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How To Search For Broadway Musical and Theatre Tickets Online?

Mezzanine Left?  Balcony Center? Dress Box?  Orchestra Right?  Which one is the best?  This can be quite confusing for the casual patron that is NOT an expert in the theatre and performing arts.  Thankfully the ticket industry has responded and there are very helpful tools to help one navigate their way around and through the seating chart. 

Not all theatres are the same in fact some are radically different than others.  In some cases the seating is set up in a circular fashion where the seating map looks like a half circle.  Some theatres have a deeper if you will orchestra, mezzanine, and/or balcony where those back rows could feel like and offer a view that suggests they are a lot farther away from the action than one might think. 

The general rule of thumb is that the Orchestra section is in the front, the Mezzanine is in the middle, and the Balcony is in the rear.  The Mezzanine and Balcony are logically elevated higher than the Orchestra.  One interesting thing about this setup is that rows near the front of a section higher up can indeed be “better seats” than rows in the rear of another section.  For example, rows in the rear of the Orchestra, though indeed in the coveted Orchestra, may not be as desirable as the first few rows of the Mezzanine. 

Here are a few sources that can show you a rather standard looking theatre seating map.  One major difference is that there simply is no balcony section.  There is only an Orchestra section and Mezzanine as seen here:  

Again, similar layout here: 


Noted earlier was the unique nature of some theatre seating charts.  Here is a source for just such a theatre where there are a lot of moving pieces and different types of sections.  You can see how the software will highlight the location of the seats when you toggle over the tickets: 

Lastly, a source with the standard three sections of Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony with a little extra flavor: 


Hopefully this article can help some folks that might be interested in attending a musical, play, or some other performance at a theatre.  

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