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Mean Girls Broadway Musical

The Savoy Theatre, located in London's iconic West End, is a historic and elegant venue renowned for its long-standing tradition of hosting exceptional performances. Designed by renowned architect C. J. Phipps, the theatre was built in 1881 and stands as one of the first public buildings to be fully lit by electric lights. This technological marvel attracted a myriad of audience members, creating a lasting legacy for the Savoy Theatre and solidifying its place in theatrical history.

Over the years, the Savoy Theatre has been home to a wide range of theatrical productions, particularly those closely associated with the Gilbert and Sullivan musical partnership. Their shows, including classics such as "The Mikado" and "The Pirates of Penzance," were performed at the Savoy Theatre during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The theatre's commitment to showcasing innovative and groundbreaking performances continued in the 20th century, with notable productions like Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" and "Gypsy," starring the legendary Ethel Merman.

Apart from its rich theatrical history, the Savoy Theatre is also celebrated for its stunning architectural beauty. The Victorian-era design features lavish décor, intricate detailing, and a grand auditorium that exudes opulence. The multi-tiered seating arrangement ensures excellent sightlines for all audience members, enhancing the overall experience of watching a performance at the Savoy Theatre. Its prominent location on The Strand, a bustling street in central London, makes it easily accessible and a popular choice for both locals and tourists seeking world-class entertainment.

In conclusion, the Savoy Theatre London stands as a magnificent testament to the thriving theatrical scene of the past and present. Its rich history, association with renowned performers and production, and stunning architectural design make it a beloved institution in London's West End. Whether attending a musical, play, or opera, patrons can expect to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience at the Savoy Theatre.

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Mean Girls Tour

Mean Girls National Tour

Mean Girls will embark on a National Tour starting in the Fall of 2019.  The immensely successful Broadway musical will start hitting cities across the nation in the Fall of 2019.  Stay tuned to find out where the show will be in the future in addition to Broadway.  

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Tony Nominations Pour In - Mean Girls Leads The Way

We are in full swing officially inside the Tony Awards season and Mean Girls collected 12 nominations overall.  It certainly looks to be leading the way for new Musicals on Broadway.  Along with all of these nominations Mean Girls continues to crush it at the box office.  Every single show is filled to capacity and Mean Girls is bringing in over 100% of its gross dollar potential at the box office.  

Here are the twelve nominations:

Best Musical

Best Book Of A Musical

Best Original Score

Best Leading Actress In A Musical

Best Featured Actor In A Musical

Best Featured Actress In A Musical

Best Scenic Design Of A Musical

Best Costume Design Of A Musical

Best Direction of A Musical

Best Choreography

Best Orchestrations

Sound Design In A Musical

Mean Girls Explodes In Box Office Sales

Mean Girls the Broadway Musical continues to perform in front of sold out crowds every single day and evening.  Week after week Mean Girls is setting new sales records and continues to stay in the 100%+ club with the likes of Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, The Book Of Mormon, and Come From Away.

Mean Girls Opens On Broadway - Reviews Pour In

Mean Girls officially opened up on Broadway on Sunday evening, April 8th.  The show has been playing to jam packed houses the entire time during previews.  Fan reaction has been extremely positive.

Now that the show is officially open the reviews are pouring in.  Mean Girls Broadway Reviews will start to appear more and more from here.  Reviews from The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and Variety were all glowingly positive.  

Here are a few snippets:

Hollywood Reporter: "it's the new gags that freshen the formula, actually improving on the source material's somewhat soft ending with a more satisfying payoff."

That comment there really highlights a lot of what we have been talking about concerning Mean Girls being A) different than just a rehash of the film, and B) about something and things that are meaningful and impactful.  Time will tell but the early signs are strong.

Some more, from The New York Daily News on the staging: "his staging packs style, invention, and Red Bull-force energy that showcases the material to the max."  More blissful comments on the work directing by Casey Nicholaw, also known for the brilliant The Book of Mormon.

Mean Girls Officially Opens April 8th

Every preview performance has been sold out and filled to the brim.  Audiences appear to be enjoying Mean Girls very much.  It all officially rolls out for Tina Fey on April 8th when her creation, Mean Girls, is officially open on Broadway.  

More Broadway Theatre Information:

Fey struggled to keep the lid on Mean Girls throughout the years as she knew fans desprately wanted to know what was going on.  She would drop polite hints but knew there was more work to be done.  Now she can share her vsion and work with the entire world.  

The cast essentially grew up with the 2004 hit movie, though none of them are tasked with nor aspiring to copy the on screen version of their characters.  In fact, its quite the opposite.  Actors bring creativity to the roles and there are differences to include the overall tone, depth, and meaning of the performance.  Get your tickets now for Mean Girls. 

Mean Girls - More Fan Reactions

On April 7th a fan left the theatre feeling wonderful about Mean Girls. The fan said the following about Mean Girls being "everything I wanted and more. A BOMB script. STELLAR choreography. COSTUMES WERE FANTASTIC!!  Taylor Louderman's voice is truly UNREAL. DIVERSITY DIVERSITY DIVERSITY!!! All shapes, sizes, and colors represented."  This fan clearly enjoyed the performance.  It looks like Mean Girls is realing hitting fans beyond just the entertainment aspect.  The musical is resonating with meaningful messages and impacts.  

One fan on Twitter opined: "Number of times I laughed so hard I cried during Mean Girls? The limit does not exist. Definitely check out the groolest show on Broadway. You won't regret it".

Another chimed in: "It's hilarious. Every joke is spot on."  

Everyone here wishes to be on Broadway, and all of them understand how to hustle. Everybody loves Broadway, so once you go to observe a show, you may be seeing some of Hollywood's brightest starts! Obviously, Hamiltoncompletely altered the way a good deal of people viewed Broadway.

Mean Girls is currently open on Broadway. Mean Girls is similar to a chocolate box full of goodies. Mean Girls is clear about lots of stuff. So stop letting they tell you what to do, what to think, and how to behave. Kind girls of the planet, my money is on you.

Almost everybody needs to be in a position to dance in our show, and everyone needs to be in a position to sing. Fashion shows are done five days weekly, up to seven times per day. The show, sadly, was a whole disaster. Based on the animated film, it includes all of the movie's original songs, plus a few new ones. Mean Girls drops hilarious jokes ad important social messages.

Folks could come and see the complete show and choose where it was going to go from that point. Deciding on the finest NYC Broadway Show for Kids can be a significant challenge!

Musical Theatre has ever been my favourite art form for the way it can trick an audience. You can do football and additionally the school musical. First and foremost, jazz isn't dead.  Mean Girls will head out on a National Tour late in 2019.  Who knows, maybe the hit musical will tour for many years and visit a city near you.



Mean Girls continue to sell out every single show and it is still technically in previews.  It's clear the show is picking up momentum and making an impact on people.  That is what will make it very, very special if it gets to that level.  When people are truly impacted by shows those are the shows that really leave an impression.  Time will tell but Mean Girls is off to a great start.

Here is another fan reaction saying Mean Girls is "so so so good and witty and funny and entertaining" ths imploring followers to "basically you should all run to see it ASAP".  

Mean Girls is also running promotions using social media and selfies and the color pink.  Fans seem to be engaging at a high energy level as the momentum builds stronger and stronger. 

Mean Girl Broadway Musical

If you didn’t see Mean Girl back in the 2000s, then you probably didn’t have that great of a childhood. Most people might call it a chick flick, but in our opinion, it is one of the greatest teen movies of our generation. The people were in awe over our little mathematician. Oh, and it’s not just our opinion, the movie was showered with more awards then we can count. But, the story just keeps getting better. After her incredible movie, Tina Fey didn’t just stop there. She has far greater and extravagant plans for the Mean Girls Franchise.

You'd like to know if Tina Fey can write a musical. The oh-so-not-surprising answer is... yes!

–        Peter Marks, The Washington Post

We sometimes feel that our childhood is coming to life with musicals. First, it was Bring it On, then Heathers with several others in development. But, the musical for Mean Girls is already here.

The Mean Girls Musical is a masterpiece from the great Fey. It’s based on her book and the movie of the same name. The musical was under construction since 2013. But, it was a moment of joy for every fan when it was announced on “Mean Girls Day” that their favorite movie was coming to theatres as a musical. It would finally premier in October, 2017 at the National Theatre in the nation’s capital. The carried on everyday will till 3rd of December. The musical was expected to wow the audience but, it would be a huge understatement to say that the audience fell in love with it. The musical is expected to debut on Broadway in April of 2018.

The People Behind the Curtains

As mentioned earlier, Tina Fey is the brain behind this project. The play is based on her movie as well as her book. The musical was a long time coming. The crew was working on it for about four years prior to its release and the wait was quite worth it. Other than Fey, there are several other people that contributed a lot to the development of the musical. We’ll pay them our respect below:

Broadway Theatre Reviews:

Broadway Musical Reviews:

Broadway Theatre Reviews: 


The music was composed by none other than Fey’s other half, Jeffrey Wayne Richmond. The composed is acclaimed throughout the world for his music featured in 30 Rock. Jeffrey has three Emmys and the 2012 Victor Award already in his belt.


Nell Benjamin was the women behind the words for the songs. We might not be familiar with her name, but we’re familiar with her work. She, along with Laurence O'Keefe, was responsible for the music and lyrics of the Legally Blonde Musical.


The choreography was done by none other than the maestro of the theatre, Casey Nicholaw. Some of his greatest works include The Drowsy Chaperone, Something Rotten and The Book of Mormon. From 2005 to 2017, he has won dozens of awards for his theatrical skills.


Lorne Michaels is the guy responsible for producing the play. This was his third Broadway musical. You might know him from his creation of the Saturday Night Live and the Late Night Series. Lorne has already been inducted in the Television Hall of Fame and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as the Canada’s Walk of Fame.


The musical, being a musical, has a pretty decent number of songs in its arsenal. All of them are listed below:

Washington D.C.

Act I

 "Wildlife" – Janis, Damian, Cady, Mr. and Mrs. Heron, Ensemble

"What’s Wrong with Me?" – Gretchen

 "Stupid with Love" (Reprise) – Cady, Aaron

 "I Can Be" – Karen

"Wildlife" (Reprise) – Cady

 "Where Do You Belong?" – Damian, Janis, Cady, Ensemble

 "Stupid with Love" – Cady

"Apex Predator" – Janis, Cady, Gretchen, Karen

 "Till Someone Gets Hurt" – Regina, Aaron

 "Revenge Party" – Cady, Janis, Damian, Ensemble

 "Kevin's Rap" – Kevin

 "Rockin' Around the Pole" – Regina, Cady, Gretchen, Karen

"Justice" – Gretchen, Karen, Cady, Janis, Damian, Ensemble

Act II

 "Bossed Up" – Damian, Cady, Janis, Ensemble

 "Stay with Mother" – Mrs. George

 "Whose House Is This?" – Kevin, Ensemble

 "More Is Always Better" – Cady, Aaron

 "Till Someone Gets Hurt" (Reprise) – Janis, Damian

 "Regina's Revenge" – Regina, Ensemble

 "Rather Be Me" – Janis, Ensemble

 "Justice" (Reprise) – Cady

 "Do This Thing" – Cady, Ms. Norbury, Kevin, Ensemble

"Here (You Can Sit With Us)" – Cady, Janis, Damian, Regina, Gretchen, Karen, Ensemble


Act I

 "Mean" – Janis, Damian

"Roar" – Janis, Damian, Cady, Mr. and Mrs. Heron, Ensemble

"Roar" (Reprise) – Cady

 "Where Do You Belong?" – Damian, Janis, Cady, Ensemble

"Plastics" – Regina, Gretchen, Karen, Cady

 "Stupid with Love" – Cady”

Apex Predator" – Janis, Cady, Gretchen, Karen

 "What’s Wrong with Me?" – Gretchen

 "Stupid with Love" (Reprise) – Cady, Aaron

 "I Can Be" – Karen

 "Till Someone Gets Hurt" – Regina, Aaron

 "Revenge Party" – Cady, Janis, Damian, Ensemble

 "Kevin's Rap" – Kevin

 "Rockin' Around the Pole" – Regina, Cady, Gretchen, Karen

"Fearless" – Gretchen, Karen, Cady, Janis, Damian, Ensemble

"Till Someone Gets Hurt" (Reprise 1) – Regina

Act II

 "Mean (Reprise)" – Damian, Janis

 "Stop" – Damian, Karen

 "What's Wrong with Me?" – Mrs. George, Regina, Gretchen

"Whose House Is This?" – Kevin, Ensemble

 "More Is Always Better" – Cady, Aaron

 "Till Someone Gets Hurt" (Reprise 2) – Janis, Damian

”Watch The World Burn" – Regina, Ensemble

"Rather Be Me" – Janis, Ensemble

"Do This Thing" – Cady, Ms. Norbury, Kevin, Ensemble

"Stars" – Cady, Janis, Damian, Regina, Gretchen, Karen, Ensemble

The Shining Stars

The cross-over between the movie and the musical is quite obvious as most of the characters are common in both.

Cady Heron

The character of the home-schooled Cady is being played by Erika Henningsen; Henningsen broke records with Les Miserables Broadway by being the youngest Fantine for the musical.

Queen Bee

Taylor Louderman will be portraying the character of Regina George, our little Queen Bee. Louderman recently took the world by storm with her performance in the Bring it On Musical.

Gretchen Wieners

The character of Wieners will be handed to Ashley Park whose act in Sunday in the Park with George and The King and I propelled her to instant fame.

Damian Hubbard

You might have heard Grey Henson’s name from The Book of Mormon. Needless to say, Grey is the perfect candidate to play Janis’ queer friend.

Ms. Norbury

Kerry Butler is the one playing the role of Norbury. Butler is quite the Broadway queen. She’s starred in Hairspray, Xanadu, Catch me if You Can and Little Shop of Horrors.

Aaron Samuels

Kyle Selig was also a part of the Book of Mormon along with Henson (Damian Hubbard). Selig will be the one playing the hottie every girl dreams to be with.

Previews in Broadway

After its premier in D.C, the musical was previewed in the August Wilson Theatre on March 12, 2018. The show will officially launch in the big stage by on April 8, 2018.

Response in D.C.

The musical was absolutely adored in the heart of the nation’s capital. Tickets sold out pretty quick and the musical witnessed full houses every show. The musical got 95% positive reviews from the audience.

Critical Response

Pretty much everyone that saw the musical thought that it was a perfect portrayal of the characters from the movie. Each character was given the same amount of sass as they got from the movie. Peter Marks had quite a few decent things to say about the musical.

“Mean Girls” the musical is a jolt of super-energized adolescent hyper-viciousness, with a snazzy video screenscape thrown in, along with a big chorus of Red Bull-powered hip-hopping high school dancers.

–        Peter Marks, The Washington Post

Interesting Facts

There are quite a few little tidbits that surprised us a little bit. Each of them is listed below:

–        Nell Benjamin was quite nervous when she first met Tina. According to her, it was quite difficult to “act normal” in front of the two actors.

–        This is Lorne Michael’s third Broadway show and will probably be his most famous one.

–        Tina Fey adapted to the electronic age and made some changes to the tradition Burn Book. She included both the old school Burn Book as well as a social media version of it.

–        Louderman, Parks and Henningsen know each other for quite some time. They were all students at the University of Michigan during the same period of time.

Book Your Tickets Right Now!

You don’t need to be a fan of Broadway to love this musical. If you’re a fan of the movie, then the musical is a must-see. Consider the tickets to be a small price to pay for one more ride with the Plastics! Get yours today.

Ashley Park – Everything You Need to Know About the Star of Broadway

If you call yourself a Broadway enthusiast and you have yet to hear about Ashley Park, then sir, you are a liar. Ashley Park has been one of the best actresses we’ve ever seen to step in to the world of Broadway. Don’t believe it? Well, you’re practically the only one because we love our not-so Asian actress. So, as the title says, let’s get into the life of Ashley Park and tell you what you need to know about her.

Life History

Ashley Jeein Park was born in Glendale, California back in 1991. She was interested in acting pretty much her entire life. She lived most of her early life in California, but later on moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where she would join her alma mater, the University of Michigan. She graduated from the well-renowned Musical Theatre program at the University. It would be an understatement to say that the woman was born for Broadway.

Her interest in Broadway came from the first show she ever saw. It was The Lion King and she attended the show through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Acting Career

Park started acting in Broadway in 2014. She debuted in Mamma Mia! which was a great show overall for the woman. However, she is best known for her role as Tuptim in the musical The King and I. She played the role of the slave brought to marry the king who was played by Ken Watanabe. The revival of The King and I also won the musical a Tony award. Park performed with the cast at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and the Tony Awards. Her performance won her a role in Sunday in the Park with George in 2017 with Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford in the lead.

Park has yet to claim any major awards, although, she was nominated for a Grammy award.

Park’s Role in the Mean Girls Musical

Miss Park will be becoming a part of the ever-so loved Plastics. She’ll be inheriting the role from Lacey Chabert and portraying the character of Gretchen Wieners. Wieners is the gossip girl of the group and the sidekick to the one and only Regina George. Ashley Park has the right attitude and mindset to imitate Chabert’s role perfectly and it’s safe to say she’ll make the “fetch” slang proud.

Ashley Park’s career has never seen a low. Ever since her debut, she has been loved highly by audiences around the country. It is expected that her career will just keep on soaring. We can’t tell the future, but we can say without a doubt that the future has some good things for the 26-year old Ashley Park.

Grey Henson – The Finest Candidate for Damian Leigh

Grey Henson is one of our favorite males in Broadway as of yet. The 27 year old might not have as much experience as you’d expect. However, we are pretty sure his career hasn’t hit the top as of yet. He has only good things waiting for him in the future and we are surely much hyped to see what he has in store for him in the years to come.

Life History

Grey Henson was born in Macon, Georgia on July 2, 1990. Henson was always interested in the theatre and hoped to one day get to the main stage of Broadway. His academics were always dedicated to theatre acting. His alma mater was the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama from where he got his BFA in musical theatre. This was back in 2012, but Grey is no amateur. He’s acted in quite a few amazing musicals and we hope to see in a bunch more in the future.


If you’re a Broadway fan, you’ve probably heard of one of the best plays of our generation The Book of Mormon. It is a classic and Henson was fortunate enough to be a part of its very first tour. His amazing performance in that play pushed him down the pit of fame. He was a part of the US Tour as well as the Broadway production. He was loved wherever he went. His portrayal of Elder McKinley was so good; he was able to score a place in the Mean Girls musical. He was singled out by Entertainment Weekly and New York Times for his acting in the play during its debut.

He also starred in the TV series called Suburgatory which was a comedy series. He has yet to win any Tonys or any major awards, but he did manage to get himself a nomination for the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Supporting Performer in 2014 for The Book of Mormon.

Role in Mean Girls

In the Mean Girls musical, Henson will be portraying the queer Damian Hubbard a.k.a Damian Leigh. If you remember from the movie, Daniel Franzese was the one playing the role of Hubbard. And, if we dare say, there are quite a few physical similarities between the two Damians. Damian Hubbard was a friend to Janis Ian and the two of them were inseparable in the movie. The character was an absolute delight to watch. There are quite a few quotes from the movie that are still used on social media as gifs.

The shows for the Mean Girls Musical are currently underway. So, grab yourself a few tickets because you don’t want to miss out on Henson in the revival of one of our favorite movies.

Kerry Butler Mean Girls

Kerry Marie Butler, an American actress known for her works in the theatre, was born on the 18th of June, 1971 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. She is married to Joey Mazzarino and has two children.

She started acting at the age of three. But then when she was five, her mother imposed a four year hiatus and Kerry started acting again by the time she was nine. She had a college degree with musical theatre as her major.

Kerry is still performing in a lot of workshops and benefit concerts. She is a vegetarian and an activist and some from among her various concerns are environmental issues, youth mentoring, human rights violations and genocide.


Kerry has toured with the musical that goes by the name Oklahoma in Europe. The character of Ado Annie was played by her. She did two other roles in New York, that were the characters of Vicki in the “Bright Lights, Big City”, then Barrow in the “I” Word and finally Claudia in The Folsom Head. She has also been doing a lot of commercials.

She debuted in the year 1993 with the role of Ms. Jones in the musical “Blood Brothers”. There she was also the understudy for the role of Linda.

In the Toronto productions of the” Beauty and the Beast”, she played the role of Belle. She was also nominated for the DORA Award for her amazing performance in the musical, in the year 1996. And then after this, she transferred to Broadway.

She played the character of Belle for approximately two years and then left the play, she was replaced by Debbie Gibson.

She moved to Les Miserables to play Eponine.

In the year 2001, Kerry played Shelley in the Off Broadway original musical “Bat Boy: The Musical”.

From October to December in the year 2017, Kerry played the roles of Ms. Norbury, Mrs. Heron and Mrs. George in the Broadway-bound musical adaption of Mean Girls. This is something that she is still doing and has not left.

Roles in other Broadway Musicals:

She has played the following roles in Broadway Musicals over the years:




Mean Girls

Mrs. Heron / Ms. Norbury / Mrs. George





The Best Man

Mabel Cantwell


Catch Me If You Can

Brenda Strong


Rock of Ages




Clio / Kira


Little Shop Of Horrors




Penny Pingleton


Les Miserables



Beauty and the Beast



Blood Brothers

Ms Jones



In 2003, she was nominated for three awards for her role in the musical “Hairspray” and won the award for the most promising female performance.  For her character in the musical “Little Shop Horrors”, she was nominated in the Outer Critics Circle Awards in the year 2004.For Xanadu, she was nominated in two categories in the year 2008, winning none. For Catch Me If You Can, she was nominated in the year 2011. She was nominated in the Outer Critics Circle Awards in the category of “Outstanding Featured Actress in a musical” for her role in Mean Girls in 2018.

Mean Girls Update - 3/30

A rcent interview in the nY Times covers more about how Mean Girls has grown just since the run in DC and how different it is from the movie.  The talent putting the show together deliberately did not focus on moments  that were supposed to be funny based on the movie.  All if the major comedic moments are actually outside of the funniest moments in the film.

There is also more focus, and a solo, by the lovely Gretchen.  Gretchen is a character that most if not all in the early audeinces seem to identfy with and the shows puts pressure on that angle.  it's not just aggression between females but a broader look at relationships and goriwing and maturing as a person.

Mean Girls Director - Casey Nicholaw

The Director of Mean Girls clearly knows his way around Broadway with standouts on his resume including the epic The Book of Mormon, Aladdin, and Something Rotten.  Known for his dazzle and splash Nicholaw simply had to morph his style with his vision for Mean Girls.  So far the reactions have been extremely positive.

Nicholaw likes to find just how much youthful exuberence members of his cast and staff have and play to thos strengths.  This is quite fitting as the cast of Mean Girls (talent mostly in their late 20's and early 30's) is portraying a cast that consists entirely of high schoolers save for two slots.  icholaw fits right in here with Mean Girls.

Mean Girls Update - 3/27

Some more reactions from fans on social media: 

One fan declared that "each actor stole the show" and that the "singing was amazing and it was really funny!"

Many fans seem to chime in during the intermission with high levels of excitement.  To wit: "it's intermission and I am actually in awe.  this cast is (balls of fire)"  

Also: "The songs and the singing were stunning (and also funny and moving). The only issue is that the soundtrack doesn't come out sooner."  

it wll be very interesting to see if Mean Girls can elevate to a level like that of Dear Evan Hansen in terms of its reflection on social interactions and the experiences of life and growing up through your teenage and young adult years.  One observer seems to think so.  To wit: "The amount of teen girls leaving Mean Girls right now smiling, hugging each other, and laughing makes me happy.  This sho is so so so important. Please see it".  

Some are even trying to figure out how they can see it again: "Saw Mean Girls yesterday and since then have been actively trying to plot how I can see it again as soon as possible.  My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard last night!"  

Mean Girls Update - 3/21

Mean Girls was a major smash hit in its first week on Broadway.  Gross ticket sales exceeded $1 Million in only its first week.  Look for more great things to come from Mean Girls on Broadway.

The show was sold out every night and feedback from patrons has been exceedingly positive. 

One observer on twitter opined the following: "The world does not deserve Tina Fey."  This person simply asked "HOW"? in all caps.  "How is something this brilliant?" 

Another said that Mean Girls "is the best thing I've seen!"

Yet another declared that "I get it. Mean Girls is like really good. They made #fetch happen."   


“Get in Loser, We’re Going to Broadway.”

Mean Girls: The Musical finally hits the stage!

By Tahlia Campbell

Tina Fey’s iconic comedy is getting a new coat of paint as it moves to the stage as Mean Girls: The Musical! 14 years after the film was first released, the stage version promises to be just as hilarious, quotable and fetch as always!

Mean Girls is a satirical look into high-school power structures. Cady Heron goes from homeschool in Africa to highschool in Illinois, where she meets the Plastics, a clique made up of the three most popular girls in school. She quickly becomes caught in a battle of wits, back-stabbings and betrayals as she tries to destroy the Plastics from the inside.

Taylor Louderman, who played in Kinky Boots on Broadway, puts on her plastic crown as the queen bee of North Shore High School, Regina George. Her fellow Plastics are Ashley park (The King and I) as Gretchen Weiners, and Kate Rockwell (Bring It On) as Karen Smith.

The show’s leading lady, Cady Heron, is played by Erika Henningsen, who made her debut as the youngest actress to play Les Miserables’ Fantine on Broadway.

Rounding out the cast is a few more well-known names. Barrett Wilbert Weed, who originated the role of Veronica in Heathers: The Musical is playing Janis Sarkisian, Cady’s offsider and Regina’s rival. Kerry Butler, whose many credits include Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray, Xanadu, Catch Me if You Can and Rock of Ages, is returning to the stage in multiple roles as Mrs Heron, Mrs George, and Ms Norbury, the role played by Tina Fey in the film.

What made Mean Girls so successful in 2004 was not just the hilarious lines that shaped a generation’s sense of humor. The story, while caricaturish in nature, gave a pretty accurate representation of high school. There’s a pecking order in every school, and strict social rules that often go unsaid. Mean Girls explores the competitiveness between peers that makes high school such a hard time, playing with revenge plots and smear campaigns that aren’t too far off of what teenage girls inflict on each other.

With Fey at the creative forefront of the show, it’s guaranteed to have the same heart and energy that has made it a cultural icon for over a decade. But Fey assures us that Mean Girls: The Musical won’t be a direct copy of the film. While the story begins and ends in the same way, the plot points that pave the way will differ enough to make the narrative fresh and exciting for both new and old fans. Fey’s sense of humor will make the show sparkle will all-new lines that are sure to become iconic in their own right.

Joining Fey in the creative process is director and choreographer, Casey Nicholaw, who also directed The Book of Mormon and DIsney’s Aladdin on Broadway. Mary Mitchell-Campbell, having worked on Next to Normal, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Finding Neverland, is lending her talent as the show’s music director. Costume design is led by Gregg Barnes, who has been nominated for multiple Tony Awards in the past, including his work on Something Rotten, Kinky Boots and Legally Blonde.  

As the pinnacle of the high school experience, Mean Girls represents a diverse cast of characters, all representing different archetypes. To honor this wide variety of personalities, composer Jeff Richmond, (30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) takes care to make the music unique to each character. Because of this, the soundtrack has an eclectic assortment of sounds, spanning from typical Broadway show tunes, to alt-rock numbers and everything in between. It’s sure to be an album that, just like the movie, you’ll never get tired of!

Even the three Plastics gets their own unique introduction music. Regina’s is the slow, controlled tune of a villainess; Gretchen’s is fast-paced and neurotic, and Karen’s is a high, floaty melody reminiscent of a Disney princess. Cady’s early songs are upbeat, with African drums in the background combined with a contemporary pop rhythm to symbolise her clash of cultures, while Damian’s narration is performed in showtune style. Cady and Janis’ “Apex Predator” is dark and grungy, setting up her motivation and ultimately, Cady’s reason for infiltrating the Plastics.

The show is narrated retroactively by Janis and Damian (played by Grey Henson), who treat the story as a cautionary tale. Cady’s transition from African homeschooling to American high school is given more time and care, setting her up as the naive protagonist and allowing Janis and Damian to her - and the audience’s - view of the world she suddenly finds herself thrown in.

The costumes give great amounts of insight into the character’s personalities, while also looking like outfits high schoolers would actually wear. The Plastics’ iconic pink reigns supreme in the costume department, but each girl’s outfit is different enough to give her a distinct silhouette.

Cady’s costumes clearly paint her as an outsider, unaware of all the fashion trend of high school. She wears flannel in earthy tones and a vest decorated in environmental patches, along with jeans and army boots. Janis’s punk aesthetic is in full force, with a kaleidoscopic tee layered over a fishnet shirt, topped with a rebellious denim jacket that functions as a collage of artsy patches, including a portrait of Frida Kahlo.

Seeing that Mean Girls is the movie that millennials grew up with, it makes sense that the musical is taking full advantage of social media. The cast has been busy making short in-character videos to keep people on their toes, giving them snippets of what to expect from the full show. Grey Henson and Barrett Wilbert Weed have been hosting Facebook Live sessions - aptly named “Lavatory Lunch” - where they answer questions across the show’s social media accounts.

With so much passion and genius behind this production, everyone’s favorite high school epic will bring its wit and heart to the stage to wow fans new and old.

Erika Henningsen

Life story

Although she had previously been cast in a number of roles, Erika Henningsen didn’t receive her major break until she was featured on Mean Girls in 2004. Erika was born and raised in California and is the youngest in a family of three daughters. She admits that she got exposed to stage acting at a rather young age as her grandmother would let her watch several musicals. Growing up as a theatre kid laid a foundation for her to achieve success in the industry. She was enrolled into a theatre school by her parents and says that the high school musicals she took part in were set round high school life and that it helped her connect with who she was at the time.

Acting Career

Erika graduated from the theatre program of University of Michigan and soon afterwards moved to New York where she begun auditioning for theatre roles. She was focused on building a career in theatre acting. Erika once stated in an interview that she had always wanted to be there and that she did not consider the move a decision she made at that time. Some of the first roles that Erika Henningsen got cast in include Showboat’s concert production that was hosted at the Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic. Another gig was in Diner by Sheryl Crow, a show that was hosted at the Signature Theatre in Arlington – Virginia. Both productions did not make it to Broadway.

Although she may have been rejected in a couple of auditions, Erika managed to make her Broadway debut after barely a year out of University. She was cast in the role of Fantine in a 2015 revival of the show Les Miserables. This was the last production that she worked on as an undergrad.       

Role in Mean Girls on Broadway

Erika worked on Les Miserables for nine months and was in search of another role when Mean Girls presented an opportunity. When Tina Fey started working on turning Mean Girls into a musical, Erika’s agent thought she’d be a perfect fit for the role of Cody. She was however unable to make it into the cats of Mean Girls in the first round and admits that she was pretty upset. It was however not before long that she was brought back into the Broadway production of Mean Girls and cast in the role of Cady.

Erika has mentioned that her love for Mean Girls started when she first watched it as a movie. The film was released in 2004 when she was only 13 and didn’t get to watch it in the theatres. She however watched it with her sisters on DVD and immediately fell in love with it.

Adapted from the 2004 film of the same name, the musical follows the life of Cady Heron, a 16-year old home-schooled girl who joins a public school and encounters the challenges of being a teenager in a new environment. The musical premiered on the 31st of October 2017 at the National Theatre located in Washington D.C.

Mean Girls Update - 3/15

Mean Girls opened up for previews on Monday evening March 12th.  The reception thus far has been exceedingly positive.  Many fans and critics took to social media to praise the Tina Fey musical.

Fans pointed out how they loved that the musical was connected to 2018 but still using the themes from the 2004 hit movie.  Fans discussed how the production touches on key social issues and female empowerment.  There are even jokes related to the current President and poor treatment of women.  Mean Girls integrates the use of social media and its role in society and how bullying is never the ultimate answer to achieving happiness.  Perhaps Mean Girls will touch fans similar to how Dear Evan Hansen has in terms of the use of social media, bullying, and the challenges of grwing up in our technology and image obsessed culture.  

Momentum and buzz are building stronger and stronger for the Broadway debut of Mean Girls.  The show is playing down in Washington D.C. currently and is under the very astute and watchful eye and monitor of Tina Fey.  Fey of course wrote the screenplay for the immensely popular movie of the same title and is heavily involved with this much anticipated Broadway experience. 

The initial reviews coming from the performances in Washington D.C. are extremely positive.  Critics and fans alike seem to find the musical highly entertaining.  Broadway buffs from New York City are routinely heading down to D.C. to catch the show as they wait in anticipation for the Broadway arrival in March of 2018. 

Mean Girls is running a test run in D.C. to tweak and modify things before Broadway just like both Dear Evan Hansen and Come From Away did.  Both Dear Evan Hansen and Come From Away have been enormous hits on Broadway and on their way to international tours so time will tell if Mean Girls reaches the same level of success.  

Tina Fey

Life History

Born Elizabeth Stamatina Fey on the 18th of May, 1970, Tina Fey is a renowned American writer, producer, comedian and actress who is most popular for her role in Saturday Night Live, an NBC Sketch Comedy that had a run from 1997 to 2006. She was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania to Donald Henry Fey, a university administrator and grant proposal writer and Zenobia, a brokerage employee. She had a brother, 8 years older than her, whom she says was very protective of her. At about 5 years of age, Tina had an unfortunate encounter with a stranger who walked up to her and slashed her face while playing on the alley near their home. Although the experience was traumatic, Tina says that it made her some sort of celebrity in the community, something she considers positive.

Fey’s success in entertainment can be attributed to the support she received from her parents and the exposure she got as a kid. She once mentioned that her parents snuck her in to watch Young Frankenstein and would also let her stay up late to watch shows such as The Honeymooners, or Monty Python movies.

At the age of 11, as part of a school project on comedy, Fey read Seventy Years of Great Film Comedians by Franklin Joe. Her role model is the renowned actress and comedian Catherine O’Hara. For her education, Tina Fey attended Cardington-Stonehurst Elementary School before proceeding to Beverly Hills Middle School located in Upper Darby. By the time she was in middle school, she had already made up her mind and decided on her interest in comedy. She went to Upper Darby High School and later joined University of Virginia.

Writing Career

Fey’s official writing career dates back to the mid ‘90s when her friend, Adam McKay, a head writer suggested to her to submit a packet with six sketches. Listening to her friend, Fey submitted the sketches of 10 pages each for SNL – Saturday Night Live, an NBC variety show. At the time, Fey was working on The Second City. At the request of Adam, Fey was invited for a meeting with Lorne Michaels and subsequently offered a job. She admits that the job came with lots of challenges and that she struggled to make it. Her first successful sketch featured Chris Farley. She remained committed to writing and wrote a series of parodies. Her parodies include The View, an ABC morning talk show. Together with Rachel Dratch, she co-wrote Sully and Denise.

Her new Broadway Musical: Mean Girls

After reading Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman, Fey suggested to Lorne Michaels, SNL producer that the book could be turned into a film. Lorne took it to Paramount Pictures who bought the rights of the book. Since the book is non-fiction, Fey wrote the plot from scratch and admits she borrowed inspiration from her experience in high school. In the musical, Fey was cast in the role of Sharon Norbury her character being the school’s calculus teacher.

February 2018

Mean Girls concluded its run in Washington DC and now looks back on jam packed audiences and highly favorable reviews.  In particular, Taylor Louderman is receiving extremely positive reviews for her portrayal of the ringleader of the Plastics, the gang of girls that rule the High School with a vengenace.  Peter Marks of the Washington Post raves that Mean Girls is "a jolt of super-energized adolescent hyper-viciousness" that packs a punch and will do very well on Broadway.  Others have commented in various spaces the the show is filled with fun and enjoyment, the typeof show ypou attend and feel happy and gleefull about it.  Let's see how it goes on Broadway.  Ticket sales are brisk so far as audiences prepare for Mean Girls The Musical.

Ashley Park - Ashley Park earned rave reviews for her work in Mean Girls in DC.  Coming off high praise in the revival of Sunday In The Park With George, Park hits a home run in Mean Girls with typical, excellent physical comedy moves and timing.

The use of LED Video technology in Mean Girls is gainig widespread acclaim.  Audiences should enjoy this wonderful use of technology.

Taylor Louderman Mean Girls

Born 21st December, 1990, Taylor Elizabeth Louderman is a multitalented singer, actress and dancer. She has worked on a number of successful projects, Kinky Boots being one of them. She was born in Madison, Wisconsin and lived in the Chicago and Decatur, Illinois areas. Her family later relocated to Bourbon, Missouri. Louderman is the oldest of the four daughters of Roger and Suzanne Louderman.

Career as an Actress

Taylor started showing an interest in acting from a rather young age. She was focused on making it big in entertainment and worked hard for it regardless of being young. Growing up, Taylor would occasionally be featured on projects and would make appearances on stage productions throughout the Saint Louis region. She continued her acting roles through to the time she was a sophomore when she was cast in Legally Blonde. For the project, Taylor Louderman depicted the character of Margot, one of the sorority sisters. The performance was done at The Muny.

While working on Legally Blonde, Taylor discovered that she had won another acting role. She was featured in the Touring Production of Bring it On: The Musical. In this production, Louderman was to depict the role of Campbell, the lead character of the show. When Bring it On transferred to Broadway in 2012, the same tour cast was retained, Louderman being one of them had a chance to work on Broadway.

Taylor Louderman has had quite a successful role in the entertainment scene. She has been featured on several productions both on and off Broadway. In 2008, Taylor was an Ensemble in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that was hosted at The Robert G. Reim Theatre. The following year, she was cast as Rose in Alice in Wonderland also hosted at The Robert G. Reim Theatre.

In 2010, Taylor was an Ensemble in Beauty and the Beast as well as Footloose both hosted at The Muny. Legally Blonde is another role for which Louderman is well known. In 2013, Louderman took up the role of Ariel Moore in Footloose, a regional production performed at the Kansas City Starlight Theatre. She was also in Grease in which she played the role of Sandy Dumbrowski. She performed at the Papermill Playhouse and The Muny. Hairspray, the Regional production and Gigantic, the Off-Broadway production are the projects she worked on in 2015. She played Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray and Ashley Penrod in Gigantic. She also depicted Ocean in the off Broadway production of Ride the Cyclone.

Broadway Roles

The Broadway production of Bring it On in which she played Campbell was hosted at the St. James Theatre and her performance was largely praised. Other Broadway productions include Kinky Boots and Mean Girls.

Her Role in Mean Girls

Taylor’s latest acting role is in the Broadway production of Mean Girls. She plays the role of Queen Bee Regina George in the story that follows the lives of Teenage girls in school. The musical is an adaptation of a 2004 film of the same name. 

Kate Rockwell

Not everyone might be familiar with Kate Rockwell as she has mostly been working small roles in off-Broadway musicals. Even though she managed to snag some Broadway roles back the late 2000s, they weren't anything major and did pretty much nothing to excel her career. While she has definitely had a bumpy ride as an actress, she's surely about to reach new heights with her role in the Mean Girls Musical.

Life Story

Kate Rockwell, a 33 year old, British actress, was born in the year 1984, on the 4th of August. Rockwell started off her career as a stage actress that got her first major role as Margot in Legally Blonde. After that, she was just casted in some revival runs around the country.

If you were to sum up Rockwell's life in two words; it would be dogs and wine. She has a dog named Mable and she particularly enjoys a nice bottle of wine whenever possible.

Career in Acting

She is a stage actress and she gained popularity in the Mean Girls Musical in the year 2017, when she was casted as Karen Smith.

Rockwell was a part of the reality series “Grease: You’re the one I want”. She stayed in the show till the finals. She also had a small role in the Sex and the city movie. Nothing too groundbreaking but it's always nice for a Broadway actress to land a role on international TV. In the Legally Blonde: The Musical, she played Margot in the year 2008.

She has participated in the following musicals:

Casted in




Legally Blonde





Broadway Revival

Member of the Tribe


Rock of Ages





US Tour

Member of the Tribe




Member of the Tribe


Bring It On: The Musical

US Tour



Bring It On: The Musical




Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

St. Louis, MO




Regional US

Mabel  Normand


Mean Girls

Washington DC

Karen Smith


Mean Girls


Karen Smith


Role in Mean Girls

Originally portrayed by Amanda Seyfried, Rockwell will be portraying the role of Karen Smith. Karen Smith is the third member of the famous Plastics along with Regina George and Gretchen Wieners. Kate Rockwell was playing the role before 2018 in the Washington D.C. tryouts where her performance was just fabulous. There's no wondering why she's included in the 2018 Broadway run.

For her role in Mean Girls Musical, she was nominated in the Helen Hayes Awards this year and the nomination was for the category of Outstanding Performer – Visiting Production. Then in the Drama Desk Awards, she is nominated for the category of Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical. The result is still pending.    


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