Top 3 NHL Teams of 2021/2022

The National Hockey League (NHL) originally came into light within the Canadian hockey scene and has become a big part of North American sports, with big-league games generating fan bases within the thousands. Many people consider hockey to be a part of American culture because of how popular ice hockey has become over the years. The sport itself is highly skilled and needs high levels of focus, strength, and defense ability to be the most successful. More and more players are taking up ice hockey, with it being the perfect combination of speed, agility, and teamwork for competitive college sports across the country. It’s no wonder why so many people are taking up hockey and trying for themselves to see what it’s all about. 

Of course, hockey wasn’t always as popular as it is today. The sport evolved after similar games were played on ice sheets in frozen lakes within the icy temperatures of Canada. It is a part of Canada and northern America’s roots, and it’s no wonder why they are rumored to be the best players. However, there are more diverse teams on the horizon who are challenging the stereotype. From Vegas to Tampa Bay, so many countries have ice hockey teams nowadays the NHL has developed divisions to allow for more teams than ever before. Not to mention, the TV and media coverage that is now so vast that viewers are able to tune in from all over the world. 

One of the biggest forms of revenue generated for hockey is betting. From individual players to overall season outcomes within the league, people have bet on hockey odds for the longest time, and it has fast become a tradition for many across America. For accurate predictions, the latest odds, as well as a secure place to place bets, check out NHL money lines. These are the top 3 teams for the 2021/2022 NHL season to look out for. 

Vegas Golden Knights

Starting off strong is the Vegas Golden Knights, whose odds are +350 for the end of the Western Conference championship. Based in Nevada, the Knights are an especially remarkable group who is a relatively new addition to the NHL. Having been founded only in 2017, they are one of the few teams to see success from their original formation. Within the Pacific Division, the Knights are known for allowing the fewest opponent goals per game with an impressive defense capacity. Following a fight to get naming rights, and a series of trial and error with different versions, the name was originally a homage to the United States Military Academy.  

Tampa Bay Lightning

Another team with an impressive reputation within the NHL is the Tampa Bay Lightning, also known as the Bolts. With the League’s best goal differential, the Florida-based members of the Atlantic division haven’t always been on top of the leaderboard. Lightning has a history of bankruptcy threats, inattentive owners, and ill-advised trades. Having originated following a series of franchise bidding between rivaling Tampa Bay teams in the late 1980s, they certainly experienced their fair share of hardships. Forbes called the Lightning a “financial nightmare” in 1997. The next decade saw a lot of alterations and improvements for the team, which saw the start of a new era around 2013. More wise decisions and work were being made behind the scenes to secure their place in the league once again, which paid off when they saw three Stanley Cup Championship wins; 2004, 2020, and 2021. The odds for the Tampa Bay Lightning at the end of this season are +320. 

Toronto Maple Leafs 

Moving towards the native ground, where the game first came into fruition, is the Toronto Maple Leafs. The member of the Atlantic division has been through their own struggles, including the Great Depression. Having been founded in 1917, the Maple Leafs are an iconic member of the “original six” that made the NHL what it is today. Other struggles include the “Bariko curse”. Defenceman Bill Bariko disappeared in a plane crash in 1951. The team believed that they were cursed and that they would not see any success until Bariko’s body was found. Interestingly, their next success was seen in their 1962 Stanley Cup victory, which happened six weeks before the discovery of Bariko’s body and crash site. Following the lift of this “curse”, the Maple Leafs gained strength within the 1960s and have been steady contenders within the NHL until the present day. Brenden Shanahan was named president in 2014 and has been a big contributor to the team’s success. Not to mention, one of the biggest fan bases. Superstar players currently in action include Auston Matthews as the center. The odds for this season are +600, so are definitely the ones to beat. 

To summarize, ice hockey has been a rich part of North American and Canadian culture for a century. The role it plays within modern households is huge, many will insist on silence, and it creates ritualistic behavior, unlike any other sport. Not to mention, crowds generated to watch hockey games in person as always unmatched in terms of chanting, support, and overall atmosphere. This has been a widespread feature across colleges in the world. The UK university scene features enormous ice hockey fan bases, and attending a game is seen as a bucket list item for many students during their time at college. 

Immense support and sportsmanship are some factors contributing to the global success of the NHL and increased media coverage. Let’s not forget the role that modern technology plays, allowing larger audiences than ever before to view the nail-biting games and support their favorite teams. Whether you are a regular hockey better, want to show support for local teams, or even if you are looking to invest in a new sport, be sure to check out the latest NHL game. Odds can change depending on team management, player injury, and training regimes, so it’s definitely worth keeping track of the latest and most accurate figures using the link above. 

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