Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Own Car Show

Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Own Car Show

Organizing your own car show is an excellent way for autobody shop owners to advertise their business or for like-minded car enthusiasts to get together and talk nerdy about vehicles. A car show consists of more than just lining up a bunch of different automobiles in a parking lot for a few hours. Planning this event will take effort; use our tips to help you coordinate the best show in your community!

Call Up Local Car Dealerships

A fast way to ensure you have enough vehicles at the show is to contact local car dealerships. These individuals are likely car enthusiasts and have buddies or past clients with potential vehicles to show at your event. The more cars at the show, the merrier—plus, it’s easy advertising for the dealership if they showcase the vehicles they sell.

Stick to the Local Scene

Again, if you’re a business owner, stick to keeping the event within your local community. You could even set up the show at or near your garage or autobody shop. This allows you to promote local business and tap into the car scene around your location.

Advertise in Advance

If you want to draw a crowd to your car show, you should advertise beforehand. While handing out fliers to local businesses and other car shows is a fast way to spread the word, make sure you use social media to reach enthusiasts. Furthermore, contact previous attendees to see if they would be willing to participate in another event; this also encourages spreading info about the show through word of mouth.

Don’t Forget Food & Entertainment

To properly organize your own car show, you cannot forget about the food and entertainment. Once the eventgoers arrive at the show, give them activities to do and food to eat, or they might leave early. You can manage the food and entertainment yourself or hire local vendors to help you, which could be a good option, especially if the event is only one day.

Giveaways and Prizes

Giveaways and prizes are a fun way to encourage interaction among attendees and the owners of the cars. To obtain giveaway items, ask local businesses to donate some products in exchange for advertising at your show. Hosting a competition with category winners, like the best car in the show, is also a fun way to engage the crowd and makes for more fun throughout the day.

Ensure you have enough time in advance to plan for this event. Find the best local vehicles to showcase, and don’t forget to include other businesses and the local community. How will you organize your car show?

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