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The Book of Mormon

If you have been looking for an interesting musical comedy to enjoy, The Book of Mormon is the best bet for you! The musical recaps the journey of two Mormon missionaries who travel to Uganda to preach their religion.

The play is big on satire that focuses on the practises of the Mormon Church as well as the encounters of the duo in Africa. The musical’s script, music and lyrics were developed by trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. The development of the play began in 2003, but it would take seven years for it to be opened on Broadway on March 2011. Scott Rudin was the producer.

The response following its Broadway opening was hugely positive in the resultant criticisms. As a matter of fact, the show set records in terms of sales of tickets for the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. The show’s original cast recording on Broadway even shattered the ceiling for becoming the highest-charting Broadway album in more than 40 years. It actually managed to reach position 3 on the Billboard Charts!

And the musical’s successes do not end there! it went on to win not one or two but nine Tony Awards! Among these Tony Awards were for the best musical, best book of a musical as well as best original score! It garnered other different awards like the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Awards for best musical as well as a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker were both raised in Colorado and were familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They would meet at the University of Colorado Boulder and become friends, even working together on a university musical. Later on, they would create a film Orgazmo and an episode of the TV series South Park which both comically explored Mormonism. This shows that they had grown up experiencing a lot that concerns the Mormon faith and were therefore rightfully placed to cast it comically. Concerns of offending those who ascribe to the religion were handled early on by the LDS Church which was fairly liberal in its reception to the play and even purchased advertisement rights in the musical’s playbill!

As earlier alluded to, the cast of the musical was following the experiences of two Mormons eager to spread their faith to the natives of Uganda. Their efforts are met by an overwhelming disinterest in the scriptures they wish to share. The inhabitants of the remote village are more concerned by famine, the scourge of AIDS as well as the threat of the warlord, Joseph Kony.

However, there are comical alterations in the original cast of the play with Kony later being referred to as General Butt Fucking Naked. Also, the song The Bible is a Trilogy  was rewritten and named the All-American Prophet. The Family Home Evening was cut off from the original cast. There are a lot more comical alterations which include conversations!

The show’s premiere on Broadway in March 2011 was preceded by previews held in February. Casey Nicholaw handled the choreography, Ann Roth the costumes, and Brian MacDevitt the lighting. The original production featured Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad in the two main roles. While everything seemed to have gone right in this original production, stories started surfacing of theatregoers getting duped into buying counterfeit tickets. This was perhaps occasioned by their high demand.

The show would make a killing from its New York’s production, even using the pricing model of airlines and hoteliers; for productions that were in high demand, theatregoers would be charged close to $500 for the most strategic seating locations! For its first year, the show maintained its top-five position of the best-selling Broadway shows, setting weekly sales records for the Eugene O’Neill Theatre.

With its strategic pricing model for seats and the high attendance numbers, the financial sponsors were able to get back their value of $11 million in investments in under ten months of performances.

Gad left the cast in 2012 and was replaced by Jared Gertner. The original cast would be replaced through the years as they left for other commitments. The play has staged two national tours in the US since its premiere and was cast in the West End in 2013.

The Book of Mormon is a good bet if you wish to have a good laugh at a musical. With a couple of satirical lines and enjoyable music, it is no wonder it has grossed significant sums and maintained its appeal to date!

The Book Of Mormon Tickets

The Book Of Mormon Reviews

The Book of Mormon continues to dazzle audiences across the entire United States and even now in other countries.  There is an amazing lineup on tap for the remainder of 2017 and throughout 2018.  The smash hit musical and Tony Award Winner for Best Musical is now also enjoying huge success in both Australia and The United Kingdom.  The musical is currently playing in Melbourne, Australia and will open in Sydney, Australia in March of 2018.  The Book of Mormon is also currently on a run in London in the UK.

The show continues to sell out all performances on Broadway thus reinforcing its immense success and very strong connection with the audience and people in general.  The Book of Mormon truly is a musical for the ages and there is no surprise that many expert analysts dubbed the musical the best musical of their lifetimes.  That is really saying something!  The NY Times Review from the Tony Winning season says it all. 

The tour through the U.S. for the remainder of 2019 and beyond includes some very powerful stops and exciting stays at key locations.  Here are some of the stops along the usual path with added cities.  Stay tuned and check for updates to catch this amazing show as it heads back to Citizens Bank Opera House in Boston and San Francisco at the Orpheum SF and the Pantages in Hollywood and other locations like Chicago.  

Of course one of the biggest factors in any great musical is the actual music.  The Book Of Mormon is of course filled with fabulous music and songs.  “Man Up”, “Making Things Good Again”, “I Believe”, and “Two By Two” are just a small sample of the wonderful music found inside this wonderful contribution to humanity and entertainment.  

The Book of Mormon

The first thing anyone should know about The Book of Mormon is that it is one of the most successful musicals of all time. It has grossed over $500 million USD and has been running with full houses for the past seven years. Have any of your ever seen a musical selling full houses even after seven years of its tours? Well, now you have, as The Book of Mormon sells out every single time.

So, what is so special about The Book of Mormon that has turned it into one of the most profitable musicals of all time? This post will talk about all there is to know The Book of Mormon from cast and crew to future tour location. Let's get to it.

Behind the Curtains

The Book of Mormon is the masterpiece of three individuals that wrote the book, wrote the songs and created the music. They're some of the most reputable names in the history of Broadway and there's no doubt that every Broadway fanatic out there has heard of them.

The Book of Mormon is also an extremely powerful editorial on the concept of religion while using specifically the Mormon faith and the books found in the ground and little book carried around as a symbol.  When you attend the show and listen carefully, you can catch the quips and sarcastic comments make about religion and America in general.  In essence, the writers are seemingly mocking the concept that anyone could expect a silly little book about anything to be able to miraculously cure problems in the world that are much, much more serious and severe than anything in religion.  Attend the show and you will see what we mean here by saying that.

Trey Parker

Trey Parker is quite the experience chap and it's safe to say that this musical isn't his first rodeo. The 48-year old has been directing and creating stuff for musicals since the early 90s. Most of his musicals have hit it big but none of them blew up like The Book of Mormon. Parker received five Emmy Awards for South Park and four Tony Awards as well as a Grammy Award for his contribution to The Book of Mormon.

Matt Stone

Stone has been a long-time partner and friend to Trey Parker and both of them worked together on South Park as well as The Book of Mormon. The two folks even starred in their first musical named Cannibal! together back in 1993 and have been collaborating on every project since then. Same as his partner, Stone has also been the recipient of various Emmys, Tony Awards and a Grammy Award throughout his career.

Robert Lopez

If 'success' and 'Broadway' had a child, he would be named Robert Lopez. The guy is a song-writer that has created true masterpieces including pieces in Disney films like Coco and Frozen (both songs got him an Academy Award each). There's no doubt that Lopez was born and bred for the industry. There are only twelve people in history that have won all four of the big (Emmy, Oscar, Tony, Grammy) awards and he is the youngest of the group. And, as of 2018, he is the only musician and songwriter in the world to have won all four more than once.


Every song included in both acts of The Book of Mormon are mentioned down below:

Act I

"Hello" – Mormon Boys

"Two by Two" – Price, Mormon Boys

"You and Me (But Mostly Me)" – Price and Cunningham

"Hasa Diga Eebowai" – Mafala, Price, Cunningham, and Ugandans

"Turn It Off" – McKinley and Missionaries

"I Am Here for You" – Cunningham and Price

"All American Prophet" – Price, Cunningham, Joseph Smith, Angel Moroni and Company

"Sal Tlay Ka Siti" – Nabulungi

"I Am Here for You" (Reprise) – Cunningham

"Man Up" – Cunningham, Nabulungi, Price and Company

Act II

"Making Things Up Again" – Cunningham, Cunningham’s Dad, Joseph Smith, Mormon, Moroni, Uhura, Hobbits, Ugandans, Ensemble

"Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" – Price, Lucifer, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Johnnie Cochran, Company

"I Believe" – Price and Company

"Baptize Me" – Cunningham and Nabulungi

"I Am Africa" – McKinley, Cunningham and Missionaries

"Joseph Smith American Moses" – Nabulungi, Mafala and Ugandans

"Hasa Diga Eebowai" (Reprise) – Nabulungi

"You and Me (But Mostly Me)" (Reprise) – Price and Cunningham

"Tomorrow Is a Latter Day" – Price, Cunningham, McKinley, Nabulungi and Company

"Hello" (Reprise) – Company

"Encore" – Company


It would honestly be an understatement to say that The Book of Mormon was showered with Awards. Every single award that the musical snagged are mentioned down below:





Tony Award

Best Musical


Tony Award

Best Book of a Musical


Tony Award

Best Original Score


Tony Award

Best Featured Actress


Tony Award

Best Director


Tony Award

Best Orchestrations


Tony Award

Best Scenic Design


Tony Award

Best Lighting Design


Tony Award

Best Sound Design


Drama Desk Award

Outstanding Musical


Drama Desk Award

Outstanding Lyrics


Drama Desk Award

Outstanding Music


Drama Desk Award

Outstanding Director


Drama Desk Award

Outstanding Orchestrations


Outer Critics Award

Outstanding Broadway Musical


Outer Critics Award

Outstanding Score


Outer Critics Award

Outstanding Director


Outer Critics Award

Outstanding Actor


Grammy Award

Best Musical Theatre Album


Evening Standard Award

Best Night Out


Laurence Olivier Award

Best New Musical


Laurence Olivier Award

Best Performance in a Supporting Role


Laurence Olivier Award

Best Theatre Choreographer



Best New Musical



Best Actor



Best Supporting Actor



Best Supporting Actress


Helpmann Awards

Best Musical


Helpmann Awards

Best Direction



Apparently, the Book of Mormon doesn’t like repeating cast members. The only two actors that starred in two consecutive tours were Gavin Creel and Jared Gertner as Elder Prince and Elder Cunningham respectively. Here's a list of every principal cast member and changes over the years.




West End

National Tour





Elder Prince

Andrew Ranenells

Gavin Creel

Gavin Creel

Ryan Bondy

Linus Wahlgren

Frank Kjosas

Silas Holst

Elder Cunningham

Josh Gad

Jared Gertner

Jared Gertner

A.J. Holmes

Per Andersson

Kristoffer Olsen

Carsten Svendsen


Nikki James

Alexia Khadime

Samantha Ware

Zahra Newman

Samantha Gurah

Anette Larsen

Lea Thiim

Elder McKinley

Rory O'Malley

Stephen Ashfield

Grey Henson

Rowan Witt

Anton Lundqvist

Preben Hodneland

Simon Noiers

Mafala Hatimbi

Michael Potts

Giles Terera

Kevin Mambo

Bert LaBonte

Peter Gardiner

Marvin Amoroso

Robert Bengtsson

Joseph Smith

Lewis Cleale

Haydn Oakley

Mike McGowan

Andrew Broadbent

Lars Persson

Niklas Gundersen

Kim Hammelsvang


Brian Tyree Henry

Chris Jarman

Derrick Williams

Augustin Tchantcho

Camilo Ge Bresky

Markus Bailey

Al Agami



There's a huge controversy surrounding the musical – Well, it isn't exactly a controversy. Controversies are typically something hidden, but it's up to you to decide. Some people say that The Book of Mormon is a straight up insult to Mormons everywhere as vital parts of their faith are being portrayed incorrectly. All three of the writers are atheists and The Book of Mormon is often called their way of belittling an entire religion. If you need an example of how they embarrassed Mormons, there's a phrase Hasa Diga Eebowai which was being sung by the Ugandans in response to AIDs, lack of water, heat waves and other problems they have to live it. The phrase translates to "F*** You, God". But, the main problem was that it turned a religion into laughing stock. Vogue Magazine called the musical "The filthiest, most offensive and quite possibly the funniest musical ever". Other than that, people have called Stone, Parker and Lopez racist for depicting Africans like they did.

Tour Locations

The musical is making its way through Australia. The musical is being played in front of house full shows almost every day at the Sydney Lyric in Pyrmont, New South Wales till 16th of December later this year. After finishing up in NSW, the musical will continue its run in 2019 in Queensland, Australia starting from March 16 to April 19 at the Lyric Theatre in South Bank.

After finishing up there, The Book of Mormon will cross the border and move to South Africa from June 27 through to July 18 at the Adelaide Festival Center in Adelaide, South Africa. Tour locations after that date are yet to be announced.

Final Verdict

All things considered, The Book of Mormon is indeed a musical that has revolutionized the way people think about Broadway musicals. Even with its controversial plot, the musical is a true masterpiece that will leave you laughing for ours. Almost every member of every show has said that they left with a stomachache from all the minutes they spent laughing.

Don’t judge other's opinion, try out the play and we bet you'll love it. Or at least love to hate it.  People that have attended have left saying The Book of Mormon was the funniest and most enjoyable three hours of their life.  “Brilliant” is a term often used to describe the musical. 


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the book of mormon tickets

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