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Come From Away is an award winning and sensational Broadway Musical that continues to tour across the world similar to upcoming concerts and sports games.  The story is endearing on all levels and leaves audiences enthralled at every turn with sold out shows across the world.  Come From Away is a major hit along with shows like Hamilton, The Book Of Mormon, Dear Evan Hansen, Jagged Little Pill, and Hadestown.


Come From Away Tour Cast and Locations

Come From Away London

Come From Away Dublin

Come From Away Melbourne

Come From Away Boston

San Francisco

Los Angeles






San Diego

Las Vegas


Salt Lake City

San Jose





Ft. Lauderdale


Come From Away

Come From Away is a Canadian musical production written by Tony Award nominees Irene Sankoff and David Hein. Tony-winning Best Director, Christopher Ashley is in-charge of direction. Come From Away has won accolades for Best Musical all across North America. The musical is based on the true story of what happened when 38 planes were ordered to land in a small town of Newfoundland, Gander in the week after the incident of 9/11 as part of Operation Yellow Ribbon. The population of Gander was initially suspicious of these uncalled for visitors, but soon welcomed them into their homes and formed strong bonds of friendship with them. The musical, Come From Away, contains characters drawing the same names of some of these real-life people, that the roles are modeled after. The musical has enjoyed both popular and critical acclaim and is considered to be a testament to the human capacity for kindness, even in difficult times.

The musical was first produced in 2013. It opened on Broadway in 2017 to resounding box-office success. The next year, it became the longest-running Canadian musical in Broadway history. At the 71st Tony Awards, in 2017, the musical was nominated for a total of seven awards, such as Best Featured Actress in a Musical, Best Original Score, and Best Musical. 

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Current Broadway Cast

Bonnie & Others – Petrina Bromley

Bob & Others – De’Lon Grant

Beverley & Others – Becky Gulsvig

Claude & Others – Joel Hatch

Kevin T. & Others – Chad Kimball

Hannah & Others – Kenita R. Miller

Kevin J. & Others – Caesar Samayoa

Beulah & Others – Astrid Van Wieren

Janice & Others – Emily Walton

Nick & Others – Jim Walton

Diane & Others – Sharon Wheatley

Oz & Others – Paul Whitty

Film Adaptation

The Mark Gordon Company announced in 2017 that it would make a feature film adaptation of the musical. Original writers Sankoff and Hein would be asked to write the script for the same. The musical director would reprise his role as the director for the feature film adaptation too.

Upcoming Tour Venues

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington D.C.

Belk Theater, Charlotte, NC

DPAC, Durham. NC

Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis, IN

Des Moines Performing Arts, Des Moines, IA

Civic Center Music Hall, Oklahoma City, OK

Music Hall, Kansas City, MO

Bass Concert Hall, Austin, TX

Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, TX

The Hobby Center, Houston, TX

Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas, TX

Artis-Naples, Naples, FL

The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, West Palm Beach, FL

Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall at FSW, Fort Myers, FL

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota, FL

The Kentucky Center, Louisville, KY

Auditorium Theatre, Sacramento, CA

Asu Gammage, Tempe, AZ

Centennial Hall, Tucson, AZ

Popejoy Hall, Albuquerque, NM

Center for the Performing Arts, San Jose, CA

San Diego Civic Theatre, San Diego, CA

Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, TX

Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Tulsa, OK

Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, TN

Overture Center for the Arts, Madison, WI

Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Cadillac Palace Theatre, Chicago, IL

Recent News Reviews

Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald – “Come From Away” gives music to 9/11 chaos, compassion

Kay Johal, London Theatre Direct – The musical shows the sheer resilience of humankind.. a show that will resonate.

The cast for the Come From Away Tour was recently announced.  The cast members include Kevin Carolan, Harter Clingman, Nick Duckart, Chamblee Ferguson, Becky Gulsvig, Julie Johnson, Christine Toy Johnson, Megan McGinnis, Andrew Samonsky, Danielle K. Thomas, Emily Walton, Marika Aubrey, Jane Bunting, Michael Brian Dunn, Julie Garnye, Adam Halpin, and Aaron Michael Ray.

Come from Away - March 2018

Come From Away continues to expand its fan base and operations by announcing more and more stops on its national Tour.  The smash hit musical is extending its run in Toronto beyond the summer and also heading out on tour in 2018 and 2019.  Who knows maybe there will be an international expansion as well.

Come From Away will make stops in Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Oklahoma City, and other locations in 2018 and 2019.  The best is yet to come.

“Come From Away”: The Musical Shining Light in the Darkest of Times

Tahlia Campbell

 A heartwarming tale of the compassion of strangers, Come From Away tells the true story of the week of September 11, when 38 planes from around the world landed in Gander, Newfoundland, and changed the lives of the passengers and locals alike. The show, with book, music and lyrics written by Irene Sankoff and David Hein, is fueled by its colorful cast of characters, many of which are based on real people and their stories.

 At a time when xenophobia and hatred are dangerously high, Come From Away swoops in to remind us all of humanity’s capacity for love and charity. The show brilliantly uses stories, images and audio from the events of September 11 to give true-to-life examples of human kindness in times of hardship.

 A show based on such a terrible true event had the potential to take advantage of that tragedy, but Come From Away is above that. It touches on some tender moments that will certainly remind audience members of their own experiences, but it never clings to those moments for longer than necessary. For every moment of grief, there is another moment of warmth and joy.It’s not just a moving show but a funny one too, with humor that isn’t mean-spirited but genuine and warm.

The rollicking country-folk soundtrack lends itself to the setting of a “backwater Canadian town”. The band, with their acoustic guitars, violins and accordions, are as much a part of the cast as the actors are. Besides jumping on tables and moving throughout the scenes, the musicians weave under and around the actors to create a beautiful tapestry of sound and story. Despite the myriad of story threads, the entire show flows together as a singular piece, with each song smoothly shifting into the next.

The soundtrack is interspersed with dialogue, which makes it a difficult cast album to sing along to, but it’s truthful to the characters and themes. The different accents, turns of phrase and expressions really make these characters unique and familiar in a way that would be hard to replicate in a sung-through musical. The most enthralling moments of the show come when dialogue is spoken over the top of the ensemble’s chillingly unified voices.

It’s easy to see why Come From Away won the Tony Award for Best Direction - the cast makes the most of a minimalistic set to distinguish between locations and times. More elaborate elements of the set include a rotating platform and a hidden door in the backdrop, but in the modest nature of the show, they don’t draw attention away from the cast.

The transformation of props is a charming element that is used to represent both the small size of Gander and the scarcity of possessions the “plane people” brought with them. Chairs were moved around to represent the town hall, the bar, the buses and the plane, with actors placing the chairs in position mid-scene.

The actors often function as a single unit, moving in synchrony to show the turbulence on the plane or the buses coming to a sudden stop. The cast is constantly moving - if a spotlight isn’t showing the audience where to look, any one of the actors onstage will be doing something worth watching. This cast functions wonderfully as an ensemble, building off of each other’s energy and embodying the Gander community spirit perfectly.

Come From Away Tour

Come From Away Los Angeles

Come From Away San Francisco

A key feature of Come From Away is its characters. Each actor plays at least two characters, portraying both residents of Gander and “plane people”, but it’s always clear which role they’re stepping into when they do. Many actors switch characters several times in a song, a task made easier with the use of costume.

We are introduced to the actors as their Gander characters first, then as the “plane people” don their donated clothes, we see the characters come into their own with the aid of a jacket, scarf or hat. By putting on a pilot’s hat and jacket over her waistcoat, Jenn Colella transforms from the excitable schoolteacher Annette to the gutsy, experienced Captain Bass.

Come From Away Segerstrom

Come From Away Boston





In a cast that coordinates like clockwork, it’s difficult to pick out a single actor as outstanding, especially when each actor has an almost equal time in the spotlight. Colella shone in her performance of “Me and the Sky”, more than earning her Tony nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Q Smith tugged at heartstrings with “I’m Here” and her portrayal of Hannah, the mother desperately trying to contact her son while stuck in a different country.

Come From Away is a patchwork of stories from all kinds of people, and yet it never feels like it’s bitten off more than it can chew. This one show covers tragedy, sexism, homophobia, racial profiling, language barriers, religion and loss, all the while reminding the audience that love will always triumph over hate. Come From Away doesn’t attempt to lecture, only to connect with as many people as possible.

The fact that so many characters are based on real people is part of what makes the show so relatable. There’s Bonnie Harris, the SPCA worker more concerned about the animals on the planes than her own safety; teacher Diane Davis (Beulah in the the show) who stayed awake for 72 hours to help the “plane people” camped out in the school, and Beverly Bass, America’s first female pilot, amongst others.

The true stories neatly packed into Come From Away drive home the point that no, this isn’t just a nice piece of escapism, this really happened, and we as humans absolutely have the capacity to open our hearts to strangers.

Ultimately, Come From Away is a story about humanity. The show takes the audience on a journey through confusion, fear, anger, grief, joy, elation and longing. It’s the feeling you get when you’re crying and you suddenly find someone’s arms around you, and they’re crying too. The feeling of warmth and community created by this incredible cast is one unlike any other musical.

Come from Away

Come From Away is a musical based on a book, with the music composed and the lyrics written by Irene Sankoff and David Hein. It is a true story set after the 9/11 attack and tells what happened when around almost 38 planes were ordered to be landed unexpectedly in the small town that goes by the name Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, which was a part of the  Operation Yellow Ribbon. The characters which are a part of the musical are based on the real Gander residents. Along with them around seven thousand stranded travelers who were then provided with shelter and food. In most cases the identities of the travelers and the residents are the same.

come from away tickets

The musical has been somewhat of a reminder as to how humans have the capacity for kindness even in the darkest of times and shows the win of humanity over the hate that is being spread by most people living and breathing in the same world.

Starting at The La Jolla Playhouse near San Diego, CA, Come From Away went on to tear up the box office on Broadway.  The Musical routinely sells out every performance to include standing room only tickets.  Come From Away has large international ambitions and objectives.  Come From Away will be a staple in Toronto, Melbourne, Dublin, and London as well as across America.

The first workshop was in the year 2012 and then in 2015, it went to have a record breaking success. It opened on Broadway in 2017, the 12th of March. It then became a critical and box office success.  

In the 71st Tony awards, the musical was nominated for the following categories:

  • Best musical
  • Best score
  • Best book of musical
  • Best featured actress in a musical
  • Best direction of a musical

Changes in Characters

The character changes in the Tour for 2018 are as follows:



Garth, Kevin Tuerff and others

Jack Noseworthy

Annette, Beverley Bass and others

Eliza-Jane Scott

Claude Elliott and others

George Masswohl

Bob and others

Kevin Vidal

Ali, Kevin Jung and others

Ali Momen

Janice Mosher and others

Steffi DiDomenicantonio

Bonnie Harris and others

Kristen Peace

Oz Fudge and others

Cory O’Brien

Doug, Nick Marson and others

James Kall

Hannah O'Rourke and others

Saccha Dennis

Diane Gray and others

Barbara Fulton

Beulah Davis and others

Lisa Horner


The Upcoming National Tour

The National Tour for the musical “Come From Away” would launch on the 9th of October in Seattle and then move on to be played in more than 60 U.S. cities.

Their complete tour schedule is as mentioned below.




Oct 9 - Nov 4, 

Salt Lake City

Nov 6 - Nov 11, 


Nov 13 - Nov 25, 

Los Angeles

Nov 28 - Jan 6, 

San Francisco

Jan 8, 2019 - Feb 3, 

Costa Mesa

Feb 5, 2019 - Feb 17, 

Las Vegas

Feb 19, 2019 - Feb 24, 


Feb 26, 2019 - Mar 3, 


Mar 5, 2019 - Mar 10, 


Mar 12, 2019 - Mar 17, 


Mar 19, 2019 - Mar 24, 


Mar 27, 2019 - Mar 31, 


Apr 2, 2019 - Apr 7, 


Apr 9, 2019 - Apr 14, 


Apr 16, 2019 - Apr 21, 


Apr 23, 2019 - Apr 28, 


Apr 30, 2019 - May 5, 


May 7, 2019 - May 12, 

St. Louis

May 14, 2019 - May 26, 

New Orleans

May 28, 2019 - Jun 2, 


Jun 4, 2019 - Jun 9, 


Jun 11, 2019 - Jun 16, 


Jun 18, 2019 - Jun 23, 


Jun 25, 2019 - Jun 30, 


Jul 9, 2019 - Jul 28, 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Aug 20, 2019 - Sep 1, 


Come From Away – A Musical For The World . . . . Literally

Come From Away is a somewhat unorthodox musical because even mentioning terrorism or a topic even relatively close is somewhat taboo. But, it is no secret that Come From Away is a treat for anyone that has ever attended a single musical. The musical also has a book by Irene Sankoff and David Hein, both of whom also contributed to the lyrics and music of the musical.

The musical was first workshopped in 2012 and was produced in the Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. The musical would then come to the La Jolla Playhouse and the Seattle Repertory for a record-shattering run which would then land the musical in the streets of D.C. Come From Away opened on Broadway at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on March 12, 2017. You can guess how good it did by the fact that at the 71st Tony Awards, the musical got nominated in seven different categories.

Come From Away has played strictly in front of sold out audiences on Broadway for virtually its entire run.  The show has announced a movie version of the musical along with an international and national tour.  Come From Away is heading to Toronto, Melbourne, Dublin, London, and perhaps many other places.

This story about people connecting and people caring for people has no boundaries.  This resonates across the entire planet, and everyone has some sort of connection to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

come from away tickets

On November 15, 2017, it was announced that The Mark Gordon Company would make a film adaptation of the musical with Sankoff and Hein writing the script and Christopher Ashley as the director.


The general plot of the musical is based on the week after the September 11 Attacks and elaborated the story where 38 planes were instructed to land in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Michael Rubinoff, a Toronto Lawyer, theatre producer and Associate Dean of Visual and Performing Arts at Sheridan College, first came up with the idea of the musical. He met with several writers and would settle for Sankoff and Hein. The couple personally visited Gander and talked to the locals and translated their stories directly into the musical. A lot of characters are also named after the original witnesses. Rubinoff utilized their script to create a 45-minute version of the musical. After its glorious success, Rubinoff persuaded Sankoff and Hein to finish the entire play.

The musical did have its fair share of ups and downs, but it would soon made it to Broadway in the February of 2017. After the previews, the official opening took place on March 12, 2017. Come From Away was an enormous success and it hosted standing-only audiences even for the previews. The current prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau also attended the show.

When is Come From Away coming To Boston?

When is Come From Away coming to Denver?

Come From Away Los Angeles

Come From Away San Francisco

Come From Away Seattle

Come From Away San Diego

When is Come From Away coming to Dallas?

Musical Numbers – Come From Away Songs

Each song featured in the musical is listed below:

  • "Welcome to the Rock" – Claude, Company
  • "38 Planes" – Company
  • "Blankets and Bedding" – Company
  • "28 Hours / Wherever We Are" – Company
  • "Darkness and Trees" – Company
  • "On the Bus" – Company
  • "Darkness and Trees" (Reprise) – Company
  • "Lead Us out of the Night" – Company
  • "Phoning Home" – Company
  • "Costume Party" – Diane, Kevin T, Beverley, Hannah, Kevin J, Nick, Bob
  • "I Am Here" – Hannah
  • "Prayer" – Company
  • "On the Edge" – Company
  • "In the Bar/Heave Away" – Company
  • "Screech In" – Claude, Company
  • "Me and the Sky" – Beverley, Female Ensemble
  • "The Dover Fault" – Nick, Diane
  • "Stop the World" – Nick, Diane, Company
  • "38 Planes" (Reprise) / "Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere" – Beverley, Company
  • "Something's Missing" – Company
  • "10 Years Later" – Company
  • "Finale" – Claude, Company
  • "Screech Out" – Band

General Plot

The plot of the musical discusses something much greater and evolved than terrorism; humanity. It shows how even in the midst of destruction, humanity prevailed and proved how it can overcome anything put in front of it.

After the attacks of 9/11, American Airspace was declared off-limits and no airplane could enter the counter. So, there were thirty-eight international flights bound for the States and all of them had to be landed on a small town of Gander. Now, there were almost 7,000 passengers on the planes which doubled the population of the small city. There weren't nearly enough resources to feed all those passengers. But, the people of Gander did everything possible to accommodate all of their guests.

The folks there were as hospitable as it was possible. This included beddings, food, drink and everything else the travelers needed. Both parties were united when they learned how New York was under attack. Once the American Airspace opens again, the planes set off to their destination.

10 years later, the crew and the passengers visit Gander once again to honor the friendship extended by the locals ten years ago. The reason for their friendship was horrifying, but the result of the horror was absolutely beautiful…

Lead Actors

Chad Kimball

The character of Kevin Tuerff and Garth was played by Chad Kimball. Born on September 2, 1976, Kimball got his BFA in acting in 1999 from the Boston Conservatory. After he moved to New York, he was hired for the Broadway Musical The Civil War. Kimball's first lead role was in the Broadway Production of the musical Memphis, which played at the La Jolla Playhouse in 2008. However, he had to leave the crew due to nerve damage he sustained during a performance. For the role, he was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Actor in a musical. He also appeared in the film adaptation of the musical Memphis.

Beverley Bass

Beverley Bass was the first woman in American history to captain an aircraft. Jenn Colella is currently playing the role of Bass in the musical. Jenn Colella is a 43-year old actress, singer and comedian. She started off her career as a comedian and would eventually move on to become a musical actress. Her Broadway debut was in the musical Urban Cowboy. Her performance was highly appreciated and she did win a few awards for her acting in that musical. After that musical, she didn't get many roles in Broadway and mostly worked in off-Broadway musicals. She made her return to the grand stage in the musical If/Then. After that, she assumed the role of Beverley Bass in Come From Away. She is expected to be replaced by Elisa-Jane Scott in the upcoming Canadian Tour of the musical.

Bob and Others

Born March 28, 1974, Rodney Hicks is a Broadway and television actor. He is the one playing the role of Bob and other in Come From Away. However, his show was cut short due to a neurological condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia. He graduated from the Roxborough High School and dropped out of Mansfield University to pursue acting. He made his Broadway debut a short time after that in the musical Rent. He was a part of the Come From Away cast for almost three years until his departure on June 15, 2017. He has been home in the Pacific Northwest taking time to heal from his neurological condition.

Diane Gray

Sharon Wheatley is the one that has been performing the character of Diane Gray till 2018. Sharon Wheatley was born on December 7, 1967 and she is also a song writer. She was with the crew since the start of the musical in the La Jolla Playhouse. She made her Broadway debut as a swing in the original Broadway production of Les Miserables. Her other famous Broadway musicals include The Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Avenue Q. Wheatley also released her autobiography 'Til the Fat Girl Sings. The motto being From an Overweight Nobody to a Broadway Somebody. This goes to show how talented she really is being a writer, singer and a full-time Broadway actress.

Awards Won

The crew at Come From Away certainly put their all into this musical and fortunately, they were awarded for their hard work. The musical gained dozens of accolades for its incredible direction and acting and was nominated for thrice as many awards. A list of every award the show was able to snag is given below:



Helen Hayes Awards

Outstanding Musical

Helen Hayes Awards

Outstanding Direction of a Musical

Helen Hayes Awards

Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical

Tony Awards

Best Direction of a Musical

Drama Desk Awards

Outstanding Musical

Drama Desk Awards

Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical

Drama Desk Awards

Outstanding Book of a Musical

Outer Critics Circle Awards

Outstanding Broadway Musical

Outer Critics Circle Awards

Outstanding Book of a Musical

Outer Critics Circle Awards

Outstanding Director of a Musical

Outer Critics Circle Awards

Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical

Outer Critics Circle Awards

Outstanding Sound Design


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