The Gear You Need for Better Snook Fishing

The Gear You Need for Better Snook Fishing

If you’re looking to catch the best game fish in Florida, you’ll want to learn more about snook fishing. Our suggestions will make sense for anglers who know a little about largemouth bass fishing. That’s because largemouth bass and snook have similar habits and therefore take to similar lures and baits. Read on to learn the gear you need for better snook fishing.

What Is Snook Fishing?

For any anglers new to snook fishing, snook is a particularly tasty saltwater fish. With white meat and a delicious flavor thanks to the snook’s diet of small fish and crustaceans, snook make a fine meal. Of the 12 recognized species of snook, you can find five in US waters! Snook mostly congregate around bridges, docks, jetties, and sea walls, meaning you can access snook fishing spots from land or from your boat.


As far as your tackle goes, we recommend picking up a 7-foot medium-heavy fishing rod along with a 4000 series reel. If you’re planning to fish in the flats, you can probably get away with a 2500 or 3500 series reel instead. In this scenario, we suggest that you pair your reel with an 8 to 10-pound braided line and a 20-pound monofilament leader.

Snook Fishing on the Dock

Depending on the size of the snook you’re going for, you may want to increase your reel up to a 4500 series when fishing around the docks. Similarly, upgrade your leader to 40-pounds and your line to a 20-pound braid. Of course, if you’re going after the biggest fish in the water, you’ll want to exceed these suggestions.

Eye Protection

If you really want to catch more snook, you can’t go wrong with a pair of polarized sunglasses. These will both protect your eyes from the sun and take the glare off the water—and spotting snook can be instrumental in catching them!

Now that you know the gear you need for better snook fishing, grab your tackle box, and get out on the water!

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