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The Rockets are at 30-18 and currently 5th in the Western Conference. They are only a game and a half behind the Utah Jazz.

The Houston Rockets is having a fantastic season and many people have talked about the Houston Rockets as the best team in the NBA. However, there are also some who say that James Harden has really been an overrated player so far. These people believe that James Harden is very good but just not one of the top 5 players in the NBA. Others believe that James Harden is a very good player but some people believe that he is just being overrated because he was a pick 6 shooter for his college basketball team.

Well, I would like to state that James Harden is indeed one of the best players in the NBA. I do think he is underrated, though. He actually played for a great college basketball team. You would think that a 6′ 10″ shooting guard would have more success at this level than a player like this, but unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case.

So, I would like to give him a little bit of credit for the accomplishments he has had in basketball. But if I was asked my opinion on who is the best player in the NBA right now, I would say that James Harden is the best player. If you want to look up some of his statistics, you can find out here. He is number two in the NBA in scoring, he is fifth in field goal percentage, fourth in assists, sixth in points per game, and sixth in rebounds per game. Now that you know who I think is the best player in the NBA, would you like to join the crowd? Please consider all this and think on it.

The Rockets are at 26-12 and currently the 4th seed in the Western Conference and a couple games behind the 2nd place Denver Nuggets. The Rockets are 14-4 at home at the Toyota Center. James Harden recently topped 20,000 points for his career.

The Houston Rockets, with their new opponent the Dallas Mavericks, will be on the verge of making history in the NBA Playoffs. The Spurs will be staring at elimination in the First Round and the Clippers will be on the brink of elimination in the Second Round. The Rockets, along with the Warriors, the Spurs, and the Clippers have all put together a very strong core of NBA Teams and when they combine to play each other in the NBA Playoffs the outcome will be one of the most exhilarating games the league has ever seen. The Spurs have been in a tough position all season long, and they have battled hard with injuries and inconsistency. They will be the first ones to head to the Finals with some solid, game-winning basketball from James Harden.

The Rockets, along with the Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors, have made a mission to regain the form that helped them to a second straight NBA Championship and an all-time record of 57-25. They are on the road to do just that and they will be up against some very solid competition and some very tough teams to make the Finals.

The Houston Rockets has a very good offensive team, which includes a young team that, at this point in time, should not have much trouble when they go head to head with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Lakers. In fact, one of the team’s star players, James Harden, can be seen in the lobby of a hotel in the NBA Finals, watching the NBA Playoffs, while taking a break from the pre-game and post-game practices.

James Harden was in the All-Star Game on Saturday, but he is looking ahead to the tough schedule of the NBA Playoffs. He also stated that he is going to rest up after the game. He is going to turn himself into a beast and be a beast once again.

The Laker were placed in a tough spot. If they were going to make the NBA Finals, they needed to have one of the three best offensive players in the game. They did have that right from the start but they were short-handed against the Warriors.

The question is whether or not they can bring the type of team that they will need in the NBA Finals. The Warriors are young and are still learning the NBA, while the Clippers are looking for some much needed stability. They are still going to have the same players that they are, but when they play with everyone together, one of the Clippers should have a huge effect on the outcome of the game.

The Warriors and the Lakers, along with the Mavs and the Spurs have a group of players that have the talent and the determination to win the NBA Championship and they are going to be a very tough and difficult test for the Rockets. But they also have to win one game. The Rockets have the chance to pull off a surprise and the shot that it takes in the NBA Finals to make history.

The Rockets smashed the LA Clippers as they continue their dominance, and James Harden recorded his 5th 40+ point game of the young season. The Houston Rockets are now 8-3 and only trail the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference.

After a slow start the Houston Rockets have climbed up to 6-3 on the year and are tied with the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, and Utah Jazz in the Western Conference. The Rockets seem to be meshing well with the combination of James Harden and Russell Westbrook as they look to contend for an NBA Title this year.

Check out the Rockets and where they fit now in the NBA Power Rankings.

James Harden has changed the way the NBA looks in Houston. He and fellow Rockets guard Omer Asik is helping to turn an NBA team into a powerhouse. Now you can watch James Harden goes on a hot streak with your favorite NBA on NBA TV!

He is currently playing the best basketball of his career. He’s been named an All Star and has scored 40 points or more in back to back games. But Harden will play his best when he’s playing for the Rockets and that’s when he’s in Houston for the Rockets.

Harden played for the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2020-2020, after he was drafted with the second overall pick. At the time he had already had his best basketball season. The Rockets didn’t have anything close to the Rockets now roster and that’s because they had done away with the draft. So he went right to Houston where he became the MVP of the NBA Finals.

He played great in the Finals because the Thunder was lacking some veterans and just didn’t have enough players that would play up to their potential. He was so good, that he may have helped out the Thunder to get over the hump.

He’s one of the league leaders in scoring, but he’s also a great finisher. A huge factor to how he’ll perform as a Rocket is that he’s playing with the right guys.

The Rockets have a new configuration of four guards and they have a veteran scorer at the three spot. So that makes the Rockets even more exciting and surprising. Now Harden is paired with Asik and you can see them going at it every single night.

James Harden isn’t the only one who was drafted by the Rockets with the second overall pick, Omer Asik also has had his best NBA season. They are good things and you can enjoy watching their careers with NBA on NBA TV.

Houston Rockets Schedule 2019-20 | TICKETS

The Rockets were in a battle all night, but they dug out a much needed first win of the season Saturday night against the New Orleans Pelicans.

This is a huge season for the Houston Rockets as they have given up their first round pick in the NBA draft for the next four seasons. In effect, they are all in on the Westbrook and James Harden combo in the brutally tough Western Conference as they try to make a run at the NBA Finals.

Sporting News has released NBA Power Rankings for 2019 and they have the Rockets at #5 overall with a projected record of 55-27. The NY Post has the Rockets slotted at #6 overall.

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James Harden
James Harden is deep in a quiet MVP effort with 30 days of the NBA season in our rearview mirror. No player has scored more points. No participant made or has tried free throws. Nikola Vucevic has played. These raw lump sums do not tell the entire story, but 25 years old and made his way through his 3rd year as a franchise player, Harden understands who he’s, what he’s capable of, and plays a nightly assurance rarely found in the most imposing superstars. He’s dragging the depleted Houston Rockets via a minefield of a conference, the reason they’re 13-4 despite injuries to 3 starters that are integral: Dwight freaking Howard, Terrence Jones and Patrick Beverley. 

– you might not think the MVP assertion you gave his stats a passing glimpse. No participant has more turnovers Kobe Bryant has missed shots and 40 percent breaking. But his PER holds stable at an astonishing 25.1, 5th best in the league. – Harden never been this poor behind the three point line. That doesn’t completely account for the problem, although A number of this is because of almost a quarter of his efforts coming off the dribble, per SportVU. When he’s time to set his legs And let one go off the grab, Harden is shooting a paltry 26.3 percent. 

But until then almost anything else he is doing was expected. Harden is averaging 8.7 made free throws per game, which is 1.9 below Jerry West’s all time record set in 1966. The charity strip is his nest, a comfortable place that is completely synonymous with what makes him so effective. Just under 73 percent of all up his baskets are unassisted, a higher percentage than Kobe Bryant, John Wall, Tony Parker also Stephen Curry. It is impossible to pin Harden down with a positional label. He always has the ball in up his hands, and he initiates a majority of Houston’s pick and rolls which directly result in points. What makes Harden’s year really stand out is that his liability is gargantuan.

Houston Rockets Basketball
In the course of August and July, Basketball Insiders embarked on scoring all 30 NBA teams for their off-season additions, subtractions, draft decisions, transactions, and their possible. The Rockets ended up exchanging multiple first round picks for Russell Westbrook in a trade with the OKC Thunder, thus shifting the power base even more in the Western Conference. The move enabled them to dump Chris Paul and his outrageous salary as well. Between fall and today, franchises will soon be tasked with figuring out their roll bits, both old and new, may mesh on the floor. The journey has reached its completion at last, but the convention has been left by a reshuffling of the hierarchy. Between Kawhi Leonard teaming up with Paul George, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant leaving for chances, the Convention, for the time is guess. Among people who have a future, this Houston Rockets will be a mysterious box of lows and highs, anchored mates and by two ball MVPs.

James Harden and Russell Westbrook require no introduction since the latter was snagged for the injured Chris 30, their match was contested. There are pieces here as director Daryl Morey carries on to find gemstone from the leagues most tiny crannies and nooks, but make no mistake: The Rockets ceiling is only going to rise as far as Westbrook and Harden will co habitat. An early, ugly spat between Paul along with the Lakers Rajon Rondo, a very Long time rival, helped to put this Rockets in a 1-5 hole to begin the season, where an ever-so slight sigh of worry started to creep in. 

But Harden this eventual runner-up from a contested MVP race, only bested by Giannis Antetokounmpos of the Milwaukee Bucks different worldly attempts erased those apprehensions with an electrical effort every single night. For the Rockets, which was frequently more than enough. Harden played 36.8 minutes per game, practically a dead tie with Bradley Beal along with Paul George for the league lead, along with finished as one of 2 players with a PER over 30. The feared iso chunk mastermind tallied 36.1 point per game a staggering eight full points ahead of this second place George and ended as the 7th best assister on the ladder too. The former MVP made 4.8 3 pointers and nabbed an even two draws per game too, numbers that placed Harden, once more, as second best in the NBA. Not a single player tried or made more free throws than Harden a result largely thanks to this bearded assassins flat out insane 40.47 usage percentage, this second highest season long rate in basket ball history. – To cap off an inventory of personal results that could Truly run the length of the whole piece, Harden scored 30 or more points from 57 games, topped 50 from 9 of them and hit 60 twice.

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