What Are The Things To Consider While Traveling And Attending Events With Pets?

travel with dog

Americans love their pets, and they love to attend events and travel too. Unfortunately, those two things don’t always line up the way we would like them to, but we all need fun things to do with our pets.

When you travel, you have two options. You can board your pet somewhere, or you can take them with you. While the bland, utilitarian kennels and boarding houses of the past are slowly being replaced by luxury pet care, many people still hesitate either due to concerns about their pets’ well-being or boarding costs.

If you’re reluctant to board your pet, that means you’re probably traveling with them instead. If that’s the case, the following are some points you should consider. 

You’ll Need a Crate or Carrier

Image by Brennan Emerson from Pixabay.

Traveling is often stressful for human beings. It can be even worse for animals, who have no idea why you’re packing them into a car or onto a plane.

If you’ve ever tried to hold a panicking cat or dog, you know how difficult it can be. A crate or carrier is a must-have for traveling with a pet. We like nylon dog crates because they’re both durable and flexible enough to withstand travel, clawing, and chewing.

Is Your Pet Healthy Enough To Travel

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Before you travel, it’s a good idea to take your pet to a veterinarian. An expert will be able to tell you whether you should travel with your pet, as well as providing any necessary vaccinations and medical paperwork for the region you’re traveling to.

Several weeks after you return from your trip, it might be worth taking your pet back to the veterinarian to ensure they didn’t pick up a parasite or virus of some sort while traveling.

How You Will Maintain a Consistent Routine

Image by Raindom from Pixabay.

Animals are routine-oriented, and nothing shakes up that routine quite like traveling. To help reduce the stress your pets experience while traveling, try to maintain a consistent routine.

If you usually feed them at eight in the morning and six at night, attempt to do so for the duration of your trip. Always make sure they have access to fresh, clean water.

Think about other things you can do to keep things consistent for your pets. Travel and vacations wreak havoc on our routines too, and you may find yourself with more energy and less stress when you accommodate your pets’ needs.

Finding Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay.

The most challenging part of traveling with pets is finding pet-friendly hotels and air travel options. Fortunately, that trend is changing. As the travel industry continues to expand, it’s increasingly pet-friendly.

Always check to ensure a hotel is pet-friendly before you make a reservation. If you can’t find their pet policy listed online, give them a call. The same goes for airlines, all of whom likely have differing policies. The size and breed of your pet may also influence the rules and regulations to which you’re subject.

Wherever you’re traveling, take the comfort and safety of your furry family members into account with these considerations.

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