What To Wear When Attending Your First Rodeo

What To Wear When Attending Your First Rodeo

The rodeo has been a tradition since the sixteenth century and is still going strong today. But for those who are new to the world of wrestling, riding, and roping, it can be tricky to get your head around the culture and terminology associated with the sport.

But just because this is your first rodeo doesn’t mean you have to dress like it. There is a subtle at capturing the Southwest’s essence without looking like you’re wearing a hokey Halloween costume. Knowing what to wear when attending your first rodeo from head to toe is the key.


Obviously, the cowboy hat is right at home at the rodeo. The style was built to be worn by people sitting on horseback for hours, after all. But if you’re sitting in the stands, you aren’t just concerned about the practicality of keeping the sun off your face. You can afford to worry about style, too.

A few things go into the style of your cowboy hat. You have to choose a shape for your hatbased on the size and shape of the brim and crown, and the material. Cowboy hats are typically made of straw or felt. For a cooler hat, straw is typically the best bet. But if you’re focused on sun protection, opt for felt.


When we think of sitting on some sunny bleachers for hours at a time, most people’s first instinct is to go for a short-sleeve shirt. But there’s a reason cowboys wear long sleeves when they’re riding—they help protect from the sun. A classic western shirt is the perfect look to wear to your first rodeo.

But that doesn’t mean western shirts are your only option, especially if you aren’t riding in the rodeo yourself. Flannels and denim jackets will also keep the sun off while embracing that classic western look.


Denim was born in the west, so it makes sense that denim is still a fashion staple at the rodeo. Boot cut is usually people’s go-to paired with a belt with a rodeo-style buckle. Overalls or denim skirts are also popular alternatives for those wanting to change the look while keeping the denim.


Just like the cowboy hat, the cowboy boot is a go-to for the rodeo. When you’re choosing boots, keep in mind that the shoe should be a snug fit without being uncomfortable. You can adjust the style based on the shape of the toe, the embroidery on the side, and the type of leather. Cowboy boots come in several types of leather:

  • Cowhide
  • Goat
  • Alligator
  • Ostrich
  • Caiman

There’s nothing quite like the rodeo. Once you’ve got your outfit sorted, you’ll be ready to saddle up and hit the arena!

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