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Segerstrom Center For The Arts

Segerstrom Center

Segerstrom Center Tickets

Things To Do In Orange County

segerstrom center tickets

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Segerstrom Center For The Arts Tickets

Orange County Performing Arts Center Tickets

Segerstrom Center For The Arts in Costa Mesa, CA


Located in California’s Costa Mesa – United States, the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, CA is a popular performing arts complex that was initially known as Orange County Performing Arts Center. The complex was officially opened in 1986 and was and still is one of the most notable and magnificent entertainment structures, not only in the region but across the entire state.

The complex is divided into a number of halls designed by renowned architects and opened at different times. The Center's Segerstrom Hall and Judy Morr Theater for instance was designed by Charles Lawrence and was officially opened in 1986. The Samueli Theater, The Lawrence and Kristina Dodge Education Center as well as The Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall which were designed by Cesar Pelli were opened 20 years later. Cesar is a renowned architect who has bagged quite a number of awards for his amazing work. One of his awards is the 1995 American Institute of Architects Gold Medal. The Segerstrom Center For The Arts in Costa Mesa, CA is host to three resident companies that are Pacific Chorale, Pacific Symphony as well as the P hilharmonic Society of Orange County.

The Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, CA has some rather outstanding performance facilities. The Segerstrom Hall has an opera house with a seat capacity of 3,000 seats. Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall on the other hand has a concert hall with a capacity of about 2,000 heads. There is also a multi – functional facility hosted in the Samueli Theater with a seat capacity of 375. Also in the complex is the Julianne and George Argyros Plaza which sits on an area of 46,000-square-foot (4,300 m2). In addition to the mentioned facilities, the Education Center incorporates a Studio Performance Space as well as a Boeing Education Lab. The complex is also home to the American Ballet Theatre William J. Gillespie School, a facility that was opened in the year 2015. Some of the additional features that are housed in the complex are an informal café, the classy Leatherby’s Café Rouge and 2 private donor rooms.


Although the Segerstrom Center For The Arts in Costa Mesa, CA was a magnificent complex, over the years, it lost its grandeur and was fast becoming outdated. It was then that plans to redesign various elements of the complex were made. The central plaza was among the areas that were scheduled for the renovations as well as the entrance to the Judy Morr Theater. The renovation project was basically aimed at expanding the center’s reach, bring in new audiences and develop a town square that offers people an ideal place for relaxation in green space where food is available from an outdoor café.

In the redesigning and renovation of the center, the areas that were previously planned for trees were to be used to expand the sitting capacity and add tables. Also to be included in the new design were an outdoor café, a while new entrance leading into the Judy Morr Theater, an outdoor stage along Segerstrom Hall’s South Side, a green space as well as a circular grand staircase that extends from the plaza to the Segerstrom Hall’s Mezzanine Level.

The plaza is also set to be renamed to the Julianne and George Argyros Plaza, a name in appreciation of the patrons who made the largest donation of $13.5 million towards the project.

Recent Activity

The Segerstrom Center For The Arts in Costa Mesa, CA currently hosts quite a number of exciting events. The fact that it already houses an open plaza makes it ideal for hosting various events and the café makes the experience even much better. Some of the shows that are to be hosted at the venue include Dracula, Something Rotten and various other brilliant shows.

Parking and Transportation

The Segerstrom Center For The Arts in Costa Mesa, CA is located at the center of Orange County Theater District, East of South Coast Plaza. Easy access is through either 405 or 55 Freeways. Public transportation can be accessed via OCTA.

The area offers several parking options. There is the Plaza Tower Parking Structure which is rather affordable at about $10. There are various other ideal parking facilities depending on the plaza you are visiting. 

Segerstrom Center For The Arts Tickets

Segerstrom Center For The Arts Seating

Things To Do In Orange County

The Segerstrom Center For The Arts conducts and participates in numerous activities to support the community.  The center has partnerships with military families in the community, the Orange County Children’s Hospital, the Aids Services Foundation, Cal State, local Alzheimer’s groups, and many, many other affiliations.   

There are programs where Disney Musicals are performed at local schools.  Children consistently take field trips to the Segerstrom Center For The Arts and there are camps for children as well.  Internships, classes, and other opportunities are also available. 

There are many ways to get involved with the Segerstrom Center For The Arts.  There are a plethora of volunteer opportunities and a variety of foundations that support the center.  There are also numerous ways to make donations to help performing arts at the center and in the Orange County area. 


Of course the schedule is always being updated but the Segerstrom Center For The Arts always has an extremely compelling and interesting schedule of events.

During the Holiday Season there are the amazing celebrations such as The Nutcracker, Joy To The World, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, and Holidays Around The World.

Musical events include the popular Pacific Chorale and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra. 

Of course the biggest attractions tend to be the Broadway performances and this season surely does not disappoint.  Upcoming events include the amazingly successful smash hits Hamilton and The Book of Mormon.  The center will also host Motown The Musical, Jersey Boys, Kinky Boots, The King And I, Love Never Dies, The Color Purple, School Of Rock The Musical, and On Your Feet.  As you can see it is an amazing year for the Segerstrom Center For The Arts. 

In the future perhaps the Segerstrom Center For The Arts will be able to secure spots for hit musicals such as Dear Evan Hansen, Come From Away, and The Band's Visit.  Broadway theatre and in particular musicals are gaining in popularity so it makes perfect sense that the hottest shows will come to Orange County.

Segerstrom Center for the Arts – Everything You Need to Know About the Complex

The Segerstrom Center of Arts is a complete bundle of entertainment. It's not just a standard theatre, it's an entire center. The place is huge with a variety of different rooms and halls to host a wide array of events. There's the opera house that can host over 3,000 people, there's another hall for 2,000 people, Samueli Theatre for 375, Judy Morr Theatre for 250, an Educational Center, Educational Lab, Ballet School and the elegant Letherby's  and folks there are planning to add a new building just in front of the Center for the Arts.


The Segerstrom Center was originally called Orange County Performing arts Center referring to one of its three resident companies; the Philharmonic Society of Orange County. The other two being the Pacific Symphony and Pacific Chorale. It was built in 1986 by architect Charles Lawrence. The concert hall, Samueli Theatre and the Lawrence and Kristina Dodge Education Center were added much later in 2006. The renovations were completed by American Institute of Architects Gold Medalist Cesar Pelli.


The Segerstrom Center for the Arts is located in Costa Mesa, California. The exact location of the place is 600 Town Center Dr, Costa Mesa, California. The Center is one corner away from Taft Elementary School. The Center can easily be reached from the 405 and the 55 Freeways. Signage will lead you right to your destination.

When it comes to parking, SCFTA has a variety of options available. There are several parking lots near the center but the closest one is adjacent to the Hall on Sunflower Avenue between Avenue of Arts and Park Center Drive. Another close by lot is across Park Center Drive from the West in South Coast Plaza which is great for people visiting the Concert Hall or the Samueli Theatre. However, the SCFTA doesn't manage any of these parking lots, so the charges for parking will be completely separate from your tickets.

Upcoming Events

Segerstrom Center for the Arts is the go-to location for quite a few Broadway shows and musicals. A few of the musicals coming to the SCFTA in 2018 and 2019 are given below:




Disney's Aladdin

March 6 - March 23, 

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

October 9 - October 14, 


April 9 - April 14, 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

May 28 - June 9, 


May 8 - May 27, 

Dear Evan Hansen

January 1 - January 13, 

Fiddler On the Roof

May 7 - May 19, 

Hello Dolly!

January 22 - January 27, 


The card surely is stacked for the rest of 2024 and early 2025. We expects them great names to visit the Segerstrom Center throughout the summer and winter

segerstrom center tickets

Renee and Henry Segerstrom

Renee and Henry Segerstrom are two people that have left an indelible mark in both business and philanthropy specifically in the arts. So profound was their contribution to the arts that they caused a change of name of the Orange County Performing Arts Center to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

Henry Segerstrom, the husband to Renee, was born to a family of Swedish immigrants that practised agriculture and would at one point be the biggest producers of lima beans in the country.

Henry ventured into the study of Business Administration at the Stanford Business School, an event which was interrupted by World War II, after he joined in the war efforts.

He would rise to become managing partner of the family company which dealt mainly in retail management and real estate. He oversaw development of commercial property in Orange County, influencing in a great way the transition of the agricultural community to an international destination; the South Coast Plaza Center is one such successful family venture.

In the 1940’s and 50’s, there was significant interest in performance arts but not much public space to host performances. With the huge swathes of land the family owned in Orange County, Henry Segerstrom spearheaded the donation of five acres for the establishment of a cultural center that in total hosted three cultural institutions; the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

segerstrom center tickets

With continued expansion and modernisation generously donated to by Henry and Renee, the center would later on be renamed the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. As suggested by the name, it is primarily a performance complex named after the generosity of the Segerstrom family.

Aside from this center, their land and financial resources have also been donated towards the expansion of the Costa Mesa cultural complex and the South Coast Repertory’s Fourth Step Theatre complex.

Moreover, alongside the donations to establish and enhance the cultural centers, the Segerstroms also actively participated in the cultural activities of Orange County. Henry was a board member in a number of cultural institutions both in California and beyond. For instance, he was involved with the White Nights Foundation of America, the Museum of Modern Art in New York as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

While Renee was not ideally the face of the family’s business ventures, she was critical in driving their philanthropic agenda. She was actively involved in the Museum of Cultural Art of Santa Ana as well as the St Joseph Ballet. She also founded the Angels of the Arts, a women’s support group.

While both are now deceased, their names have definitely left a permanent mark in the landscape of performance arts in California and the larger United States. The Segerstrom family have been pivotal in showing that amassing wealth can indeed go hand in hand with developing communities.

With millions upon millions of tickets sold to revellers keen on enjoying different artistic performances held at the Segerstrom Hall alone, theirs is a legacy that will live in for a long time!

And just so you know, Renee Segerstorm was not just a passionate fashion icon; she was an avid oil painter who impressed many art patrons in Orange County!  

The Segerstrom Center is an excellent place to see many of the leading performing arts of today. Here you will have a wide variety of all types of music ranging from classical to the great orchestras of the twenty-first century. The Pavilion for the Performing Arts has an impressive array of speakers for giving you the best experience, along with two dance theaters.

Located just outside of the city of Costa Mesa California the Segerstrom Center is a major tourist destination. The Center is the home of the legendary Andalusian Festival, and this is a long weekend festival that showcases the music of Spanish culture. The beautiful Spanish Theater is as much a cultural attraction as it is a concert venue.

If you are a fan of classical music, the Segerstrom Center will present an eclectic collection of performing arts for you to enjoy. On the Disney Concert Tour, you will see a lot of Broadway shows featuring the likes of "The Lion King". You will have a chance to see "Jabberwocky"The Lion King - Live in Concert" and the many other shows that will be displayed on the large screen. You can even take your children to the Kingdom of the Animal Kingdom.

The Rehearsal Theater is where you will see the local performances in the Segerstrom Center Theater. If you are in the mood for a more modern style of dance you will also see some performances from the Segerstrom Center Dance Theater. The ballet here is truly breathtaking.

If you are a fan of the symphony, you will have to pay the prices to hear the "Iphigenia of Rhodes" and the "Decca" symphony. The orchestra here is truly incredible. All concerts here are catered to children and adults.

The Orchestra Hall is not just the live orchestra, you have heard on some of the other symphonies of the world. It has many of the best symphonies of the world presented in their correct time. You will also have the chance to see concerts and other wonderful performances such as the Thalia Festival in October. The best place to take a break in the entertainment and historical experience of the Segerstrom Center is the Performance Hall.

The Segerstrom Center is truly a unique experience that should not be missed. The price is fair, but you will get a wide range of music for the most affordable prices. The varied genres here is a great idea for those who would not usually consider going to the symphony or ballet. It offers something for everyone.

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The Lion King

You've probably heard that Costa Mesa California is known for its tropical climate and sun-loving lifestyle. However, most people still aren't aware of the diversity of arts and culture in the area.

Over two thirds of the population of Costa Mesa California is made up of the town's Latino population. Over time the Latino population has started to grow and now has a very vibrant nightlife. From new Mexican restaurant to hip bars, Costa Mesa California has many attractions to experience, and they all draw their energy from music, culture, and food.

The main city of Costa Mesa California is home to the Pacific Coast Highway and is located on the western coast of Southern California. This area is famous for its business community and has a lot of entertainment opportunities as well as people willing to show you a good time.

Two popular attractions you might want to take a look at are the San Diego Zoo and San Clemente Island. These are two really popular attractions that offer lots of entertainment and culture for the visitor. If you want to visit Disneyland, there are plenty of options for that to add to your agenda.

Costa Mesa has been recognized internationally as a cultural Mecca and is known as the best kept secret in Orange County. Costa Mesa is actually part of Orange County, so it's completely independent from the County and its laws. In fact, Costa Mesa is actually exempt from a lot of the county ordinances.

One of the best ways to go to Costa Mesa California is by taking a ride on a large train which travels throughout Orange County. The train takes you through several different cities like Newport Beach, San Clemente Island, San Diego, and Bakersfield. The ride is usually about one hour long, but it may take a bit longer depending on how far along you are and the traffic in the area.

If you want to see all of Orange County then you can even hire a small car. You can head out and drive through the cities as well as through the small towns of Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, or Huntington Beach. You will be able to see so much more than just a city and enjoy more of a flavor of the environment and local lifestyle than you could ever imagine.

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