Simple Ways To Keep Your Senior Dog Happy

Simple Ways To Keep Your Senior Dog Happy

Our furry friends give us countless years of memories. As they grow older, however, those previous adventures you took them on can become rare as complications—such as joint pain, illnesses, and blindness—arise due to their age. Here are five simple ways you can accommodate your senior dog’s needs and keep them happy so you can continue building new memories in the time they have left.

Convert Your Home To Be More Accessible

While a puppy might be bursting with energy and jumping on everything, a senior dog will be less active because of joint pain, arthritis, and other conditions. This makes navigating the home difficult for them. Add carpets so they can stand better on slippery floors, place a set of pet stairs near furniture so they can safely get on and off beds and couches, and keep a pet ramp in your car so your senior dog can easily get in and out without pain.

Incorporate Gentle Exercises

Yes, a senior dog will still need exercise. Their activity levels may decrease, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t need some form of movement. We suggest taking your dog on short walks so they can sniff around—you can also play lightly with them, as interacting with nature and toys can help keep their mind sharp.

Visit the Vet Frequently

Unfortunately, more complications will arise the older dogs get. Most pet owners increase the number of times they visit the vet to stay on top of their fur baby’s health. During these visits, you can speak to your vet about keeping your dog more comfortable throughout their last years. You might also consider preplanning a memorial to prepare for the day they cross over the rainbow bridge.

Change Their Diet

Because your dog exercises less, they won’t need as many calories as they once did. Choose foods with softer kibbles that are easier to chew—sometimes the best option is to switch from dry food to wet food. Your dog’s medical conditions could also require mixing supplements into their meals. Before changing your dog’s food brand, we recommend speaking with their vet about appropriate food choices.

Provide a Comfortable Dog Bed

To keep your senior dog happy and comfortable, consider buying a new bed that will help alleviate their joint pain. Having a plush and cozy bed in an accessible area where they can rest will make walking around the house much easier—especially on days when they might not be able to maneuver as well as they used to.

You can also help your dog as they grow older by continuing to encourage socializing with other furry friends and showering them with love. Practicing healthy habits will allow them to live a longer and happier life. What are some of the ways you’ve found that make your senior dog happy?

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