Tricks for Fitting Everything Inside Your Suitcase

Tricks for Fitting Everything Inside Your Suitcase

Going on vacation is about being selfish. No piece of luggage should tell you what you can and can’t take on your trip. If your bag is testy about how many items you can put inside, you need to use these tricks for fitting everything inside your suitcase. Find out how to pack like a pro.

Choose Suitable Luggage

A good piece of luggage will satisfy several requirements. If you use it to fly, it should match your airline’s rules for carry-on or checked bags. You also want luggage that has many pockets. A suitcase with no exterior compartments is a waste of space.

Roll Your Clothes

Master the art of rolling your clothes to make extra space in your suitcase. Roll each item you want to take with you and stack them on top of each other, starting in the corners of your suitcase. You’ll be amazed at how much can fit with this space-saving technique.

Bundle Items

Find places for your smaller clothes when you bundle them with larger items like sweaters and pants. While folding or rolling, tuck the softer items into your dresses or slacks before putting them in your luggage.

Pro Tip: Unroll all your clothes when you get to your destination to air out any wrinkles that might form. Use hangers if your room has them to keep your clothes looking their best.

Put Things in Shoes

Your shoes are a hidden compartment that take up a great deal of space in your luggage. Utilize that space by stuffing socks, scarves, and other soft items inside.

Add More After Zipping It Shut

A secret to stuffing your suitcase is to add as much as you can and close it. Once you’ve zipped it shut, you can start stuffing extra items inside. Save last-minute accessories that you don’t absolutely need for this step. Make sure you know how to replace a luggage zipper in case it breaks while you’re shoving things inside your bag. Keep essential tools around to repair your luggage.

Experienced travelers know the tricks for fitting everything inside your suitcase. You can’t go wrong with rolling and bundling your clothes. Utilize all the space and practice packing before your big trip.

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