportedly been spotted dunking the basketball recently, but he is still not in live game action yet. The initial 8 week timeline gets us to December 17th, and Zion is still not playing. The recovery will last into 2020, but the team is very optimistic.

There’s something about the NBA that doesn’t necessarily appeal to people in particular cities but maybe to people all over the world. Perhaps it’s because the NBA players are so good. Perhaps it’s because the same NBA superstars can take home millions of dollars each year.

But regardless of the reason, the popularity of the NBA has led to millions of basketball fans per week finding their way to the various NBA arenas. Perhaps that’s because these cities hold so many potential basketball players. Who knows? Or perhaps it’s because the NBA is such a great sport that the feeling of relief and satisfaction that comes from watching this great game is so palpable that you want to keep watching and cheering for your favorite team.

And for that reason the Los Angeles Lakers is always a favorite for NBA basketball fans in Los Angeles. The Lakers are not exactly a new team, although they did move to the L.A. area in 1966. But people who love the game of basketball are always eager to see what the future holds for the team. The Lakers have had several great players over the years, including two of the most legendary players of all time, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

And in recent years, the Lakers have had a star-studded team. With some of the best and most recognizable stars in the league, including Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Dwight Howard, the Lakers always seem to have the advantage. They have won the NBA championship in five of the last six years. But they have not been able to win a championship for many fans in Los Angeles, due to the presence of the Clippers.

Now, with the arrival of the Clippers, things are changing. The L.A. Lakers has found their new home in the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. The Clippers on the other hand have yet to achieve a championship, although they have become one of the NBA’s most feared teams with a great coach, a great team, and a great owner. Still, they have had a couple of rough seasons and they are under the watchful eye of the league office. And in the meantime, people who love basketball are still hungry for a championship.

The next generation of Lakers will likely have a chance to succeed in the league with the incredible training and experience that the Clippers have. They are still young and are yet to prove that they are up to the challenge that the rest of the league can give them. With the addition of Mike D’Antoni to the coaching staff, they will likely be able to develop some players who can really help the team win. They have a very young team in the future and the addition of D’Antoni may have the L.A. Lakers up in the league very soon.

Overall, the Los Angeles Lakers has become one of the more popular teams in the NBA. They have been around for a while and they have been in an impressive city.

San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich has been running the basketball team for over 25 years. His players have been known to be one of the best players in the NBA, and this is in spite of the fact that they haven’t won any championship since the ’86 San Antonio Spurs swept their then rivals the LA Lakers in the finals. Popovich as a coach has put his players through a lot of tests and has been there through it all. He also has a very strong belief in team working and has proven time and again that teamwork works better than individual work.

The San Antonio Spurs are known for their grit and determination and have always kept it together, despite all the hard times that have come their way. All of the players have been through some very tough times, but they have remained strong and were able to pull out all the stops at the end. They have never given up and they have stayed determined and have never quit on each other. One of the biggest changes that Popovich has implemented to the team has been to cut down on the practice time. He would rather not have the practice time but still wants them to play. He knows that team work is just as important as individual work and that it will take a lot more than just a couple of practices to win any championship.

The San Antonio Spurs’ history has been great, and their future looks bright, if they continue to develop the same attitude that has made them so successful in the past. It will take a lot of hard work to get to the top of the NBA, but if they can keep that spirit and work ethic, they will be the favorites to win the title next year. If they can do so, it will be just another chapter in what has been a great story of success and perseverance.

The Boston Celtics smashed the Denver Nuggets Friday night to improve to 16-5 on the season. Three players for the Cs are averaging 20+ points/game – Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker, and Jayson Tatum. Gordon Hayward could be back in live action before Christmas.

The LA Lakers continue to dominate. The Lakers are unbeaten away from Staples Center and the defense has been outstanding. The Lakers could get Avery Bradley back on Wednesday versus the Orlando Magic, this making their defense even more dominating.

The Boston Celtics are 11-2 after losing at the bery last second in a Sunday matinee at the Sacramento Kings and following that up with a defensive lockdown while beating the Phoenix Suns 99-85 on Monday night. They cam back on a back to back and played much better than the first day of the two day grind, a very positive sign. On Wednesday the Celts take on the much hyped Los Angeles Clippers, who may have both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George suited up simultaneously for the first time.

The Lakers are at 10-2 now and the Houston Rockets are at 10-3 and on fire. The Phoenix Suns continue to be a very nice and pleasant surprise with a 7-4 record. Thus far the biggest disappointment has perhaps been the Philadelphia 76ers who are a decent but not solid 7-5 currently.

One development certainly worth noting is with the Milwaukee Bucks and NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. The leage MVP is off to a sizzling start with the 3PT shot hitting at a 44% clip – a reality that is frightening for the rest of the NBA that has to try and defend him.

The Celtics defeated the Mavs in their first complete game without Gordon Hayward as Jaylen Brown took charge on offense along with Kemba Walker. Kemba’s 3PT shots in the 4th quarter ultimately buried the Mavericks as they had few options outside of Doncic to generate offense. Robert Williams is really emerging as a major force for the Celtics, and as predicted Javonte Green was called upon to fill that scoring void with Hayward out. The Celtics play the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.

The LA Clippers took down the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets defeated the New Orleans Pelicans as the Rockets continue to roll and the Pelicans struggle while waiting for the return of Zion Williamson.

The NBA Power Rankings has the Boston Celtics #1 overall and the LA Lakers #2 overall. the NY Knicks and Golden State Warriors are stuck near the bottom. There have been splashes of excitement all over the league, but at this point the Celtics are #1 overall in Net Rating and the Lakers defense looks real tough if Dwight Howard continues to ball out as he has.

The Celtics will be without Gordon Hayward for a while as he fractured his left hand in the blowout victory over the San Antonio Spurs, but all is not lost. You will likely see more offense from Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum and the emergence of a new name – Javonte Green. Green has demonstrated very explosive offensive talent and he may be the key to bench scoring as Head Coach Brad Stevens tinkers with rotations and looks to gt scoring from guys like Javonte Green and others.

The Miami Heat are really playing good ball this year and have improved sharply since last season. Jimmy Butler leads the way for a team that has six players averaging more than 12 points/game at this point.

The Boston Celtics sit atop the NBA currently at 6-1 and tied with the LA Lakers. Desperately looking for scoring depth in Boston, Coach Brad Stevens may be looking more to Javonte Green. Green made a strong case to Stevens and the Celtics in their Thursday game against the Hornets, so look for an expanded role for the slashing and explosive scorer off the pine.

One of the bigger surprises thus far has been the excellent play of the Miami Heat. The Heat are locking teams down and rank among the leaders in Net Rating and defensive efficiency. The acquisition of Jimmy Butler and strong and consistent work of the Head Coach are paying off to this point as the Heat battle forward and onward.

The LA Lakers are 5-1 and the Boston Celtics are 4-1 while the LA Clippers stand at 5-2 on the season.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, LA Clippers, and San Antonio Spurs are all off to a roaring start in this 2019-2020 NBA Season. All three teams are undefeated while the Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans both sit at 0-4.

October 29th – NBA Standings

Here is the 2019 Team Net Rating Adjusted for strength of opponent thus far as of October 29th:

The Dallas Mavericks put a bunch of points on the board and came out with a nice win at the New Orleans Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center to start the year off at 2-0. Both Doncic and Porzingis had nice games and the Mavs have something to build on here.

The Los Angeles Lakers responded to their dud on opening night with a defensive performance that took advantage of the turnover prone Utah Jazz to grab the victory and even up at 1-1 on the season. The Jazz committed a million turnovers and the Lakers took advantage of it. This game was another good example if the Lakers evolving and trying to find themselves as they wait for Rajon Rondo to return and Dwight Howard to work his way back into something closer to prior form.

At TD Garden in Boston, the Boston Celtics rallied from behind and put it together late to defeat the pesky Toronto Raptors to even up at 1-1 on the season. Kemba Walker struggled shooting again but turned it on a bit in the second half. Jaylen Brown led the way for the Celtics with excellent defense and 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. Jayson Tatum had the same exact line as Jaylen Brown in this game as well. Siakam led Toronto with 33 points and Lowry had 29.

The Celtics rebounded well and had to play with a small lineup most of the night. Enes Kanter is out for a couple games, and Daniel Theis sprained his ankle and left the game in the first half. it’s not clear how the Celtics will handle the bigs role, and Robert Williams will certainly need to step up and play a role.

The Clippers absolutely destroyed the Golden State Warriors in a game that really sends a strong message about the power shift underway in the NBA. The Warriors are clearly no longer feared and the Clippers look primed for their first ever legitimate run at the NBA Finals and a possible title. This game was not even close at any point.

As the Los Angeles Lakers also found out against the Clips, they have a lot of work to do. There are even calls for Lebron James to modify his game and become more of a low post presence to try and make the pieces fit together. It has only been one game but this will be interesting to monitor.

The Westbrook and Harden duo is already creating some drama for the Houston Rockets after their opening game loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, a game in which they had the last five minutes to play without the Greek Freak after he fouled out. Social media was buzzing with clips showing an apparent argument between James Harden and Westbrook, but both players challenged the media to try and make more of it. The Rockets lost to the Bucks at home in a game they should have won.

The 76ers rather easily dispatched the Boston Celtics in their opening tilt, and the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat both earned convincing victories in their first games. The San Antonio Spurs also easily won as did the Orlando Magic.

Both Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker struggled offensively in this first game for Boston, and as a result the Boston Celtics offense never really got going against Philadelphia.

Opening Night of the 2019-2020 NBA Season kicks off with the Pelicans versus the Toronto Raptors and the LA Lakers versus the LA Clippers. It should be an exciting season, but all will have to wait for the appearance of Zion Williamson. Zion is out 6-8 weeks after undergoing surgery on his right knee.

The Boston Celtics locked in Jaylen Brown for four more years after this season by signing the first rookie extension deal in team history since Rajon Rondo. The Celtics look to place their bets on a contractually locked up core of Kemba Walker, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown. Jayson Tatum is in the same situation next year as Brown was this year.

New York Knicks rookie swing guard RJ Barrett averaged a whopping 37 minutes/game in the Knicks 1-3 preseason, and to this point there are no concerns about wearing out Barrett too soon. Barrett is out to prove the doubters wrong for letting him fall to the third pick, and he is convinced he can drive to the basket and score against any defense in the NBA.

The Toronto Raptors defeated the New Orleans Pelicans in OT on opening night of the NBA Season 2019-2020. The Raptors played their first game without Kawhi Leonard and the Pels were without Zion Williamson. Pelicans rookie sensation Zion Williamson underwent surgery on that sore right knee and will be out 6-8 weeks, which is the official word for now. Who knows, perhaps he is out even longer than that.

The Lakers came crashing back to Earth in the other game on opening night as Leonard and his new look Los Angeles Clippers rather easily beat the Lakers at Staples Center. The Clippers bench slaughtered the Laker bench and outscored them by a tally of 60-19 which is ludicrous.

The Miami Heat have suspended player Dion Waiters for the opening game of the season. The reason listed for the suspension of Waiters of the Miami Heat is conduct.

The year and expectations for Zion Williamson will have to be shelved temporarily. The New Orleans Pelicans rookie will be sidelined for some time with soreness in his knee. Zion took time for this same knee back at Duke in the late winter and again during the NBA Summer League. It does not appear to be a serious issue at this time, but nonetheless Pels fans have reason to be cautious and worried about their future of the franchise. This happens just as NFL young superstar Patrick Mahomes goes down for the KC Chiefs with a knee injury as well.

The Indiana Pacers are apparently shopping Domantas Sabonis. Reports are surfacing that the Pacers are engaged in deep trade discussions regarding the offensively gifted forward.

As usual there is a ton going on in the NBA right now. As most are aware, there was a huge controversy about the NBA and China and how it relates to human rights and the protesters in Hong Kong. Lebron James of the LA Lakers came out and bashed the tweet sent by the GM of the Houston Rockets supporting the people of Hong Kong, and things basically took on a life of their own from there. At stake is quite a bit of economic activity as the NBA continues to pursue global ambitions which include grand plans in China and Asia in general.

The Washington Wizards inked guard Bradley Beal to a two year extension. This should temporarily calm down the Bradley Beal trade rumor machine.

The Boston Celtics are apparently pursuing a four year extension with Jaylen Brown. There are rumors about a $80 Million over four years deal being rejected by Brown, but Celtics GM Danny Ainge says that negotiations are proceeding in a positive manner.

it will be very interesting to see how Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens works his rotations. Rookie guard Carsen Edwards is showing some very serious ability shooting the basketball. He certainly could be a liability on defense, but he drained 8x 3PT shots the other night in a preseason game, some of which were beyond 30 feet. This kid can shoot it and he will get minutes.

The NBA continues to pursue expansion initiatives and the further use of the D League. There is even talk about expanding the NBA Draft and adding more rounds. College coaches are already out discussing how this is entirely designed to get more kids out of college and into the D League. The Boston Celtics recently completed the full acquisition of the Maine Red Claws.

The Celtics and Sixers face off on their respective opening nights to this 2019-2020 NBA Season, and that should be interesting on a variety of levels. The Philadelphia 76ers went out and signed Al Horford who was coming off a four year stint in Boston with the Celtics. The 76ers also watched Jimmy Butler leave and they locked up Ben Simmons long term. The Sixers are now the favorite in the Eastern Conference and will be playing this season with a big bullseye on their back as opposed to being in the “up and comer” and “follow the process” role.

NBA Preseason

The games are coming hot and heavy starting in early October with the preseason for the 2019 NBA Schedule. Here is a look at some preseason games on the docket.

Celtics vs Magic – October 11th

reddit nba streams
nba live stream reddit

Zion had quite a debut in his first preseason game where he tossed in 16 points and slammed home three monstrous dunks. Zion is already creating highlight reels and the season hasn’t even started yet, prompting some NBA legends to even say he’ll make the All Star Team this season.

Zion is practicing with the full squad New Orleans Pelicans and Anthony Davis is getting in step with like as a member of the LA Lakers, and those are just two rather modest new items in this darling of a 2019-2020 NBA Season. James Harden is showing off new moves for the Houston Rockets against the Chinese, and this season is already heating up.

The Toronto Raptors, coming off their first NBA Championship, have agreed to a one year contract extension for $31 Million for guard Kyle Lowry. The New York Knicks are unveiling a revamped team in the preseason for the 2019 NBA Season, as they spent $70 Million on free agents and drafted Duke standout RJ Barrett 3rd overall.

It’s not just rookie Tacko Fall creating excitement in Boston. Rookie guard Carsen Edwards and Javonte Green along with grant Williams are all turning heads for the Boston Celtics as they get underway with a roster that dropped Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris and added even more yout and depth.

The Boston Celtics take on the Charlotte Hornets on October 6th, and Kemba Walker has been discussing his decision to leave the Hornets and join the Boston Celtics.

Houston Rockets vs. Denver Nuggets1/22/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Sacramento Kings1/22/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Minnesota Timberwolves1/22/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Oklahoma City Thunder1/22/2020 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz1/22/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Indiana Pacers1/22/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Los Angeles Clippers1/22/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Lakers1/22/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Philadelphia 76ers1/22/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Washington Wizards1/22/2020 19:30
Boston Celtics vs. Memphis Grizzlies1/22/2020 19:30
New Orleans Pelicans vs. San Antonio Spurs1/22/2020 20:30
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards1/23/2020 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Dallas Mavericks1/23/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Lakers1/23/2020 20:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Memphis Grizzlies1/24/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics1/24/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Atlanta Hawks1/24/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Sacramento Kings1/24/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Houston Rockets1/24/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Denver Nuggets1/24/2020 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors1/24/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns1/24/2020 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Indiana Pacers1/24/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Clippers1/24/2020 20:00
Utah Jazz vs. Dallas Mavericks1/25/2020 15:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Brooklyn Nets1/25/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Oklahoma City Thunder1/25/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls1/25/2020 20:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Los Angeles Lakers1/25/2020 20:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Houston Rockets1/26/2020 13:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Toronto Raptors1/26/2020 15:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Phoenix Suns1/26/2020 17:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Boston Celtics1/26/2020 17:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Indiana Pacers1/26/2020 18:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Washington Wizards1/26/2020 18:00
New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets1/26/2020 18:00
Orlando Magic vs. Los Angeles Clippers1/26/2020 18:00
Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets1/27/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. San Antonio Spurs1/27/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks1/27/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Sacramento Kings1/27/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Cleveland Cavaliers1/27/2020 19:00
Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic1/27/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers1/28/2020 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Washington Wizards1/28/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Denver Nuggets1/28/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. New York Knicks1/28/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New Orleans Pelicans1/28/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics1/28/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns1/28/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Atlanta Hawks1/28/2020 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Golden State Warriors1/28/2020 19:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Oklahoma City Thunder1/29/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls1/29/2020 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets1/29/2020 19:00
Brooklyn Nets vs. Detroit Pistons1/29/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Memphis Grizzlies1/29/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Utah Jazz1/29/2020 19:30
Washington Wizards vs. Charlotte Hornets1/30/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors1/30/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Philadelphia 76ers1/30/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Sacramento Kings1/30/2020 19:30
Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors1/30/2020 20:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Utah Jazz1/30/2020 20:30
Detroit Pistons vs. Toronto Raptors1/31/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Oklahoma City Thunder1/31/2020 19:00
Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks1/31/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Memphis Grizzlies1/31/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers1/31/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls1/31/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Denver Nuggets1/31/2020 20:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves2/1/2020 12:30
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Utah Jazz2/1/2020 19:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Los Angeles Lakers2/1/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. New York Knicks2/1/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat2/1/2020 19:00
Dallas Mavericks vs. Atlanta Hawks2/1/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Charlotte Hornets2/1/2020 20:00
Washington Wizards vs. Brooklyn Nets2/1/2020 20:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors2/1/2020 20:00
Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers2/1/2020 20:30
Detroit Pistons vs. Denver Nuggets2/2/2020 12:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Phoenix Suns2/2/2020 13:00
Houston Rockets vs. New Orleans Pelicans2/2/2020 13:00
Toronto Raptors vs. Chicago Bulls2/2/2020 15:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Minnesota Timberwolves2/3/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Dallas Mavericks2/3/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Orlando Magic2/3/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors2/3/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks2/3/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Detroit Pistons2/3/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics2/3/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs2/3/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers2/3/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Phoenix Suns2/3/2020 19:30
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Milwaukee Bucks2/4/2020 18:30
Houston Rockets vs. Charlotte Hornets2/4/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs2/4/2020 19:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers2/4/2020 20:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Atlanta Hawks2/5/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Phoenix Suns2/5/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Cleveland Cavaliers2/5/2020 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic2/5/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Golden State Warriors2/5/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies2/5/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Miami Heat2/5/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Indiana Pacers2/5/2020 19:30
Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets2/5/2020 20:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. San Antonio Spurs2/6/2020 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Philadelphia 76ers2/6/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. New Orleans Pelicans2/6/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets2/6/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Orlando Magic2/6/2020 19:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Miami Heat2/7/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Houston Rockets2/7/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Dallas Mavericks2/7/2020 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Memphis Grizzlies2/7/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Detroit Pistons2/7/2020 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks2/7/2020 19:30
Indiana Pacers vs. Toronto Raptors2/7/2020 20:00
Utah Jazz vs. Portland Trail Blazers2/7/2020 20:30
Orlando Magic vs. Milwaukee Bucks2/8/2020 17:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers2/8/2020 17:30
Sacramento Kings vs. San Antonio Spurs2/8/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Dallas Mavericks2/8/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. New York Knicks2/8/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets2/8/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Los Angeles Clippers2/8/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. New Orleans Pelicans2/8/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets2/8/2020 19:30
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Boston Celtics2/9/2020 14:30
Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz2/9/2020 18:00
Washington Wizards vs. Memphis Grizzlies2/9/2020 18:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks2/9/2020 18:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Miami Heat2/9/2020 18:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Chicago Bulls2/9/2020 18:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Clippers2/9/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Sacramento Kings2/10/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks2/10/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs2/10/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Brooklyn Nets2/10/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Charlotte Hornets2/10/2020 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Miami Heat2/10/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns2/10/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Minnesota Timberwolves2/10/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz2/10/2020 19:30
Washington Wizards vs. Chicago Bulls2/11/2020 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Los Angeles Clippers2/11/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Portland Trail Blazers2/11/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs2/11/2020 19:00
Houston Rockets vs. Boston Celtics2/11/2020 20:30
Utah Jazz vs. Miami Heat2/12/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Detroit Pistons2/12/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Charlotte Hornets2/12/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Golden State Warriors2/12/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks2/12/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Portland Trail Blazers2/12/2020 19:00
Dallas Mavericks vs. Sacramento Kings2/12/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Washington Wizards2/12/2020 19:30
Indiana Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks2/12/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors2/12/2020 19:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers2/12/2020 20:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Oklahoma City Thunder2/13/2020 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Clippers2/13/2020 20:00
NBA All Star Celebrity Game2/14/2020 18:00
NBA Rising Stars Challenge2/14/2020 20:00
NBA All Star Saturday Night2/15/2020 3:30
NBA All Star Practice & Media Day2/15/2020 9:30
NBA All Star Game2/16/2020 3:30
Packages & Hospitality: NBA All Star Game2/17/2020 3:30
Chicago Bulls vs. Charlotte Hornets2/20/2020 19:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Memphis Grizzlies2/20/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Milwaukee Bucks2/20/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat2/20/2020 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets2/20/2020 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets2/20/2020 20:00
Utah Jazz vs. San Antonio Spurs2/21/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Boston Celtics2/21/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Cleveland Cavaliers2/21/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Dallas Mavericks2/21/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Denver Nuggets2/21/2020 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. New Orleans Pelicans2/21/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies2/21/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers2/21/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Phoenix Suns2/21/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Sacramento Kings2/22/2020 12:30
Charlotte Hornets vs. Brooklyn Nets2/22/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns2/22/2020 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets2/22/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Dallas Mavericks2/22/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Philadelphia 76ers2/22/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers2/22/2020 20:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics2/23/2020 12:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves2/23/2020 16:00
Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans2/23/2020 17:30
Chicago Bulls vs. Washington Wizards2/23/2020 18:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Detroit Pistons2/23/2020 18:00
Toronto Raptors vs. Indiana Pacers2/23/2020 18:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs2/23/2020 18:00
Houston Rockets vs. New York Knicks2/24/2020 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks2/24/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat2/24/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks2/24/2020 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Phoenix Suns2/24/2020 19:00
Dallas Mavericks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves2/24/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies2/24/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Orlando Magic2/24/2020 19:30
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Boston Celtics2/25/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans Pelicans2/25/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Detroit Pistons2/25/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Oklahoma City Thunder2/25/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Charlotte Hornets2/25/2020 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings2/25/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Milwaukee Bucks2/25/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks2/26/2020 18:30
Houston Rockets vs. Memphis Grizzlies2/26/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76ers2/26/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. New York Knicks2/26/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Brooklyn Nets2/26/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Clippers2/26/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Orlando Magic2/26/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Minnesota Timberwolves2/26/2020 19:30
Utah Jazz vs. Boston Celtics2/26/2020 20:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Sacramento Kings2/27/2020 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. New York Knicks2/27/2020 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers2/27/2020 19:30
Indiana Pacers vs. Portland Trail Blazers2/27/2020 20:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder2/28/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Minnesota Timberwolves2/28/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Sacramento Kings2/28/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Detroit Pistons2/28/2020 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Washington Wizards2/28/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Cleveland Cavaliers2/28/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets2/28/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Charlotte Hornets2/28/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Denver Nuggets2/28/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks2/28/2020 20:00
New York Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls2/29/2020 17:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Golden State Warriors2/29/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers2/29/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Portland Trail Blazers2/29/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Orlando Magic2/29/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets2/29/2020 19:30
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Indiana Pacers2/29/2020 20:00
Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets2/29/2020 20:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Philadelphia 76ers3/1/2020 12:30
Charlotte Hornets vs. Milwaukee Bucks3/1/2020 13:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks3/1/2020 14:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Toronto Raptors3/1/2020 16:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Detroit Pistons3/1/2020 16:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Washington Wizards3/1/2020 17:30
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/1/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks3/2/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Portland Trail Blazers3/2/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Utah Jazz3/2/2020 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Houston Rockets3/2/2020 19:00
San Antonio Spurs vs. Indiana Pacers3/2/2020 19:30
Atlanta Hawks vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/2/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks3/2/2020 19:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Washington Wizards3/3/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Philadelphia 76ers3/3/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Minnesota Timberwolves3/3/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs3/3/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors3/3/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Toronto Raptors3/3/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Clippers3/3/2020 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets3/3/2020 19:30
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Washington Wizards3/4/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/4/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics3/4/2020 19:00
Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic3/4/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Chicago Bulls3/4/2020 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Utah Jazz3/4/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Pelicans3/4/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/4/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Indiana Pacers3/4/2020 20:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Philadelphia 76ers3/5/2020 19:00
Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Clippers3/5/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Denver Nuggets3/5/2020 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors3/5/2020 19:30
Washington Wizards vs. Atlanta Hawks3/6/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Portland Trail Blazers3/6/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers3/6/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Orlando Magic3/6/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Miami Heat3/6/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Milwaukee Bucks3/6/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/6/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. San Antonio Spurs3/6/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/6/2020 19:30
Boston Celtics vs. Utah Jazz3/6/2020 20:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Houston Rockets3/7/2020 17:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Philadelphia 76ers3/7/2020 17:30
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Sacramento Kings3/7/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Utah Jazz3/7/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Atlanta Hawks3/7/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Denver Nuggets3/7/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/8/2020 12:30
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New Orleans Pelicans3/8/2020 14:30
Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks3/8/2020 15:00
Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls3/8/2020 15:00
Houston Rockets vs. Orlando Magic3/8/2020 18:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Toronto Raptors3/8/2020 18:00
Boston Celtics vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/8/2020 18:00
Dallas Mavericks vs. Indiana Pacers3/8/2020 18:00
Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat3/8/2020 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Detroit Pistons3/8/2020 19:30
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. San Antonio Spurs3/8/2020 19:30
Utah Jazz vs. Toronto Raptors3/9/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Milwaukee Bucks3/9/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Charlotte Hornets3/9/2020 19:30
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns3/10/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. New York Knicks3/10/2020 19:00
Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves3/10/2020 19:00
San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks3/10/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Boston Celtics3/10/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers3/10/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Orlando Magic3/10/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Brooklyn Nets3/10/2020 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers3/10/2020 19:30
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Utah Jazz3/11/2020 19:00
Sacramento Kings vs. New Orleans Pelicans3/11/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks3/11/2020 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Detroit Pistons3/11/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Hornets3/11/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Denver Nuggets3/11/2020 19:30
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/12/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Chicago Bulls3/12/2020 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics3/12/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets3/12/2020 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Brooklyn Nets3/12/2020 19:30
Charlotte Hornets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers3/13/2020 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans3/13/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Minnesota Timberwolves3/13/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Brooklyn Nets3/13/2020 19:30
Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards3/13/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Denver Nuggets3/13/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks3/13/2020 20:00
Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns3/14/2020 13:00
Utah Jazz vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/14/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers3/14/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Golden State Warriors3/14/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. New Orleans Pelicans3/14/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Minnesota Timberwolves3/14/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Detroit Pistons3/14/2020 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Indiana Pacers3/14/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls3/14/2020 20:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets3/15/2020 12:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Brooklyn Nets3/15/2020 18:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets3/15/2020 18:00
Washington Wizards vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/15/2020 18:00
Orlando Magic vs. Charlotte Hornets3/15/2020 18:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics3/15/2020 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat3/16/2020 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/16/2020 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Washington Wizards3/16/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Atlanta Hawks3/16/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks3/16/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/16/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors3/16/2020 20:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves3/17/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Orlando Magic3/17/2020 19:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Dallas Mavericks3/17/2020 19:00
Houston Rockets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers3/17/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/17/2020 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Charlotte Hornets3/17/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz3/18/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Clippers3/18/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat3/18/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. San Antonio Spurs3/18/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Minnesota Timberwolves3/18/2020 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Toronto Raptors3/18/2020 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks3/18/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Washington Wizards3/18/2020 19:30
Atlanta Hawks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/18/2020 19:30
Indiana Pacers vs. Golden State Warriors3/18/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/19/2020 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Dallas Mavericks3/19/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Philadelphia 76ers3/19/2020 19:00
Houston Rockets vs. Sacramento Kings3/19/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers3/19/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat3/20/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Golden State Warriors3/20/2020 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Minnesota Timberwolves3/20/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Denver Nuggets3/20/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Washington Wizards3/20/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns3/20/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics3/20/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Chicago Bulls3/20/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Celtics3/21/2020 18:00
Houston Rockets vs. Chicago Bulls3/21/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks3/21/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Sacramento Kings3/21/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. New Orleans Pelicans3/21/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/21/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers3/21/2020 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks3/21/2020 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Golden State Warriors3/21/2020 19:30
Washington Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks3/21/2020 20:00
San Antonio Spurs vs. Utah Jazz3/22/2020 18:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/22/2020 18:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Portland Trail Blazers3/22/2020 18:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Sacramento Kings3/22/2020 18:00
Toronto Raptors vs. Denver Nuggets3/22/2020 18:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons3/23/2020 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Clippers3/23/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Phoenix Suns3/23/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics3/23/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Denver Nuggets3/23/2020 19:00
Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/23/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Houston Rockets3/23/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Orlando Magic3/23/2020 19:30
Charlotte Hornets vs. Portland Trail Blazers3/24/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Sacramento Kings3/24/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Philadelphia 76ers3/24/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/24/2020 19:00
Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/24/2020 19:30
Utah Jazz vs. San Antonio Spurs3/24/2020 20:00
Washington Wizards vs. Phoenix Suns3/25/2020 19:00
Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Clippers3/25/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Indiana Pacers3/25/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Portland Trail Blazers3/25/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Boston Celtics3/25/2020 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Atlanta Hawks3/25/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors3/25/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Denver Nuggets3/25/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Houston Rockets3/25/2020 20:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Atlanta Hawks3/26/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers3/26/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/26/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. San Antonio Spurs3/26/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Charlotte Hornets3/26/2020 19:00
Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz3/26/2020 19:30
Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Clippers3/27/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Brooklyn Nets3/27/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. New York Knicks3/27/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs3/27/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Houston Rockets3/27/2020 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Phoenix Suns3/27/2020 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Portland Trail Blazers3/27/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Washington Wizards3/27/2020 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/28/2020 17:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers3/28/2020 18:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Los Angeles Clippers3/28/2020 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Atlanta Hawks3/28/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Toronto Raptors3/28/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks3/28/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/28/2020 20:00
Miami Heat vs. Phoenix Suns3/28/2020 20:00
Dallas Mavericks vs. Milwaukee Bucks3/29/2020 14:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Houston Rockets3/29/2020 17:00
Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs3/29/2020 17:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Indiana Pacers3/29/2020 18:00
Boston Celtics vs. Minnesota Timberwolves3/29/2020 18:00
Orlando Magic vs. New Orleans Pelicans3/29/2020 18:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Portland Trail Blazers3/29/2020 19:30
Charlotte Hornets vs. Miami Heat3/30/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder3/30/2020 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls3/30/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Phoenix Suns3/30/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Los Angeles Lakers3/30/2020 19:00
Toronto Raptors vs. Memphis Grizzlies3/30/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Indiana Pacers3/30/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Portland Trail Blazers3/30/2020 19:30
Sacramento Kings vs. San Antonio Spurs3/31/2020 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Denver Nuggets3/31/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. New Orleans Pelicans3/31/2020 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Houston Rockets3/31/2020 19:30
Utah Jazz vs. Cleveland Cavaliers4/1/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Charlotte Hornets4/1/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Dallas Mavericks4/1/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. New York Knicks4/1/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. New Orleans Pelicans4/1/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Phoenix Suns4/1/2020 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat4/1/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers4/1/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Detroit Pistons4/1/2020 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors4/1/2020 20:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Los Angeles Clippers4/2/2020 19:00
Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors4/2/2020 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Utah Jazz4/2/2020 19:30
Indiana Pacers vs. Brooklyn Nets4/3/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Philadelphia 76ers4/3/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Miami Heat4/3/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Cleveland Cavaliers4/3/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Dallas Mavericks4/3/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Chicago Bulls4/3/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Charlotte Hornets4/3/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves4/3/2020 19:30
Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic4/3/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors4/3/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Milwaukee Bucks4/3/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder4/4/2020 12:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Los Angeles Lakers4/4/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Atlanta Hawks4/5/2020 13:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Orlando Magic4/5/2020 13:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Chicago Bulls4/5/2020 15:00
Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks4/5/2020 15:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Utah Jazz4/5/2020 16:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Washington Wizards4/5/2020 17:00
New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat4/5/2020 17:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Cleveland Cavaliers4/5/2020 18:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Memphis Grizzlies4/5/2020 18:00
Houston Rockets vs. Toronto Raptors4/5/2020 18:00
San Antonio Spurs vs. New Orleans Pelicans4/5/2020 18:00
Brooklyn Nets vs. Dallas Mavericks4/5/2020 18:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Detroit Pistons4/5/2020 18:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder4/5/2020 18:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Memphis Grizzlies4/7/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns4/7/2020 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers4/7/2020 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Toronto Raptors4/7/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Brooklyn Nets4/7/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Charlotte Hornets4/7/2020 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Detroit Pistons4/7/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls4/7/2020 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Milwaukee Bucks4/7/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers4/7/2020 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Sacramento Kings4/7/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Houston Rockets4/7/2020 19:30
Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Clippers4/7/2020 20:00
Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers4/8/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Toronto Raptors4/8/2020 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Orlando Magic4/8/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Chicago Bulls4/8/2020 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers4/8/2020 19:30
Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs4/8/2020 20:30
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Denver Nuggets4/9/2020 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Sacramento Kings4/9/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Phoenix Suns4/9/2020 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets4/9/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors4/9/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Detroit Pistons4/9/2020 19:30
Houston Rockets vs. Washington Wizards4/10/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New York Knicks4/10/2020 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics4/10/2020 19:00
San Antonio Spurs vs. Philadelphia 76ers4/10/2020 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Atlanta Hawks4/10/2020 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Detroit Pistons4/11/2020 14:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors4/11/2020 17:30
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Philadelphia 76ers4/11/2020 18:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Utah Jazz4/11/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets4/11/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Oklahoma City Thunder4/11/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Washington Wizards4/11/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Sacramento Kings4/11/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Orlando Magic4/11/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks4/11/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics4/11/2020 20:00
San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets4/12/2020 14:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks4/12/2020 18:00
Toronto Raptors vs. New York Knicks4/12/2020 18:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves4/12/2020 18:30
Houston Rockets vs. Phoenix Suns4/13/2020 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. San Antonio Spurs4/13/2020 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Boston Celtics4/13/2020 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Washington Wizards4/13/2020 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Miami Heat4/13/2020 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Dallas Mavericks4/13/2020 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Orlando Magic4/13/2020 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Utah Jazz4/13/2020 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets4/13/2020 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Philadelphia 76ers4/13/2020 19:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves4/13/2020 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers4/13/2020 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Sacramento Kings4/14/2020 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors4/14/2020 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Detroit Pistons4/14/2020 19:30
Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets4/14/2020 20:00
Houston Rockets vs. Memphis Grizzlies4/15/2020 18:30
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New York Knicks4/15/2020 18:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. New Orleans Pelicans4/15/2020 18:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder4/15/2020 18:30
Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors4/15/2020 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Clippers4/15/2020 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers4/15/2020 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Chicago Bulls4/15/2020 19:30
Washington Wizards vs. Indiana Pacers4/15/2020 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Charlotte Hornets4/15/2020 19:30
Orlando Magic vs. Toronto Raptors4/15/2020 19:30
Atlanta Hawks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers4/15/2020 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks4/15/2020 19:30
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Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat10/31/2019 19:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs10/31/2019 19:30
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Denver Nuggets10/31/2019 20:30
Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons11/1/2019 19:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Utah Jazz11/1/2019 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers11/1/2019 19:00
Brooklyn Nets vs. Houston Rockets11/1/2019 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/1/2019 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs11/1/2019 19:30
Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks11/1/2019 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Lakers11/1/2019 20:30
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New Orleans Pelicans11/2/2019 16:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Charlotte Hornets11/2/2019 17:30
Detroit Pistons vs. Brooklyn Nets11/2/2019 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Phoenix Suns11/2/2019 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/2/2019 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors11/2/2019 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Denver Nuggets11/2/2019 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Minnesota Timberwolves11/2/2019 20:00
2019-2020 Toronto Raptors Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games)11/3/2019 3:30
Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls11/3/2019 17:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Utah Jazz11/3/2019 18:00
New York Knicks vs. Sacramento Kings11/3/2019 18:00
Miami Heat vs. Houston Rockets11/3/2019 18:00
San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Lakers11/3/2019 18:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Dallas Mavericks11/3/2019 19:30
Phoenix Suns vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/4/2019 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/4/2019 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Detroit Pistons11/4/2019 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Houston Rockets11/4/2019 19:00
Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/4/2019 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. New Orleans Pelicans11/4/2019 19:30
Charlotte Hornets vs. Indiana Pacers11/5/2019 19:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat11/5/2019 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics11/5/2019 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers11/5/2019 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Orlando Magic11/5/2019 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. San Antonio Spurs11/5/2019 19:30
Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors11/6/2019 18:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/6/2019 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/6/2019 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. New York Knicks11/6/2019 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Minnesota Timberwolves11/6/2019 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Washington Wizards11/6/2019 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls11/6/2019 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Sacramento Kings11/6/2019 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Orlando Magic11/6/2019 19:30
Phoenix Suns vs. Miami Heat11/7/2019 19:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/7/2019 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder11/7/2019 19:30
Charlotte Hornets vs. Boston Celtics11/7/2019 20:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/8/2019 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Cleveland Cavaliers11/8/2019 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Golden State Warriors11/8/2019 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Brooklyn Nets11/8/2019 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons11/8/2019 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/8/2019 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies11/8/2019 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Toronto Raptors11/8/2019 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Sacramento Kings11/8/2019 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Miami Heat11/8/2019 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. New York Knicks11/8/2019 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Boston Celtics11/9/2019 16:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Houston Rockets11/9/2019 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. New Orleans Pelicans11/9/2019 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors11/9/2019 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Dallas Mavericks11/9/2019 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Denver Nuggets11/10/2019 14:30
Phoenix Suns vs. Brooklyn Nets11/10/2019 18:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/10/2019 18:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Atlanta Hawks11/10/2019 18:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Charlotte Hornets11/10/2019 18:00
Orlando Magic vs. Indiana Pacers11/10/2019 18:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors11/10/2019 18:30
New York Knicks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers11/10/2019 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies11/11/2019 18:30
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Houston Rockets11/11/2019 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Minnesota Timberwolves11/11/2019 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Dallas Mavericks11/11/2019 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Toronto Raptors11/11/2019 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz11/11/2019 19:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Atlanta Hawks11/12/2019 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder11/12/2019 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Brooklyn Nets11/12/2019 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks11/12/2019 19:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/12/2019 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers11/12/2019 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers11/12/2019 19:00
Miami Heat vs. Detroit Pistons11/12/2019 19:30
Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Clippers11/13/2019 18:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors11/13/2019 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Memphis Grizzlies11/13/2019 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. San Antonio Spurs11/13/2019 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Toronto Raptors11/13/2019 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/13/2019 19:00
Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards11/13/2019 19:30
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat11/14/2019 18:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Atlanta Hawks11/14/2019 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls11/14/2019 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Clippers11/14/2019 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Dallas Mavericks11/14/2019 20:00
Denver Nuggets vs. Brooklyn Nets11/14/2019 20:30
Houston Rockets vs. Indiana Pacers11/15/2019 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/15/2019 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. San Antonio Spurs11/15/2019 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Washington Wizards11/15/2019 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Detroit Pistons11/15/2019 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Utah Jazz11/15/2019 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Sacramento Kings11/15/2019 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics11/15/2019 19:30
Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets11/16/2019 17:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/16/2019 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Houston Rockets11/16/2019 19:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Atlanta Hawks11/16/2019 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/16/2019 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Toronto Raptors11/16/2019 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Charlotte Hornets11/16/2019 19:30
Miami Heat vs. New Orleans Pelicans11/16/2019 20:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Boston Celtics11/17/2019 12:30
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/17/2019 15:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Denver Nuggets11/17/2019 17:00
Orlando Magic vs. Washington Wizards11/17/2019 18:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Golden State Warriors11/17/2019 18:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Atlanta Hawks11/17/2019 18:30
Houston Rockets vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/18/2019 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Minnesota Timberwolves11/18/2019 19:00
New York Knicks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers11/18/2019 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Boston Celtics11/18/2019 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/18/2019 19:00
Toronto Raptors vs. Charlotte Hornets11/18/2019 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Indiana Pacers11/18/2019 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs11/18/2019 19:30
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder11/18/2019 19:30
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors11/19/2019 19:00
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/19/2019 19:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Phoenix Suns11/19/2019 19:30
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder11/19/2019 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors11/20/2019 18:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Houston Rockets11/20/2019 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. New York Knicks11/20/2019 19:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Utah Jazz11/20/2019 19:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Boston Celtics11/20/2019 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. San Antonio Spurs11/20/2019 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons11/20/2019 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/20/2019 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Orlando Magic11/20/2019 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Charlotte Hornets11/20/2019 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers11/20/2019 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/21/2019 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. New Orleans Pelicans11/21/2019 20:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Boston Celtics11/22/2019 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Atlanta Hawks11/22/2019 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat11/22/2019 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. Golden State Warriors11/22/2019 19:00
Washington Wizards vs. Charlotte Hornets11/22/2019 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers11/22/2019 19:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Houston Rockets11/22/2019 19:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Sacramento Kings11/22/2019 19:30
Dallas Mavericks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers11/22/2019 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. San Antonio Spurs11/22/2019 20:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns11/23/2019 16:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Orlando Magic11/23/2019 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Chicago Bulls11/23/2019 19:00
Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans11/23/2019 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers11/23/2019 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Toronto Raptors11/23/2019 19:30
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons11/23/2019 19:30
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat11/23/2019 19:30
New York Knicks vs. San Antonio Spurs11/23/2019 19:30
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/23/2019 20:00
Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks11/24/2019 14:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns11/24/2019 18:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. New Orleans Pelicans11/24/2019 18:00
New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets11/24/2019 18:00
Washington Wizards vs. Sacramento Kings11/24/2019 18:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Utah Jazz11/25/2019 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Memphis Grizzlies11/25/2019 19:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Orlando Magic11/25/2019 19:00
Chicago Bulls vs. Portland Trail Blazers11/25/2019 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets11/25/2019 19:00
Atlanta Hawks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves11/25/2019 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Lakers11/25/2019 19:30
Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Hornets11/25/2019 19:30
Boston Celtics vs. Sacramento Kings11/25/2019 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder11/25/2019 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/25/2019 19:30
Denver Nuggets vs. Washington Wizards11/26/2019 19:00
Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Clippers11/26/2019 19:30
Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets11/27/2019 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder11/27/2019 19:00
Charlotte Hornets vs. Detroit Pistons11/27/2019 19:00
Houston Rockets vs. Miami Heat11/27/2019 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Washington Wizards11/27/2019 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Sacramento Kings11/27/2019 19:00
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando Magic11/27/2019 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Clippers11/27/2019 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks11/27/2019 19:00
Indiana Pacers vs. Utah Jazz11/27/2019 19:00
San Antonio Spurs vs. Minnesota Timberwolves11/27/2019 19:30
Golden State Warriors vs. Chicago Bulls11/27/2019 19:30
Toronto Raptors vs. New York Knicks11/27/2019 19:30
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Lakers11/27/2019 20:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Celtics11/29/2019 12:00
Detroit Pistons vs. Charlotte Hornets11/29/2019 19:00
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Utah Jazz11/29/2019 19:00
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Chicago Bulls11/29/2019 19:00
Phoenix Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks11/29/2019 19:00
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New Orleans Pelicans11/29/2019 19:00
Orlando Magic vs. Toronto Raptors11/29/2019 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Washington Wizards11/29/2019 19:30
New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers11/29/2019 19:30
San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers11/29/2019 19:30
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks11/29/2019 19:30
Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks11/29/2019 20:00
Miami Heat vs. Golden State Warriors11/29/2019 20:00
Sacramento Kings vs. Denver Nuggets11/30/2019 14:00
Houston Rockets vs. Atlanta Hawks11/30/2019 19:00
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Charlotte Hornets11/30/2019 19:00
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Indiana Pacers11/30/2019 19:00
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks12/1/2019 13:00
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Memphis Grizzlies12/1/2019 14:30
Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat12/1/2019 15:00
New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics12/1/2019 15:30
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Oklahoma City Thunder12/1/2019 16:00
Detroit Pistons vs. San Antonio Spurs12/1/2019 17:00
Toronto Raptors vs. Utah Jazz12/1/2019 18:00
Orlando Magic vs. Golden State Warriors12/1/2019 18:00
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Washington Wizards12/1/2019 19:30

Basketball NBA All Star

The NBA All Star Game is a long standing tradition where the teams break for a week or so roughly in the middle of the season.  The Eastern Conference and Western Conference select All Star Teams and they meet for a game played on Sunday of an event filled weekend.  These games are generally fun but competitive – not much defensive effort is exerted by the teams.  The scoring is usually off the charts.  The weekend also includes 3 point shooting and slam dunk competitions along with rising stars all star games and other events like concerts and parties.


The Women’s National Basketball Association, created in 1996, is the first women’s league to be fully approved by the NBA, their male counterpart. The first season began in June of 1997, following a much celebrated gold medal victory during the 1996 Summer Olympic games for the United States Women’s Basketball team. The league is divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences, much like the NBA, and the playoffs lead to the Finals between the advancing team from each conference. The WNBA plays throughout the summer, between NBA seasons, using a lot of the same places as their counterpart NBA teams. The WNBA is part of a much larger movement for the NBA where it looks to spread the game not only into the female sports world but into other continents like Africa and Asia.

The regular season consists of 34 games, and throughout the center of July, this play comes to a halt for the WNBA All Star game, with the star players from the Eastern Conference facing off against the stars of the Western Conference. The fans get to vote during the season as to who they wish to see on this game. The playoffs consist of series with the top four teams from each conference, with the first round between the second and first round being best of 3 series, and the finals being the best of five. Usually, the team with the best record will play the team with the 4th best record, and the second and 3rd best teams play each other in the first round. 

The winner of every series then play each other the second round, and the winner advances to the league championship finals. The WNBA started its first season with only eight teams. Two teams were added in 1998, again in 1999, and 4 more joined the ranks in 2000. At that time, the league was collectively owned by the NBA. Upon finishing the 2002 season, the NBA sold the individual franchises of the WNBA to both their NBA counterparts hailing through the same city or to a 3rd party owner. This caused two teams to relocated, and the Cleveland Rockers folded towards the end of the 2003 season. 

This was only the beginning of the problems for the WNBA. The players threatened to go on strike in 2002 if they couldn’t work out a brand new deal with the league, and this postponed the start of the 2003 season. In October of 2004, Val Ackerman, the first president of the WNBA, announced her plan to resign. She was replaced in Feb of the subsequent year by Donna Orender, the Senior Vice President of the PGA Tour who’d once played in the former Women’s Basketball League. The first expansion team in years was awarded in Feb of 2005 to Chicago, taking the name the Chicago Sky. Throughout the off season that same year, there were several changes to the governing rules of the WNBA to make it more comparable to the NBA.

This year we have Kobe Bryant as the Finals MVP for the Los Angeles Lakers. The best basketball player ever, and if he doesn’t win it all, he is the greatest man to have ever played the game. All the stars of the league will be there to celebrate with him but does he have the ultimate prize?

In previous years the NBA champions, whether the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs have only ever won when they have won the championship. In some seasons, like the current one, there are two teams from each conference in the finals. This is where the season ends and the championships begin.

This time around the NBA was divided into two conferences. The Lakers and the Thunder are both in the NBA Finals. Both of these teams are either just finishing up the regular season or are in the middle of the season and have a chance to win the title this year.

It will probably come down to the teams that had the better regular season that will have the better final analysis. Since the Lakers lost to the Celtics by three games in the NBA Finals in 2020, Kobe Bryant has proven that he is still one of the top players in the league. He has had a great year, averaging over 28 points a game.

If the Lakers do not beat the Thunder in the NBA Finals, they might have to face the Chicago Bulls in the finals. With Pau Gasol plays out of his mind, he has been able to lead the Lakers to one of the best regular seasons of all time. He has averaged almost thirty points a game and has continued to be one of the best players on the team.

Losing Kobe Bryant in the last five games of the NBA Finals would probably mean the Los Angeles Lakers had lost the series. In some ways, that would be a shame because the Los Angeles Lakers has been one of the best teams over the past two years. Kobe’s presence would have been so important in the NBA Finals, that they might not have made it.

They would have been more popular, if they won the award of MVP. Just think about all the fans in LA, and all the fans in other cities around the world, when the Los Angeles Lakers takes the NBA Finals MVP. You won’t believe what happens.

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Vince Carter Legacy

Carter has played in four different decades during his long NBA tenure. My dad and my brother Mike played with the Vince Carter Chicago Bulls for many years. When I was a little kid, we were all on the game the Drexler was their key men. They played a number of roles on the team. They are highly respected amongst everyone who has ever been around them. When I became a star basketball player myself, I was told that Vince Carter was the best player to ever play the game. If you take a close look at his accolades, you’ll see that he is one of the greatest ever to have played in the NBA.

Mr. Carter’s coach, Pat Riley, was a few months out of college when he arrived in Nigeria. He was hired by then Lakers owner Jerry West. He immediately saw his talent and saw how good he could be in his new home. And he saw the potential for greatness. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned, but he was one of the pioneers of basketball in Nigeria. He wasn’t the only one who made an impact in the sport; Lionel Jackson played in this same league as well.

For whatever reason, he chose to stay in the NBA and make it in basketball world. His career was cut short when he was killed in a plane crash. His mother worked as a secretary for the organization in Atlanta. She always encouraged him to continue playing as long as he could. Now that she’s passed away, I’ll have to ask why? I can’t really put it into words. If I did, I’d forget what she’s done for me.

Nba Playoffs
A turnaround speaks to the talent that’s LeBron James, although It’s unbelievable how a landscape of the NBA can change in only a month or two. The Miami Heat went from champions that were possible to decimated by his departure. In the long run, the Cleveland Cavaliers went from having among the worst teams of the league to arguably since the arrival of King James has resulted in a cascade of other name arrivals and NBA Finals winning potential, it’s best. 

Are the Cavs actually the best NBA team? With a youthful star point guard in Kyrie Irving, the imminent birth of a different young All Star power forward in Kevin Love, and with the experienced presence of James, Anderson Varejao, Shawn Marion, and Mike Miller, on paper this Cavaliers team should certainly compete for the NBA crown, and may very well be far also away the finest team in the league next year. Bron James. You see, it was him when Cleveland managed to trophy their son back home they signed. They could shine a beacon from a franchise. Take Kevin Love for instance, an established star in the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

His team suffered to a sub-.500 season also has never even made the playoffs in his 6 seasons in the club. In Cleveland with James he will have a possibility to produce a name for himself and win all of it. A comparable encounter had been unfolding for Cleveland’s point guard Kyrie Irving, a top draft pick who has yet to taste the NBA playoffs in his 3 years, two of that he’s been named an All Star. Put the 3 of those men together and you’ve another Big 3 comparable to the men in Miami, except they’re 10 years younger and are just going to get better as they develop. 

Bron James is going to be the undisputed leader of the team, a position he frequently times gave up to Dwayne Wade in Miami. This is now his time, when he will bring a title back to his home city of Cleveland.whilst the team looks set for glory, I do have reservations though. Putting together a championship team takes some time for players to click and actually gel. Even the Miami Heat was defeated in their first year with James. Particularly with all Love also Irving’s youth also inexperience in the playoffs, there might be some growing pains. Many might argue that the San Antonio Spurs stay the best franchise, or maybe even the Oklahoma City Thunder or Houston Rockets. But one thing remains certain: which with LeBron James returned to his home uniform, the Cleveland Cavaliers is going to surely be contenders once more.

The San Antonio Spurs is a powerhouse team. They have won the NBA championship in every year since 1990, and they are now looking to win their fourth NBA title. For those who haven’t been around for the Spurs, they’re a beautiful collection of colors, just like the famous Texas State flag.

The Spurs have been through a lot throughout their basketball history. The Spurs have won championships during the Spurs/Nuggets rivalry in the NBA playoffs. They have had great players that have won major league baseball, basketball, and football titles.

Through it all, head coach Gregg Popovich has been able to guide his team to championships with his unique style of play. He’s a defensive-minded coach who wants his team to play with tenacity and determination in the court.

Monty Hansen is the head basketball coach for the Spurs. He’s been the head coach of the Mavericks for three years, and he’s led them to the playoffs in all three of his seasons. He’s been successful in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and now San Antonio.

Tim Duncan has also been a great teammate and leader for the Spurs. He has brought energy, professionalism, and energy to the team every time he plays. His talents are a factor for any team, but especially for a basketball team.

John Burks is another good teammate for the Spurs. He is one of the best offensive and defensive players on the team, and he has an underrated skillset.

Tim Duncan can run a team and makes the team the best it can be. It’s sad that his best years are already behind him, but he’s a true professional and he’ll continue to be a great player for as long as he lives. You can bet that his spirit will always be on the San Antonio Spurs team as they try to win another NBA championship.

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