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Come from Away - March 2018

Come From Away continues to expand its fan base and operations by announcing more and more stops on its national Tour.  The smash hit musical is extending its run in Toronto beyond the summer and also heading out on tour in 2018 and 2019.  Who knows maybe there will be an international expansion as well.

Come From Away will make stops in Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Oklahoma City, and other locations in 2018 and 2019.  The best is yet to come.

Jenn Colella

Life History

The renowned American showbiz personality Jenn Colella is a talented actress, singer and comedian. She started her career as a comedian in Los Angeles before focusing her attention on a career in musical theatre. Born to Lindy Crawford and Mick Colella on September 22nd, 1974, in Charleston, South Carolina, Jenn was raised in Summerville, South Carolina. For her education, she pursued her undergraduate studies at the Columbia College where she graduated with a dual degree in drama and speech. She served as a Trustus Theatre company member during this time.

After her graduation from Columbia College, Jenn proceeded to the University of California, Irvine. She graduated from the institution with a Master of Fine Arts in Acting. Even after her graduation, she continued her stay in Los Angeles where she pursued a career in standup comedy, occasionally performing at the Laugh Factory and a number of other comedy clubs in the region.

On-Stage Acting Career

Jenn’s career in entertainment has been pretty successful over the years. She has been featured in several original productions, Kiki Baby for instance. In the project, she played the lead role in a remarkable performance that earned her a 2011 NYMF Award in the category of Outstanding Individual Performance. In 2006, at the Old Globe Theatre, Jenn was featured in The Times They Are A-Changin’ by Twyla Tharp. She also originated Chaplin – The Musical’s role of Hedda Hopper in the same year at La Jolla Playhouse. She then proceeded to play the role again on Broadway.

Jenn has had a successful on-stage acting career both on and off Broadway. She has had a number of off-Broadway credits that include Slut! The Musical, Don’t Quit Your Night Job as well as The Great America Trailer Park Musical. In 2011, Jenn was featured in Lucky Guy that was hosted at the Little Shubert Theatre. At the Richard Rodgers Theatre in 2013, Jenn performed in If/Then, a Broadway musical. In the musical, she depicted a character known as Ann, a supporting role in which the character is lesbian in a relationship with another woman.

2015’s summer saw Jenn Colella originate another role; that of Beverly in the show Come from Away, a La Jolla playhouse production. The reception of the show was largely positive with critics generally praising Colella’s performance. She was even nominated for a Tony Award in the category of Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

Her Role on Come From Away

Jen Colella made a remarkable performance in Come From Away and went ahead to win a Tony Award nomination. She plays the role Beverly Bass, the first woman to be promoted to captain by American Airlines. On the morning of the tragic 9/11 Bass is on a flight headed to Dallas from Paris and is high over the North Atlantic. She is informed of the closure of the American airspace as a response to the terrorist attack. Her plane is one of the 38 that are ordered to make an unexpected landing at the Gander, Labrador and Newfoundland.

Other Interesting Info                     

  • If/Then is not her first lesbian role as she plaid one in The Beebo Brinker Chronicles too.
  • She was elated about playing the role.

Come From Away – November, 2017 Updates

Come From Away the movie?  Yes, that is correct.  The Mark Gordon Company announced n November 15th that it will produce and finance a motion picture film based on the amazingly successful Broadway Musical Come From Away.  Come From Away celebrates the compassion and kindness of humankind and this movie is an opportunity to spread that across the entire globe.  The investment of time, effort, and money into this film truly speaks to how powerful the messages are that emanate from the musical.

This in no way slows things down on the stage for Come From Away.  The musical has already secured Broadway dates through the end of 2018.  It is also set for a four week engagement in Edmonton in early 2018 along with a North American Tour that starts later in the year.   So far we know there will be stops in Toronto, Seattle, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. 

Come From Away heads to Los Angeles.  Ahmanson Theatre in downtown Los Angeles recently announced that the smash hit musical Come From Away will be heading for a stop in Los Angeles.  This is a major score for both the LA area and Ahmanson Theatre and the musical itself.  A multi-week run in the nation’s second biggest city and market makes a huge statement about how successful the musical Come From Away is.

Come From Away will perform at LA’s Ahmanson theatre from November 28, 2018 through January 6, 2019.  Come From Away appears at the Ahmanson Theatre immediately following the six time Tony Award Winner Dear Evan Hansen.  It will truly be a glorious time for theatre patrons in Southern California.

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Come From Away – 11/2017

The smash hit musical on Broadway Come From Away continues to dazzle audiences with every performance.  Sales figures show that every single performance of every week remains sold out and ticket prices are reflecting that.  Come From Away is buzzing and riding momentum similar to that of Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen

Come From Away is also starting to attract reviews from some heavy hitting sources outside of the Broadway community.  The Herald Tribune in Sarasota, FL recently chimed in with a very glowing review.  The Huffington Post recently published a piece on musicals in general on Broadway.  The piece discusses how musicals in recent years are leaving audiences with feelings of hope while using common themes in everyday life or historical circumstances with which everyone attending is familiar.  It was in this vain that Come From Away was compared to Hamilton.  The piece also was very optimistic about a new musical called The Band’s Visit

Either Way, Come From Away continues to dazzle audiences and leave people filled with hope and joy.  The 9/11 attack was such an enormous moment in history and horrible event for humanity it is with great glee that a musical such as Come From Away can use events related to 9/11 to fill patrons with so much happiness. 

We do not yet have any additional information on the tour beyond what we reported earlier.  Tickets are now available for the Broadway performances through September of 2018.  

“Come From Away”: The Musical Shining Light in the Darkest of Times

Tahlia Campbell

A heartwarming tale of the compassion of strangers, Come From Away tells the true story of the week of September 11, when 38 planes from around the world landed in Gander, Newfoundland, and changed the lives of the passengers and locals alike. The show, with book, music and lyrics written by Irene Sankoff and David Hein, is fueled by its colorful cast of characters, many of which are based on real people and their stories.

At a time when xenophobia and hatred are dangerously high, Come From Away swoops in to remind us all of humanity’s capacity for love and charity. The show brilliantly uses stories, images and audio from the events of September 11 to give true-to-life examples of human kindness in times of hardship.

A show based on such a terrible true event had the potential to take advantage of that tragedy, but Come From Away is above that. It touches on some tender moments that will certainly remind audience members of their own experiences, but it never clings to those moments for longer than necessary. For every moment of grief, there is another moment of warmth and joy.It’s not just a moving show but a funny one too, with humor that isn’t mean-spirited but genuine and warm.

The rollicking country-folk soundtrack lends itself to the setting of a “backwater Canadian town”. The band, with their acoustic guitars, violins and accordions, are as much a part of the cast as the actors are. Besides jumping on tables and moving throughout the scenes, the musicians weave under and around the actors to create a beautiful tapestry of sound and story. Despite the myriad of story threads, the entire show flows together as a singular piece, with each song smoothly shifting into the next.

The soundtrack is interspersed with dialogue, which makes it a difficult cast album to sing along to, but it’s truthful to the characters and themes. The different accents, turns of phrase and expressions really make these characters unique and familiar in a way that would be hard to replicate in a sung-through musical. The most enthralling moments of the show come when dialogue is spoken over the top of the ensemble’s chillingly unified voices.

It’s easy to see why Come From Away won the Tony Award for Best Direction - the cast makes the most of a minimalistic set to distinguish between locations and times. More elaborate elements of the set include a rotating platform and a hidden door in the backdrop, but in the modest nature of the show, they don’t draw attention away from the cast.

The transformation of props is a charming element that is used to represent both the small size of Gander and the scarcity of possessions the “plane people” brought with them. Chairs were moved around to represent the town hall, the bar, the buses and the plane, with actors placing the chairs in position mid-scene.

The actors often function as a single unit, moving in synchrony to show the turbulence on the plane or the buses coming to a sudden stop. The cast is constantly moving - if a spotlight isn’t showing the audience where to look, any one of the actors onstage will be doing something worth watching. This cast functions wonderfully as an ensemble, building off of each other’s energy and embodying the Gander community spirit perfectly.

A key feature of Come From Away is its characters. Each actor plays at least two characters, portraying both residents of Gander and “plane people”, but it’s always clear which role they’re stepping into when they do. Many actors switch characters several times in a song, a task made easier with the use of costume.

We are introduced to the actors as their Gander characters first, then as the “plane people” don their donated clothes, we see the characters come into their own with the aid of a jacket, scarf or hat. By putting on a pilot’s hat and jacket over her waistcoat, Jenn Colella transforms from the excitable schoolteacher Annette to the gutsy, experienced Captain Bass.

In a cast that coordinates like clockwork, it’s difficult to pick out a single actor as outstanding, especially when each actor has an almost equal time in the spotlight. Colella shone in her performance of “Me and the Sky”, more than earning her Tony nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Q Smith tugged at heartstrings with “I’m Here” and her portrayal of Hannah, the mother desperately trying to contact her son while stuck in a different country.

Come From Away is a patchwork of stories from all kinds of people, and yet it never feels like it’s bitten off more than it can chew. This one show covers tragedy, sexism, homophobia, racial profiling, language barriers, religion and loss, all the while reminding the audience that love will always triumph over hate. Come From Away doesn’t attempt to lecture, only to connect with as many people as possible.

The fact that so many characters are based on real people is part of what makes the show so relatable. There’s Bonnie Harris, the SPCA worker more concerned about the animals on the planes than her own safety; teacher Diane Davis (Beulah in the the show) who stayed awake for 72 hours to help the “plane people” camped out in the school, and Beverly Bass, America’s first female pilot, amongst others.

The true stories neatly packed into Come From Away drive home the point that no, this isn’t just a nice piece of escapism, this really happened, and we as humans absolutely have the capacity to open our hearts to strangers.

Ultimately, Come From Away is a story about humanity. The show takes the audience on a journey through confusion, fear, anger, grief, joy, elation and longing. It’s the feeling you get when you’re crying and you suddenly find someone’s arms around you, and they’re crying too. The feeling of warmth and community created by this incredible cast is one unlike any other musical.

Come From Away – October 2017

The smash hit musical Come From Away continues to dazzle fans on Broadway.  Broadway sales statistics show that the musical has been selling out the theatre every single week since the spring of 2017.  The show just announced that tickets recently went on sale through September of 2018.

There is also the pending North American tour in 2018 as well.  As many fans realize the musical originated in Canada.  The North American Tour will involve for sure Seattle, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.  We do not yet know the locations beyond these at this point.  If patterns align similar to other musicals such as Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, and The Book Of Mormon, there is no reason to believe that Come From Away will not make its way around the United States as well as Canada and perhaps beyond. 

Come From Away Toronto

Come From Away Seattle

Come From Away Vancouver

Come From Away Winnipeg

Come From Away Edmonton

Come From Away Tickets

Come From Away Musical - Helpful Information 

Beautiful things can happen in the most unlikely of times and this is exactly what the Come From Away Musical shows in a captivating and utterly interesting way! In the confusion and despair that followed the September 11th attacks by terrorists on the USA, a small town in Newfoundland, Canada would extend the most humane gestures to passengers who found themselves caught up in the situation.

As you probably remember, the attack was waged on flights and thousands of people lost their lives. To contain the situation, airports across the USA were on lockdown and incoming flights were deflected to different locations for security purposes. About 38 planes were directed to the small, generally quiet town of Gander in Newfoundland. Clearly, this came with the pressure of accommodating the passengers in the town whose population increased at once.

What followed is a slew of kindness to strangers of different backgrounds, races and religions by the inhabitants of the town whose facilities were overstretched. From letting them into their homes to feeding, clothing and entertaining them, the town played host to people numbering well over 60% of its population! In what became to be famously referred to as Operation Yellow Ribbon, the incident has continued to gather media attention more than a decade later.

Come From Away Musical was written by David Hein and Irene Sankoff who travelled to Gander on the tenth anniversary of the terror attack. They collected stories and interwove some for the purpose of mainstreaming them into the play. Some stories, though, made it to the musical as they had unraveled.

While it was not immediately able to attract a professional producer, it recorded successes at the Canadian Music Theatre Project of the Sheridan College and at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre in New York where it was used as a showcase presentation.

The Seattle Repertory Theatre and the La Jolla Playhouse collaborated in giving the musical its first professional production in 2015. It premiered at the La Jolla Playhouse in June 2015 under the direction of Christopher Ashely and featuring Jenn Collela, Joel Hatch as well as Chad Kimball. It would break box office records in Seattle by grossing the highest amount of ticket sales in a day as well as in cumulative earnings at the Repertory Theatre.

With these successes in Seattle and San Diego, the show was staged in other places like at the Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC between September and October of 2016. It was also staged in Toronto, Ontario at the Royal Alexandra Theatre where Come From Away tickets were virtually sold out by the second week, breaking the records at the theatre at the time. While the show was in high demand, its stagings could not be extended due to Broadway commitments. Nevertheless, additional box seats and standing room was provided over the course of its run.

For 2017, the show opened for previews in February at the New York Broadway and has been performing for standing-room-only audiences. It had an opening show in March at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. The musical is directed by Christopher Ashley with its choreography being handled by Kelly Devine. The Come From Away Broadway staging of 2017 has been attended by Canadian leader Justin Trudeau, Nikki Haley who represents the US at the UN, as well as Ivanka Trump amongst other Canadian leaders.

The musical is appropriate for audience members ranging in age from ten. It shows a rich mix of the stories of the 7000+ stranded passengers and the town’s natives who became hosts in an unplanned instant! It depicts the fear and tension felt by the passengers as they worry about the safety of their loved ones back home and the effort by the hosts to comfort and make them feel comfortable. When the passengers are able to proceed with their flights home, they recount to each other the gestures of kindness that had been shown to them by the people of Newfoundland.  As the play ends, the passengers and crew are taken back to Gander where they celebrate the relationships of friendships that were created at a moment of despair.

So riveting is the plot that the musical has won a fair number of nominations to this year’s Tony Awards!

Come From Away

The brilliant musical taking Broadway by storm is Come From Away.  2017 continues to be a banner year for the hit musical that has not even been on Broadway for that long.  The audience is jammed pack for every performance and critics and patrons alike are universally praising the work.

Come From Away left the Tony Awards weekend winning the Best Director award with Christopher Ashley.  The musical was nominated for Best Musical, and favored to win it by many, but ran 2nd to the powerhouse success Dear Evan Hansen.

Come From Away, which only saw sold out and emphatic patrons filling venues in Toronto, is witnessing the same thing on Broadway.  The show is now said to be in the $1 Million/week club in terms of ticket sales.  This tremendous success is leading to a touring run where the show will make stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Ottawa, and back to Toronto. 

High profile Canadians such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Kevin Spacey, Cindy Crawford, Hugh Jackman, and Bryan Adams are just a few of the many Canadians and people in general rooting for and supporting this great musical.  The story about a plane diverted to Newfoundland in the 9/11 terror attacks is both able to bring folks back to that horrible attack and send them out with an uplifting message and embrace.

Many of the songs from the musical are also gaining in notoriety.  “Welcome To The Rock” is perhaps the most popular song from the musical currently but there are many more that fans love as well.  Other songs include “Me And The Sky”, “Lead Us Out Of The Night”, “Darkness And Trees”, “Phoning Home”, and “Something’s Missing” among a handful of others.  Irene Sankoff and David Hein are the creators and producers of all the music, lyrics, and books. 

The show of course features outstanding performances from the actors.  Jenn Colella was nominated for a Tony as Best Actress.  Chad Kimball, Joel Hatch, and Rodney Hicks consistently receive rave reviews for their efforts and performances.   

Make sure you reserve your tickets to see this wonderful musical on Broadway or at one of the upcoming stops in Canada.   

Come From Away Songs – “Costume Party”

Costume Party marks the beginning of the “plane people” adapting to their impromptu stay in Newfoundland. It follows them as they wake up to find that they locals have been cooking breakfast for them all night, but it focuses on the contrasting emotions of four characters in particular.

Diane and Kevin T change into donated clothes, but feel like they’ve changed in more than one way, asking “who am I if I don’t feel like the me from yesterday?” They’ve left behind everything they know for a place where no one knows them, but they’re both determined to make the best of their situation. Throughout the show, they prove themselves to be the most optimistic and open-minded of the plane people.

Kevin J and Hannah are in the opposite state of mind, frustrated at being trapped here and still in shock from hearing about the events of September 11. Kevin J calls his sister, telling her how much he wants to get home, and tensions spring up between him and Kevin T. Hannah is still waiting to hear from her son, angry and desperate to know whether he’s ok.

This song shows the juxtaposition in the way people cope with disaster, and none of the characters can be blamed for their reactions. The show makes it clear that none of the characters are bad people, and that everyone responds differently to trauma. 

Come From Away Songs – “Something’s Missing”

Something’s Missing comes as a jarring shock after the joy experienced by the plane people as they finally leave Newfoundland. For those five days, they were welcomed into this small community that eased the blow of their circumstances, but as they return to America the audience is reminded of what the rest of the world was experiencing.

The song launches the characters back into the real world, confronting them with the fear of another attack, relationships crumbling, and the discrimination aimed at the Muslim community. The characters had escaped to Newfoundland and pressed pause on the rest of the world, but whatever distractions they had came crashing down on their return.

The song comes to a heartbreaking climax when we learn that Hannah’s son has died, and she sings a haunting reprise of the “you are here” refrain heard so often throughout the show. This small moment is a tribute to all of the lives lost in the tragic events surrounding September 11th, and reminds the audience that while Come From Away is about love and kindness, it’s impossible to ignore the terrible things that happened.

These two songs are the tail-ends of the plane people’s stay in Newfoundland, contrasting the emotions they felt from their first night, to after they left.

 During Costume Party, the characters find themselves lost and resenting the place they found themselves in. But by Something’s Missing, they've all been so deeply affected by the time they spent there that they don't feel whole anymore. For better or worse, these people have been changed forever, and the comparison between these two songs illustrates that perfectly. 

Come From Away

Interesting Facts and History

Come From Away is a breathtaking and remarkable new musical on Broadway that takes patrons on the true story of how a very small town in a faraway land welcomed the entire world.  Irene Sankoff and David Hein wrote the musical and Tony Award Nominee Christopher Ashley is the Director.  Ashley is noted for his work with Memphis

Come From Away is 100 minutes long without intermission and is appropriate for ages 10 and up.  The show appears at the following location:

Gerald Shoenfeld Theatre

236 West 45th Street

New York, NY 10036

The Canadian Music Theatre Project originally developed Come From Away in 2013 in Ontario, Canada.  The musical was under further development at the Godspeed Musical’s Festival of New Artists in East Haddam, Connecticut.  From this point the musical appeared in La Jolla, California and at the Seattle Repertory Theatre.  It was in La Jolla and Seattle where Come From Away enjoyed absolutely massive success leading up to its emergence on Broadway.   During the late fall and winter of 2016 in Toronto, the musical shattered ticket sales records at the Royal Alexandra Theatre.    

Come From Away tackles the experiences immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001.  However, the musical does this from an extremely clever and interesting angle.  Following the attacks the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration shut down its airspace and subsequently forced about 4,000 aircraft to find a spot to land at the nearest location.  Gander International Airport in Newfoundland at that time learned it would soon become the home to 18 unexpected aircraft.  By the end of Tuesday, 9/11/2001, Gander would welcome 38 planes with almost 6,600 people in terms of the crews and passengers.  This was quite an avalanche of folks for such a small community.  In fact, Gander only had about 10,000 residents total so this sudden infusion increased the population by almost 70% instantly. 

The musical incorporates modern rock and other styles as it chronicles those highly intriguing days just after the 9/11 attacks.  Almost seven thousand people were stranded not entirely sure what to think of what just happened and if and when the airspace would again be cleared for travel.  Numerous themes and stories develop and evolve around how the existing citizens of Gander interact with and welcome the highly diverse and colorful group of folks unfortunately stranded under these circumstances.  Feelings and relationships build and grow and there are lasting effects that carry on even many years later.

Come From Away is certain to have an immense effect on audiences and bring the riveting success it has seen elsewhere to Broadway and the big spotlight of New York City.  Enjoy the show.  

Christopher Ashley

For anyone that watches stage or musicals, Christopher Ashley is certainly not a new name. Ashley is a renowned stage director who captivates audiences with his amazing skills and unique directing talents. The Broadway Musical Come from Away is the most recent project that Christopher Ashley is working on. Come from Away is a new musical that tells an interesting story of a small town that welcomes the world. The show has generally been a success and won the hearts of many.

Come from Away is a musical whose events are set in Newfoundland, an island situated off Canada’s east coast. The events take place soon after the September 11th attacks. It involves the town of Gander but also shares stories from the neighboring towns such as Lewisporte, Glenwood, Appleton, Norris Arm as well as Gambo.

A week after the September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States, the US airspace is closed and no planes are allowed into the country. There are a number of planes inbound, 38 to be exact, but they are forced to find an alternative landing spot as they cannot get into the United States airspace. The planes are unexpectedly ordered to land in a small town in Newfoundland, a town known as Gander as part of an operation known as Operation Yellow Ribbon. The characters included in the musical are based on real people, the residents of Gander and some of the almost 7000 stranded travelers. Some of the characters even share names with the real residents and travelers.

A Broadway production of Come from Away is directed by the seasoned Christopher Ashley. It features Joel Hatch who plays the town’s mayor and has Jenn Colella in the role of Beverly who is a pilot of one of the planes redirected to Gander. The musical also features Chad Kimball who is cast in the role of Kevin. Christopher did a pretty amazing job in the direction of the musical.

Christopher Ashley was born on the 6th July, 1964. In 1984, Ashley graduated from Yale University where he had been studying English and Math. He finalized The Drama League director’s program in 1997. In 2007, Ashley got appointed La Jolla Playhouse, California’s artistic director, a position he has successfully held to date. He has worked on a number of projects as a director. Memphis for instance, is a musical that was directed by Ashley. The musical opened on Broadway in October of 2009. He did an amazing job in the direction of the musical that earned him a nomination for the Outer Critics Circle Award in the category of Outstanding Director and a Tony Award Nomination in the category of Best Direction of a Musical.

Before his work on Memphis, Ashley directed the 2007 musical Xanadu on Broadway. For his performance, he got nominated for a Drama Desk Award. Christopher Ashley’s career as a director has spanned several years and has seen him work in a number of projects both on and off-Broadway. He has actually directed several Off-Broadway stage acts. An example is his direction of Manhattan Theatre Club. In 1993, he directed Paul Rudnick’s Off Broadway Jeffrey at the WPA Theatre. He was awarded the Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Director. He also directed the 1995 film version of the same. Other direction roles include 2002’s Merrily we Rode Along and Sweeny Todd of the Sondheim Kennedy Center Celebration Productions.

Come from Away is among his latest directions. The musical premiered at the La Jolla Playhouse in June of 2015. It later opened on Broadway in 2017, February at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. The musical has been received pretty well by both critics and audiences. It has been a really successful piece that sentimentally brings out the story of a small town off Canada’s East Coast that opens its doors and welcomes the world into it when the United States faces challenges after a terrorist attack. The town, Gander, welcomes close to 7000 travelers bound for the United States after they are forced to an alternative landing spot with the US airspace locked. Christopher Ashley’s brilliant directing skills are echoed in this musical. For the amazing direction, he wins a Tony Award in the category of Best Direction of a Musical. 

Come From Away – “Me And The Sky”

The song “Me And the Sky” is an emotional roller coaster that takes the author through a wild and rewarding ride of a lifetime . . . . . only to find herself in a way right back where she started as a young girl.  The song starts with a young girl describing her aspirations to become an airline pilot one day much to the doubt of her parents and those around her.  Her father doesn’t tell her no or to stop but he essentially politely observers what he considers a far-fetched dream scenario.  At that time there simply were not female pilots. 

The author describes the contentious experiences of interacting with current male pilots and predominantly female stewardess labor pool.  The author desperately wants to become a pilot and is rebuffed by existing male pilots that suggest she should be fetching drinks for them.  Rather than encourage her the female stewardess’ simply question whether she thinks she is superior to them.

She does indeed go on to become a successful pilot indeed.  Not only that, she also becomes an instructor of other pilots thus shaping the future of the profession.  She finds herself with a very rewarding career and taking passengers across the nation and also across the globe.  Everything seems to be going wonderfully as she enjoys her dream and an enriching life in the skies.  All of that stops when the woman sees that the very thing she dreamed about was used as a weapon in the worst terrorist attack in the history of the planet. 

At this point, just like in the beginning, there seems to be everything standing between her and the sky.  “Me And The Sky” wonderfully depicts this journey.

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