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Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates have always been one of baseball’s dominant franchises. In fact, they have appeared in numerous movies.

The team was first called the Alleghenys, then changed to the Pirates when they moved from Exposition Park to Forbes Field. They won their first World Series in 1909.


The Pirates have a long history, from a beginning in 1882 as Alleghenys (a name they would later change to Pittsburgh Pirates) and a brief stint in the American Association to a run of success that included three National League pennants and participation in the first modern World Series. They won the title behind Honus Wagner in 1909.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have the distinction of being the only North American team that wears the same colors as its home city: black, gold and white. This tradition dates back to the team’s first professional season, when they played at Recreation Park on the North Side, now known as Allegheny City.

The Pirates’ best years came in the late 1800s, when they profited from a mass migration of players (including future Hall of Famer Honus Wagner and pitcher Deacon Phillippe) from the defunct Louisville Colonels. In fact, the team’s owner, Barney Dreyfuss, negotiated the greatest trade in franchise history, acquiring half of the Colonels’ roster from Louisville.


The Pittsburgh Pirates play their home games at PNC Park, a retro-classic stadium that opened in 2001. It stands along the Allegheny River and offers a view of the city skyline. It was designed to mimic past venues like Forbes Field, but also brought in unique features such as limestone in the building’s facade and a riverside concourse.

The venue features statues of baseball legends Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell. It also has a bridge renamed for the great Pirate and several tributes to former Pirates players.

While the Pirates haven’t won many games this season, the team has a solid core of young players that could make the Pirates competitive in the future. They’ve added veteran starters Bryan Reynolds and Jose Quintana in recent years and have a strong bullpen led by David Bednar.

If you’re looking for a great game, a memorable experience and the best views in baseball, you can’t go wrong at PNC Park. From the elegant Cambria Lounge to the Pittsburgh Baseball Club Level, you’ll find plenty of places to enjoy the city and game.

Broadcasting crews

The Pirates have a number of notable broadcasters who have called games for the team over the years. They include Bob Prince, Lanny Frattare and Tim Neverett.

The team has a roster of broadcasters that call games on radio and television, including play-by-play announcer Greg Brown, color commentator Steve Blass and holdover analysts Bob Walk and John Wehner. In addition to calling games, the crew also hosts pre-game shows.

The team announced Friday that former Pirates players Kevin Young, Matt Capps and Michael McKenry will rotate as color commentators on games on both television and radio this season. In addition, three-time MLB All-Star Sean Casey will join the crew as a pregame analyst for this week's games on AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh.


The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the most cherished teams in baseball. However, their owners have made the team a laughing stock.

Bob Nutting is the current owner of the team and since he bought the team, the Pirates have struggled to make any progress. Fans of the team are fed up with his lack of investment into their team.

Many fans want to see the team sell so that they can move on and make a change. This is something that needs to happen so that the Pirates can be successful on the field and bring more money back into the city of Pittsburgh.

The team has only had three winning seasons under Nutting, and that is a shame. During this time, the payroll has been down a lot.

The Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are a famous baseball team that have a very interesting history. They have gone through a lot of tragedies over the past 108 years, but they finally broke that curse and won the World Series this year!

They have become a very popular team to follow and are always on the lookout for new players. They have made some very impact free agent acquisitions this offseason that could help them in the future.

The History

Known as the White Stockings at the time, the Cubs joined the National League in 1876 and quickly became one of the most successful teams in baseball history. Led by first baseman-manager Frank Chance and his fabled double play combination with Joe Tinker and Johnny Evers, Chicago won six of its first eleven championships.

The team enjoyed its best season in 1906, winning 116 games and a record 1.73 earned run average. But that year also came to an end with a stinging defeat to the crosstown rival Chicago White Sox in the World Series.

In the 20th century, the Cubs enjoyed a few good seasons, including the 1980s, when they were led by popular players Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson, but grew into mediocrity as key core players faded or were traded. The Cubs remained in a downward spiral until the early 2000s, when they finally made it back to the playoffs with Theo Epstein in charge.

The Greatest Players

The Chicago Cubs have an incredible history, and they've had a lot of great players. However, there are a few players that stand out as the greatest of all time.

Ernie Banks is arguably the most iconic player in franchise history and he's one of the most influential athletes of all time. He was a fan favorite, a defensive legend, and he even made it to the All-Star Game for a few years in a row.

Lee Smith spent the majority of his career with the Cubs and he dominated the backend of their bullpen for most of his tenure. He was also a huge fan favorite and his intensity was contagious.

Cap Anson is a legendary Cub who led the league in batting average four times during his career, but he was also a great run producer. He is also the Cubs' all-time leader in hits, runs scored, and doubles. He was a dominant contact hitter and he helped lead the team to a couple of World Series appearances.

The Greatest Moments

The Chicago Cubs are one of baseball's most popular franchises. They have a rich history that includes many memorable moments.

While the team has won several World Series, they also have endured plenty of pain and disappointments in their 108-year existence. Despite the sadness, there have been some great moments to cherish as a Cubs fan.

Among the most notable is Anthony Rizzo's go-ahead home run in Game 4 of the 2015 NLCS against the Cardinals. It was one of the greatest moments in Cubs history, and it helped put them on the map in the postseason.

Kyle Schwarber's towering home run in the same game was another major moment for the Cubs. It landed up on the scoreboard in right field, and it became a part of the Cubs' lore for years to come.

The Chicago Cubs are a beloved franchise that has been around since 1876 (and since 1903 as the Cubs). They have a rich history that includes many great players and unforgettable champions.

The Future

The Chicago Cubs are currently the second-oldest team in baseball. They have not been good since winning the World Series in 2016, and it seems like it will be a long time before they can become successful again.

The Cubs will need to start a rebuild to make them successful again in the future. The average age of the team is 30.3 years old, which means the Cubs will need to get younger if they want to compete in the MLB again.

Another thing the Cubs need to do is rebuild their minor league system. This is something the White Sox did when they were going through a rebuild and it worked out for them.

The Cubs have several young players in their system that they are hoping will help them next season. One of the biggest is Brennen Davis, who could be on the field this summer after missing most of last season due to back surgery.

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