The Popular Places To Ride a Bike in Ontario

The Popular Places To Ride a Bike in Ontario

Almost everyone who can ride a bike in Canada loves the experience of riding in the most beautiful paths the world has to offer. The hardest part of these rides is just finding a place that’s worth your time. That’s why you should learn about the popular places to ride a bike in Ontario for your own trips in the area.

Toronto Waterfront

Spanning a full 22 km along Toronto’s waterfront, the bike path offers the best views anyone could on a bike path. The path offers you a view of the lives of those nearby, as you explore the city and its surrounding attractions.

Lynde Shores Conservation Area

The conservation area’s popular for its beautiful, protected area just around the northside of Lake Ontario. The bike trails through the area let you explore the amazing area at the speed you want.

Niagara Falls

Most people know about Niagara Falls as the place you can go to see nature at it’s best. But the area’s full of bike riders that you can’t find elsewhere. They often follow the track that leads from the lake Niagara to the actual Niagara Falls, giving them ample time for a spectacular bike ride in nature and economics.

Taylor Creek Trailway

Just a few kilometers long, the Taylor Creek trailway gives access to bikers of all ages and skill levels, so anyone can enjoy their time on the trail. This trailway’s very popular as a natural getaway and many people like riding around in the road in leather.

Chinguacousy Trail

Although this trail is open only when the weather permits, you can still try out the area if you get to the trail while it’s still open. The trail follows a series of parks throughout the Ontario area, giving you a great way to visit several parks during your ride.

These are just a few popular places to ride a bike in Ontario, though you should be careful if you plan on using an electric bike, as Ontario has laws that might prevent or limit electric bike access. However, you can still enjoy plenty of different trails whether or not you use an electric bike.

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