Ways To Make Your Weekends More Interesting

Ways To Make Your Weekends More Interesting

No matter how much you appreciate the companionship of your friends and family, it can start to get boring if you do the same exact things. Over time, we tend to fall into the same patterns, and while it’s comfortable and familiar, it doesn’t leave much room for excitement. However, there are many fun things you can do to add some energy to your usual hangouts. Keep reading for some fun ways to make your weekends more interesting.

Check Local Activities

If you have lived in the same place for your whole life or the past couple of years, you probably don’t look at it the way newcomers do. As we settle into a place, we will tend to frequent the same stores, shops, and gatherings without branching out as much. The truth is there are likely many activities or events in your city that would make your weekends more interesting that you don’t know about. You may find yourself doing karaoke, ax-throwing, or attending a community event you never knew existed.

Host a Tea Party

If your home is the place where all of your friends tend to gather for the weekend, you might want to try and shake things up a bit with a tea party. This idea may seem outlandish or right up your alley—either way, consider giving it a try. Your friends will find it humorous, entertaining, fun, or all three. You can even go a little overboard and have a dress code that requires everyone to wear outlandish hats or dramatic garb. However you decide to throw your tea party, you must make sure you know how to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea.

Choose Something Random

You will likely be doing these activities with your friends, so consider inviting them to the decision-making process. While you are friends with your circle for many reasons, you can’t always agree on everything. There are likely a couple of activities your friends want to do that you or others feel unsure about. However, we shouldn’t disagree with something just because it’s unfamiliar, as doing so keeps us in the same patterns.

As such, have your friends write down on separate pieces of paper the activities they want to do, add them to a bowl, and choose at random. Selecting a random activity invites excitement and adrenaline as you don’t know what to expect. Make sure to pick the random activity about a week before in case any require reservations or sign-ups.

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