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Whether you are an avid MLB fan or just a casual fan, nothing beats the experience of being at the ballpark for MLB baseball.  The gorgeous stadiums in MLB can bring the fans so close to the action and players are always signing autographs before the game.  You just can’t beat the crack of the bat when someone smashes a home run, the roar of the crowd, and the smell of fresh peanuts, pretzels, and hot dogs.

Award yourself with a visit to an MLB stadium by taking a look at the great selection of tickets at tremendous prices by browsing below.  You can never replace the memories of being right there at the game live!  We have options for you as well with MLB Live Streaming if you can't get to the ballpark.  

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Spring Training Baseball is about to begin and this year, the South Florida JetBlue Park at the Fenway has set the standard for comfortable, scenic travel. Throughout the Spring Training Baseball schedule, guests will enjoy several stops in many different cities across America. No matter where you are, you'll be able to explore beautiful destinations.

Starting your journey, your destination will be Boston, a city that you've probably never heard of. You can stop in at Fenway Park and catch the Red Sox while they take on the Detroit Tigers. Fenway is a lovely, world-class ballpark that has been around since 1919.

And then, from Fenway, your next stop is Orlando, where you'll find the South Florida JetBlue Park at the Majestic Theater. This is an outstanding, privately owned venue that features a super-duper sports bar for every fan. You can also stop by the stadium and see the Orioles play the Red Sox. You'll want to grab some bites and a drink before and after the game.

Next, you'll head to Miami, which is a great location for the game too. From Miami, you can hit the ballpark and visit Miami Marlins Park, a gorgeous ballpark with a few games of baseball. From Miami, you can visit the place called Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. You'll also be able to check out one of the best stadiums in baseball for a few games, the new Yankee Stadium.  Don't miss a chance for Yankees vs Astros or a Yankees vs Red Sox game.  

The final destination of your trip will be in Tampa, which is a little more scenic than the other cities. In Tampa, you'll find that the place called Tropicana Field is the home of the Rays. And when you're at Tropicana Field, you can view games and visit one of the most amazing destinations of all-things-Florida-and-the-world, University of Florida's football stadium.

And if you think these are just the highlights of the Spring Training Baseball itinerary, there are many other options. What about Houston, Los Angeles, or San Diego? The options are endless. Whether you're looking for a quaint little place with some hot seats or a place where you can check out an amazing baseball game, there's a perfect destination to suit every traveler's taste.

Spring Training Baseball is just getting started and you can be a part of it. What better way to enjoy America's pastime than with some wonderful sights and sounds? Experience the excitement of each game from all around the country. Wherever you are, there's bound to be a trip to add to your Spring Training Baseball itinerary.


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