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Mookie Betts – Where To From Here?

Mookie Betts is 25 years old and has already appeared in two MLB All Star Games.  Fans love him.  He seems to have an energy of positivity around him and he plays the game hard every day he’s out there.  But baseball is a business and Betts employs one of the most divisive and aggressive agents in all of professional sports. 

As Betts comes closer to his first crack at free agency fans and the Red Sox clearly are curious about what might happen.  The Yankees are not slowing down and in fact may be headed into another upswing that could last several years.  The 2016 season sent fans and media rightfully so into a whirlwind dalliance with Betts envisioning him as an annual candidate for American league MVP.  That may very well be the case given his age and the years in front of him but the 2018 season is a crossroads for both Betts personally and the Boston Red Sox.

It’s not so much the amount of an annual salary (given the numbers are just simply insane and silly) but the allocation of resources across a team.  How many guys making $25 Million/year can one team handle not named the Yankees or Dodgers?  The Red Sox will have to answer this question in the not too distant future and there is more than just Betts involved.  Don’t forget about Bogaerts and eventually Rafael Devers and Andrew Benintendi if they aren’t traded. 

Nonetheless, let’s take a peek at Mookie’s production the last three years:

2015 - .291 BA, 18 HR, 77 RBI, 21 SB, 0.820 OPS

2016 - .318 BA, 31 HR, 113 RBI, 26 SB, 0.897 OPS

2017 - .264 BA, 24 HR, 102 RBI, 26 SB, 0.803 OPS

That trajectory looked simply breathtaking until a step back was taken in 2017.  Was this due to injury or another physical challenge?  Is there a reasonable explanation?  Betts was by no means bad in 217 but the Red Sox have to decide whether to give this player a seven or eight year deal which is what he will likely get assuming he performs in 2018 at least as well as he did in 2017. 

The question is not if the Red Sox and the fans wants Betts long term.  The question is if a monster contract makes sense and if 2017 was a modest blip on a rocket ship trajectory for Mookie’s career that ends up with him making the All Star team every year and winning an MVP or two.  

The Hanley and DH Issue

The second half of the 2016 season got many Red Sox fans rightfully fired up about Hanley Ramirez and his impact as a big bat in the middle of the order.  Then the 2017 season happened.  Hanley Ramirez simply did not produce nearly enough as both the DH and the desperately needed imposing presence in the middle of the lineup. 

MLB Ranks for DH Position for 2017 Boston Red Sox:

Slugging – 14th

On Base Percentage – 12th

Wins Above Replacement – 26th

OPS – 12th

As depicted above the Red Sox were at best mediocre at the DH position and they have a long term contract with one of their highest paid players at this position.  Ramirez was shuffled around in the lineup for most of the 2017 season for this very reason.  He did not produce the way in which the team needs him to for the Red Sox to be a viable threat in the postseason (or to even make the postseason).  Look for this to be a highly scrutinized and debated issue all year long.

The Chris Sale Question

Red Sox fans that have been around for a while of course recall the great Pedro Martinez.  Pedro electrified Fenway Park every time he took the mound and was must see action.  We will never forget his historic moments and contributions to the Red Sox.

One of the things about Pedro Martinez was that he typically took a little break on the DL around the middle of the season each year.  Was this intentional?  Was he just seeking time off?  Who knows for sure but it is possible this was intentional so that he could time things in such a way that he would last the full season and postseason if necessary.

This brings us to the question of Chris Sale.  The data is pretty clear that Sale tails off towards the end of each season generally.  This happened in Chicago and it happened last year in Boston.  It is what it is and it is not a criticism of Sale.  Given this, what should the Red Sox do about it?  It doesn’t seem logical to try and fight it or force the issue.  If this is the way his body is built and functions then why not just accept it and deal with it.  Whether that means he starts later or gets an extended break at some point we don’t know the best answer.   We know he tailed off and was crushed in the playoffs last year.  Let’s see if we can avoid that this season.

Red Sox Offseason – 12/4/2017

The Red Sox are now apparently completely out of the running for the two highest profile free agents of the current offseason.  Word is spreading that the Red Sox will not be in the running for superstar power hitter Giancarlo Stanton nor are they in the running for two way Japanese stud Ohtani.  This is not a huge surprise by any means.  It isn’t entirely clear at this point what big, if any, moves the Boston Red Sox will make prior to Spring Training. 

The Red Sox did sign Tyler Thornburg to a one year contract.  Thornburg hasn’t really had a chance to get cranked up in Boston due to injuries so this season could be his first full season to show his stuff.  Hopefully he can stay healthy and make a big contribution to the team. 

The issue still remains how the Red Sox will improve their run production in 2018.  One option is to make a large bet that players like Benintendi and Devers will take big steps forward and provide the type of run production that a high profile free agent might provide.  Another option is to trade for a big bat in a move that undoubtedly would have to include at least one big piece of young Red Sox talent.  Another option is to look beyond Stanton and throw a bunch of money at another option that is attractive but not as juicy as Stanton.  Time will tell as we wait to find out.

Red Sox Offseason – 11/27/17

The biggest news and move of the offseason thus far of course has been the removal of John Farrell as manager and replacing him with Alex Cora.  Cora comes in as a former Red Sox with a World Series ring and in a position to better connect with the younger players and utilize analytics.  There is a trend around MLB where younger managers more intertwined with analytics getting managerial positions.  The Red Sox also brought on board Tony LaRussa to mentor Cora in his new role.  Time will tell how successful Cora will be.

One thing is for sure and that is we can’t simply lay all the blame on the manager for the back to back quick exits from the postseason.  That is simply ridiculous and taking the easy way out.  The players need to play better and be in better physical condition.  It’s as simple as that.  You can’t have your cleanup hitter performing well below average and expect to win the World Series.  You also can’t lose the top of your pitching rotation to injury either and expect to win it all. 

The focus now is squarely on free agency and any moves the Red Sox can make there.  GM Dave Dombrowski has been quite candid about the need for a power bat in the middle of the lineup.  The Marlins keep saying they aren’t trying to trade Stanton but we all know that is hogwash.  The issue is how much is too much to give up and are you better off waiting for next year’s huge free agent names.  We will keep tabs on this and provide updates throughout the offseason.

Well, the season is over for the Boston Red Sox.  The Yankees are still alive and may very well head to the World Series.  The Red Sox fell to the Houston Astros in the Division round of the playoffs.  The Sox won one game but it was clear that Houston was the better team.  There is no doubt that the Houston Astros are much better offensively than the Red Sox and have an exciting core of young players.

The Red Sox also proceeded to fire manager John Farrell.  Nobody knows for sure how much of the failures of the last two seasons in the postseason fall on Farrell’s shoulders.  Several key players simply did not perform at the level they should be performing at under a set of normal and reasonable expectations.  Either way the team ownership is always ever mindful of public perception and selling the team to the community to make them buy tickets and tune into NESN for ballgames.  Farrell was a logical and easy scapegoat and mechanism to cut bait and move forward in a new era. 

There are lots of questions to answer this offseason and we will keep you informed of all of them right here at  





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Red Sox Update 10/2

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 93-69

2.       Yankees 91-71

3.       Rays 80-82

4.       Blue Jays 76-86

5.       Orioles 75-87

Well, they made the playoffs . . . . . barely.  It was a mighty struggle until the very end but the Boston Red Sox are the AL East champions and they will be meeting the Houston Astros in the American League Division Series. 

Rightly so everyone wants to know about the pitching rotations and who will be facing off against whom.   As of right now Red Sox manager John Farrell has NOT announced who will be starting Game 2.  We do know that Game 1 will feature a thrilling showdown between Chris Sale of the Red Sox and Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros.  The Astros acquired Verlander in a trade and he has been quite solid with the club that brings an explosive offense and slew of young talent into this postseason series. 

We can speculate all day long about the Red Sox offense heading into the playoffs but let’s be honest – we have no idea what we will see.  This Red Sox offense can score 8-10 runs a night or it can go ice cold.  Some key players simply have not played up to their potential as we have pointed out here on numerous occasions throughout the year. 

Clearly the biggest keys are Chris Sales and David Price.  Sale insists that he is fine but the numbers and history suggest he has shown a pattern of tailing off as the season reaches its conclusion.  He had some nice gems at the end of the year but he also had some real stinkers.  Now he has to pitch for potentially another month.  The best news is he that he gets some great rest and relaxation before Game 1 Thursday.  David Price showed some very positive signs taking on that so-called Andrew Miller role as a loaded gun in the middle relief out of the Red Sox bullpen.  We have to assume Craig Kimbrel will remain solid in the closer role so Price’s performance from the bullpen could very well determine this series.  If he can pitch in three of the games and give the Red Sox bullpen around two innings of solid work holding a lead or a tie in a ballgame that would be monumental.

Should be a very exciting series so we have to see what happens.  This Astros team may have trounced a weak Division but by no means does that mean they are not capable.  The Astros are more than capable of going a long way in October and the Red Sox are in for a very contentious battle.

Red Sox Update 9/21

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 88-64

2.       Yankees 85-67

3.       Rays 74-78

4.       Orioles 73-80

5.       Blue Jays 71-81

The Boston Red Sox are officially in the MLB Playoffs for 2017.  As the season winds down we will find out what position they hold and who they will be playing in the first round.

The big issue now is strategic rest and health.  Mookie Betts has absolutely been on fire and it seems like he is a guy that might deserve some much needed rest and rejuvenation.  The bigger issue though is starting pitcher Chris Sale.  Chris Sale really could benefit from a break after logging 300 Ks this season.  Sales has been absolutely sensational as documented here but he did seem to run out of gas a little bit over the last two months.  Other factors of course include rest for Craig Kimbrel and the health of David Price.  The plan currently is to have Price pitch out of the bullpen in the playoffs.  There simply isn’t enough time to build his arm strength and stamina back up before the playoffs to return to the rotation.  It will be very interesting to see how he does from the bullpen.  

Red Sox Update 9/18

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 85-64

2.       Yankees 82-67

3.       Rays 73-77

4.       Orioles 73-77

5.       Blue Jays 70-80

This pennant race in the AL East is now reaching its most intense level.  The resilient New York Yankees simply won’t give up and they remain just three games back of the Boston Red Sox.  The Red Sox now have a series with the Baltimore orioles that is extremely critical.  The Orioles may not look like a threat given their record and one might assume they have nothing to play for in terms of the playoffs.  That would be a mistake.  The Red Sox know the Orioles and Red Sox hate each other and there is a lot of bad blood between the teams.  Each series tends to unveil some type of controversy, fight, throwing at batters, or a combination of the above.  The Baltimore Orioles would like nothing more than to derails the postseason aspirations of the Boston Red Sox.  They have done it before so let’s see what happens this week.

Red Sox Update 9/13

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 82-62

2.       Yankees 78-66

3.       Rays 72-74

4.       Orioles 71-74

5.       Blue Jays 68-77

The Red Sox are clinging to a modest lead in the AL East as the two biggest stories in MLB currently are the Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Dodgers.   The Dodgers are making big headlines because they are in an absolute free fall and epic collapse that is very frightening for their fans.  They can’t seem to do anything right lately and even win more than one game here and there.  The Cleveland Indians are on an historic run and have won 20 consecutive ballgames.  Needless to say the Indians are getting very hot just at the right time with the postseason looming.  If you recall in 2016 it was the Indians that quickly tossed aside the Boston Red Sox in the first round of the playoffs.

A Red Sox player that might be getting ready to peak just at the right time is Mookie Betts.  Betts smashed two homers on 9/12 and is really heating up.  The Red Sox desperately need this as they have lost Rafael Devers due to injury for at least a week and perhaps longer.  DH Hanley Ramirez continues to just flounder in that DH role and is not providing any offensive punch at all.

Chris Sale had a very sharp outing last out and did not have to throw too many pitches.  We continue to stress that Sale’s status and whether or not he is running out of gas is the #1 key to the postseason for the Boston Red Sox.  Historically Sale has shown that physically he can tail off at the end of seasons and this is not a criticism of the pitcher.  MLB is a marathon, long grind so naturally all players and especially pitchers are worn out.  Handling Sale in these last few weeks is crucial.  Hopefully the team can get him some rest and relaxation.  The schedule favors the Yankees the rest of the month but the Red Sox currently have a four game lead so onward we march.     

Red Sox Update 9/7

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 79-61

2.       Yankees 74-64

3.       Orioles 71-68

4.       Rays 70-71

5.       Blue Jays 64-76

The Red Sox are officially knee deep in crunch time now with 22 games left to play.  The Cleveland Indians and Houston Astros both appear destined for the playoffs and look like the main competition in the American league playoffs.  The Indians are playing good baseball at the right time and the Astros traded for starting pitcher Justin Verlander who already gave the club a very solid outing in an Astros uniform. 

If the Red Sox hold on and make it into the playoffs the biggest concern is how much momentum the team has or does not have.  The iwatch cheating scandal will likely blow over as all MLB teams are constantly stealing signs (which is legal) and looking for an edge.  Yes, the inclusion of technology is the big issue here and teams have been doing that with their organic television crews all along.  This should blow over which isn’t to say it is not wrong.

What team might appear in the playoffs if they make it?  As strong as Rick Porcello looked for about a month stretch he has looked equally horrible since.  Chris Sale seems to be teetering on greatness and perhaps running out of gas.  Interestingly both Sale and Porcello are numbers 1 and 2 in MLB in number of pitches thrown over the last two seasons.  Will the Red Sox find a way to give them a rest before October?  That will be very difficult considering how important each game down the stretch is and will be.

The team still lacks power hitting and timely hitting.  Bogaerts is hitting .200 since the All Star Break and Hanley Ramirez is hitting .211 since the break as well.  Yes this team is in first place but there sure are quite a few concerns to go along with that.  The schedule really favors them down the stretch however as they get a bunch of games against inferior opponents that are way outside of the playoff race.  Let’s see what happens!

Red Sox Update 9/1

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 76-58

2.       Yankees 71-62

3.       Orioles 68-66

4.       Rays 67-68

5.       Blue Jays 62-72

The Red Sox dropped the first game of the four game set with the Yankees 6-2 on Thursday night.  Eduardo Rodriguez took the loss and wasn’t able to give the team a good chance to win.  Clearly they need to support the pitching more than with two runs.  The Red Sox benefitted tremendously earlier in the week when they won their game and the Yankees dropped both games of a double header versus the Indians.  That really created a ton more of breathing room heading into this Yankees series.

The series continues on through the beautiful Labor Day Weekend in the Bronx.  There is speculation that Dustin Pedroia will return to the lineup this weekend and possible even Friday night.  We will have to see how that shakes out but the team desperately needs a new injection of adrenaline.  The jolt provided by Nunez and Devers appears to have somewhat faded.  There is still a month left in this long season and the Red Sox close it out against Houston.  They don’t want the Division on the line having to face the best record in the American League team.  

Red Sox Update 8/30

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 75-57

2.       Yankees 70-60

3.       Orioles 67-65

4.       Rays 66-68

5.       Blue Jays 61-71

A sense of relief at least temporarily sweeps through Red Sox nation today.  The lead in the AL East is back up to four games for now and Chris Sale was masterful again on Tuesday night.  Sales sizzled through seven full innings against the Blue Jays.  The Red Sox held on to win after Sale started the 8th inning and gave up a couple base runners. 

Sale only gave up three hits, didn’t walk a better, and struck out 11 batters.  The Blue Jays are indeed struggling but nonetheless this is a very encouraging performance.  The Red Sox desperately need Sale to remain on top of his game to make the playoffs and make a deep run in the playoffs.  

Red Sox Update 8/28

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 73-57

2.       Yankees 70-59

3.       Rays 65-65

4.       Orioles 65-67

5.       Blue Jays 61-69

What a difference a week makes in Major League Baseball.  All of the momentum from the 4/6 wins versus the Yankees seems to have fizzled away.  Porcello went back to getting rocked.  Chris Sale continues to struggle.  The Red Sox were swept by the Orioles at Fenway.  It feels like everything is caving in on the Boston Red Sox currently. 

These things happen in a long season but this is admittedly getting quite concerning.  David Price does not appear close to coming back.  Hanley Ramirez could very easily be sent to the bench soon.  Eduardo Rodriguez was beat up swiftly in his latest start.  This Red Sox team desperately needs a jolt of adrenaline and to get back on track. 

The Red Sox hit the road for three games at the Blue Jays and then four games at the New York Yankees.  Just a week ago plenty of folks thought the Red Sox sent the Yankees packing and that those two series were pressure cookers.  That amount of pressure will be nothing compared to this four game series in the Bronx with the division on the line.  Let’s see what happens. 

Red Sox Update 8/21

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 71-52

2.       Yankees 66-57

3.       Rays 61-65

4.       Orioles 60-64

5.       Blue Jays 59-65

Well here we are after the two drama filled weekends featuring matchups between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.  The Red Sox managed to take 4 out of 6 games overall and find themselves in quite solid shape with about six weeks to go in the regular season.  It really is the Red Sox’ division to lose at this point.

Certain offensive players just simply are not performing up to their capabilities and we have no idea of knowing if they will before October.  Perhaps they will shine in the postseason fi the Red Sox manage to hold on to this playoff positioning.  The much more critical factor at this point is the injury situation.  Dustin Pedroia remains on the DL and starting pitcher David Price is still not back are the two most notable absences. 

Pedroia’s situation appears a bit unclear.  It appears as though the team is being very cautious (made possible by the play of Devers and acquisition of Nunez) and holding off on Pedroia until he can be brought back and hopefully peak in the postseason.  The same may be true of Price or it may be worse.  Price has reported stiffness recently when trying to complete his throwing programs.  Time will tell if he is able to make it back this season. 

This brings us to starting pitcher Rick Porcello.  Starters Chris Sale and Drew Pomeranz are clearly the anchors of the staff at this point.  We don’t know what we will see from Price if anything and Eduardo Rodriguez has a long history of injuries and already dealing with that again this season.  Porcello crashed back down to earth hard coming off his Cy Young season.  He clearly was not pitching as well and giving up a ton of home runs, but he wasn’t as bad as his win-loss record suggested.  The Red Sox gave him putrid run support after giving him extremely generous support last season.  That has all changed in the last month or so.  Porcello has been fabulous over his last starts.  This could literally be the wild card for the postseason.  Porcello is healthy and gaining confidence at the right time.  If he can stay hot and pitch well that could be the biggest factor in getting the Red Sox back into the World Series.  


Red Sox Update 8/14

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 67-50

2.       Yankees 61-55

3.       Rays 59-60

4.       Orioles 58-60

5.       Blue Jays 56-61

The Red Sox now have a 5.5 game lead over the NY Yankees after taking two of three games in the Bronx over the weekend.  The Red Sox lost Friday night in horrific fashion and then bounced back nicely on Saturday and Sunday. 

On Friday night the Red Sox bullpen absolutely imploded.  The Sox blew a huge lead in the 8th inning.  They came back to almost take the lead only to screw up the outcome with another base running error.  It was great for fans to see the team bounce back strongly on Saturday and Sunday.

The Yankees come to Fenway this coming weekend which should be a very intense series.  On Sunday night yet again Chris Sale was outstanding delivering seven exceptional innings with another 12 strikeouts.  Sale will pitch again in this coming Yankees series. 

A lot of the chatter now surrounds the use of the bullpen.  It’s critical to realize that the Red Sox bullpen currently leads MLB in ERA.  Yes, Friday night was debacle but that happens in professional sports.  No player or team is flawless.  Addison Reed was yanked again so there may be confusion as to his role after the recent acquisition and strong statements about Reed being the 8th inning guy.  Time will tell as the intensity continues to maintain high levels.  

Red Sox Update 8/11

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 65-49

2.       Yankees 60-53

3.       Rays 59-57

4.       Orioles 57-58

5.       Blue Jays 54-60

The Red Sox and Yankees square off for a weekend series in the Bronx this weekend and then next weekend the Yankees are in Fenway Park.  That pretty much sums up the AL East currently.  This two series of head to head baseball games could very well determine the outcome of the division.  If one team does particularly well it might generate momentum that carries that team through September. 

We have to mention Chris Sale again as he will be featured prominently in these games.  The Yankees have handled the Red Sox so far this season and Red Sox manager John Farrell is loading his Chris Sale gun for these two series.  Sale is now 14-4 with a 2.57 ERA and a mountain of strikeouts in his 229 registered so far this season.  Sale’s last start was yet again simply brilliant: 8 IP, 2 hits, zero runs, one walk, and 13 Ks.  

Red Sox Update 8/7

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 63-49

2.       Yankees 59-51

3.       Rays 58-55

4.       Orioles 55-56

5.       Blue Jays 52-59

As we look at these standings again here on August 7th in the dog days of summer, it is again very apparent that this AL East is an extremely tough division.  Not a single team has a truly terrible record.  Three teams are above .500 and the Orioles are essentially right at the .500 level.  These teams will be looking to spoil things for the others in the division as we head down the home stretch.

Recent acquisitions are the biggest stories around the Boston Red Sox these days.  GM Dave Dombrowski made some minor moves at the trade deadline and some say he was under strict orders to not unload any top prospects AND stay under the luxury tax.  That handcuffed the GM to a certain extend but he still shook things up a little.  The Red Sox are still waiting for Dustin Pedroia to come back from the DL and lefty David Price is again having issues with his pitching arm.

Dombrowski acquired utility infielder Eduardo Nunez at the trade deadline to add depth.  So far, this move is looking like a stroke of genius.  Nunez has been solid in the field and added a nice jolt of energy to the Red Sox.  As a member of the Red Sox, Nunez is batting a torrid .400 and has 4 HRs and 12 RBIs.  The Red Sox desperately need this power in their lineup. 

Rafael Devers as mentioned previously was called up from the minors to see if he could take over third base.  Offensively it certainly appears as though Devers will be in the big leagues for a long time.  He is batting .349 and has three homers in his first few weeks in the bigs.  He needs to improve on defense and running the bases but this looks like a move that might work out. 

The other big acquisition and move was to obtain reliever Addison Reed via a trade.  Reed is a middle reliever with a big salary that is very effective.  So far Reed has tossed three and two thirds innings and surrendered a solo home run as his only run given up. 

Chris Sale and Drew Pomeranz are a combined 24-8 and are literally carrying the entire team in terms of starting pitching.  Sale continues his march to a CY Young aware with a sparkling 13-4 record, 2.72 ERA, and a whopping 216 Ks. 

This division should continue to be very exciting for fans as we approach the last month or so.  The bottom line is the Red Sox will go as far as their top players take them.  A handful of very important contributors simply are not getting the job done.  If they do the Red Sox should get into the playoffs with a great shot to go the distance.  

Red Sox Update 7/27

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 56-47

2.       Yankees 53-46

3.       Rays 53-49

4.       Orioles 48-53

5.       Blue Jays 47-54

Chris Sale yet again proved why not only is he the leading candidate for AL Cy Young winner, he is also a very legitimate candidate for AL MVP.  Facing an ugly swoon where the Red Sox are having trouble getting out of their own way, Chris Sale was phenomenal versus the Seattle Mariners in an effort that snapped a concerning losing streak for the Red Sox.  Sale sizzled through seven shutout innings and added another 11 strikeouts to his giant pile of Ks this season.

Rafael Devers did indeed make his MLB debut earlier in the week.  He has shown some concerns defensively and he sure looks like he could be in better physical shape, but he also made it clear he has an explosive bat.  That power is certainly there and Devers did launch one moonshot for his first career MLB home run.

As you can see above the slumping Red Sox are making these standings in the AL East tighten up sharply.  

Red Sox Update 7/24

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 55-45

2.       Yankees 51-46

3.       Rays 51-48

4.       Orioles 47-51

5.       Blue Jays 44-54

The Red Sox called up Rafael Devers from Triple-A Pawtucket and he will be in the starting lineup on Tuesday 7/25.  Third base was a huge problem for the club this season and it appears as though GM Dave Dombrowski has set in motion a methodical plan to try and fix that.  The media and fans have been screaming about the problems at third while Dombrowski quietly pursues a solution or solutions.  Devers will be the youngest player in MLB when he arrives.  It sure looks like Dombrowski did indeed pursue any and all trade options only to realize that the trade options for third base for this season were not reasonable or feasible.   This looks like he is fully intent on trying to win it all this season.  The low risk move with Devers is to let him stay in Pawtucket and develop.  Bringing him up signals Dombrowski feels the team can win a championship this season and they need his offense to make that deep run.

Devers has been absolutely mashing the ball in Pawtucket.  The book on this youngster is that offensively he appears ready but that his defense at third base is not even close to the MLB level.  The Red Sox are taking a calculated risk that his offensive punch could add more to the team than any defensive lapses take from the team. 

As the standings above indicate the Red Sox have been in a bit of a funk since the series just before the All Star break.  They are lucky the Yankees and Rays have been in a similar funk so they still lead the division.  The Yankees have already made a few moves to help their bullpen and defense so the pressure is really picking up as we get set to enter August.

Red Sox Update 7/17


AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 52-41

2.       Rays 49-44

3.       Yankees 47-43

4.       Orioles 42-49

5.       Blue Jays 42-49


Fresh off a 2-2 split with hated rivals in the NY Yankees at Fenway Park the Red Sox sit on top of the AL East currently with a 3 game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays.  Check out those Rays who are sitting in second place and very much in the thick of this pennant race.  This is a testament to what we have been saying all season which is that this division could come down to the very last week with so many teams close to .500 ball or playing above .500 baseball.


The Red Sox continue to kind of muddle along offensively with offense at times that is very lacking.  Third Base has also been a concern the entire season.  The Sox DFA’ed Pablo Sandoval and it looks like they are finally severing ties with The Panda permanently.  The Red Sox have used a couple guys at third in his place and the defense has certainly improved as a result.  Offensively however is still a cause of great concern.


The Red Sox appear to be absolutely loaded in their starting rotation.  On Saturday 7/15 Chris Sales was just simply sensational yet again fanning 13 Yankees and only giving up three hits.  On Sunday 7/16 David Price was yet again extremely solid in his outing and is very quietly having an excellent season on his way back from that elbow injury.  Price is now 5-2 with a 3.39 ERA.  Many media “experts” were predicting he would miss the entire season and be a total bust but David Price has asserted himself in a very big way.  We look for him to be the big Wild Card heading for home along with EROD.  Sale by all accounts appears set to continue his dominance but add in price and EROD and things can get very interesting indeed.


Red Sox Update 7/5

AL East Standings

1.       Red Sox 49-35

2.       Yankees 44-38

3.       Rays 44-41

4.       Orioles 40-43

5.       Blue Jays 38-45


Well things have changed pretty significantly since our last update on the Boston Red Sox.  In a nutshell the Red Sox have been on fire and the Yankees have struggled mightily.  The Boston Red Sox currently have a 4 game lead in the AL East.  Also of note is the consistent grinding and advancing by the Tampa Bay Rays.  This is a very dangerous team in the second half of the 2017 MLB season.


The Red Sox are sending three players t represent the American League in the MLB All Star Game this season.  Mookie Betts, Chris Sales, and Craig Kimbrel will be members of the AL team.  Congratulations goes out to these three outstanding players.


In the last month the Red Sox really started to click together getting both key hitting and pitching performances from key players on a daily basis.  Things certainly are not perfect and some players are still performing well below their abilities but the situation is much brighter than it was a month ago.   Starting pitching is one area where very quietly and below the radar the Red Sox are really excelling.


David Price continues to work back into peak form and is now 4-2 with a 4.02 ERA.  Price has rattled off a few very solid starts in the last two weeks.  He is not yet his dominant self but it looks like he is getting past that elbow injury from earlier in the year.


Drew Pomeranz has been a very pleasant surprise.  Pomeranz rather quietly now stands at 8-4 with a 3.62 ERA.  He rarely gets the team late into the game but he keeps posting quality starts giving a solid effort for 5-6 innings. 


Kimbrel is just simply lights out in the bullpen.  Also of note is the great effort so far by Joe Kelly.  Kelly, much maligned during his time in The Hub, has a miniscule ERA of just 1.00 for the year and is eating batters for lunch.  He is a crucial component of that Red Sox bullpen.


And then of course we have Chris Sale.  Sale is clearly the frontrunner for AL Cy Young and we feel he is a legitimate AL MVP candidate.  Sale is simply sizzling to the tune of 11-3 with a 2.61 ERA and 166 strikeouts.  Sale is the most important player on the team and an MVP candidate. 


Eduardo Rodriguez recently made an outing in Pawtucket to prepare for a return to the big leagues after dealing with a knee injury.  EROD is 4-2 on the year with a 3.54 ERA.  Getting EROD back would be an absolutely enormous boost for the team as it tries to stay on track for a postseason run in 2017.

Red Sox Update 6/20

AL East Standings

1.       Yankees 38-29

2.       Red Sox 39-31

3.       Rays 37-36

4.       Orioles 34-35

5.       Blue Jays 34-35

As the standings above indicate the Boston Red Sox continue to find themselves in the middle of a major battle in the AL East.  This is simply the toughest Division in Major League Baseball.  Expect this race to literally come down to the last week of the season where the Division and Wild Card spots are on the line.

The Red Sox briefly poked their heads into 1st Place in the AL East as the Yankees endured a very brutal losing streak.  The thing that stands out the most overall this season for the Red Sox has to be the bullpen.  Generally seen as an area of weakness in recent years, the bullpen has been phenomenal this season and literally saved the Red Sox several times.  You can see this with the Red Sox winning so many one run games.  Craig Kimbrel has been sensational and guys like Joe Kelly and Matt Barnes are really stepping up.

All of this occurs while the perceived strength of the Red Sox heading in to the season, starting pitching, languishes as the team’s major weakness thus far.  Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodriguez are clearly the two best and most consistent starting pitchers so far this season.  The problem is that Rodriguez has been on the Disables List for a couple weeks now and will remain there through the All Star Break. 

Rick Porcello, the AL Cy Young Award winner in 2016, has yet to get it going.  David Price is back in the rotation with mixed results so far.  A rookie LH came up and looked fabulous earlier, Brian Johnson, only to encounter injury challenges himself shortly thereafter. 

Offensively the Red Sox statistically are certainly well above MLB average except in power output and home runs.  The team is kind of cruising along and bound to get hot at some point.  Stay tuned in because this will be a wild summer and pennant race in the AL East in 2017.  


Another great source for Red Sox News and Updates:  

Red Sox Update 6/7

AL East Standings

1.       Yankees 32-23

2.       Red Sox 32-25

3.       Orioles 30-26

4.       Rays 29-31

5.       Blue Jays 28-31

The Boston Red Sox continue to hang around near the top of the AL East and took the first game of a short series between the Yankees and Red Sox in the Bronx on Tuesday night.  The pitching situation is full of questions and very strong performances.  Offensively the team has bumped it up a notch but is still below where it could be. 

Craig Kimbrel continues to dominate.  Drew Pomeranz, once considered a candidate for displacement, is putting together strong outings.  Chris Sale pitched a very nice game the other day after a very rough first inning.  Most importantly though in the last week, David Price pitched an absolute gem on Saturday in Baltimore facing a tough Os lineup full of mashers.  Price was simply excellent and had a lot of zip on his fastball and cutter.

As mentioned previously there is an injury issue with Erod.  Eduardo Rodriguez will be out with an injured knee until at least the All Star Break.  The break is the target so let’s see how he progresses. 

Christian Vazquez is giving the Red Sox some nice offensive punch as Sandy Leon continues to struggle.  Mitch Moreland, Xander Bogaerts, Dustin Pedroia, and Mookie Betts continue to serve as the foundation for the Red Sox offense.  It will be interesting to see what this offense looks like if/when more players start performing close to their potential all at the same time.

There were some recent rumors about Big Papi, David Ortiz, returning to action from retirement.  These do not appear to have any substance.  Pedro Martinez, former Sox ace and legend, teased it via Twitter and it didn’t gain much traction from there.  

Red Sox Update 6/2

AL East Standings

1.       Yankees 31-20

2.       Red Sox 29-24

3.       Orioles 28-24

4.       Rays 29-27

5.       Blue Jays 26-28

Well a whole bunch has transpired before our last update which was leading into the juicy nine games at home stretch for the Boston Red Sox.  The Red Sox did indeed take advantage of that stretch of games and find themselves in 2nd place in the division currently.  The team’s offense has really sprung to life.  However, if you look at the standings above what really jumps out is how well all of the teams in the division are playing.

Let’s look at the Blue Jays as an example.  The Jays were left for dead three weeks ago and have been on absolute fire since.  They are almost back above .500.  The Tampa Bay Rays are very competitive and sit just a game or two behind the Red Sox.  This is a very tough division which means this summer will be extremely fun and exciting. 

One thing to keep an eye on is Chris Sale.  Sales, as mentioned here repeatedly, started out this season on a phenomenal run.  However, if you look at his last five starts it has been a bit shaky.  He has a history of starting fast and then running into some challenges so all eyes will be on Sale.  His performance early on elevated the pressure on himself to be The Ace all year and into the playoffs.

David Price returned from the DL and tossed a solid game in five innings for his first start back.  This was very encouraging.  Eduardo Rodriguez injured his knee on 6/1 in a game and it is unknown what his status will be.  He will miss some time but how much time is not yet determined.  EROD does have a history of injuries with that knee so we shall see.  Rodriguez has been the best all around starter for the Red Sox this season without a doubt.  While not brilliant he has been very consistent. 

Craig Kimbrel continues to be absolutely sensational.  RH hitters have yet to get a hit off of him.  So far he has been lights out in every situation.  

Red Sox Update 5/22

AL East Standings

1.       Yankees 25-16

2.       Orioles 25-17

3.       Red Sox 22-21

4.       Rays 23-23

5.       Blue Jays 19-26

As you can see from the standings noted above the Boston Red Sox continue to hover right smack in the middle of the pack in the AL East.  Certainly fans are anxious to see this team put it all together and go on a run and there is still plenty of time to do just that.  In fact, the upcoming nine games offer a great opportunity.  Over the next nine games the Red Sox host the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners and play a three game set at the Chicago White Sox.  This is a huge opportunity to win a chunk of these games before facing the Baltimore Orioles again in a crucial division battle. 


David Price saw live action with the PawSox this past week and finished the outing with no reported discomfort or pain.  Price was roughed up a bit but it is all about conditioning and getting ready to return to MLB action.  Chris Sale continues to absolutely dominate even though as expected he cooled down a bit from his ridiculous pace of sheer brilliance.  Eduardo Rodriguez has been effective and there is still time for Rick Porcello to get going good.


The offense continues to lack consistency.  Xander Bogaerts and Dustin Pedroia have been consistent but others have not.  Andre Benintendi went into a horrid slump and is well off his earlier pace and Hanley Ramirez has not yet delivered consistent power.  This upcoming nine game stretch outlined above is very important and a great chance for the Red Sox to get going.

Red Sox Update 5/15

AL East Standings

1. New York 22-13

2. Baltimore 22-14

3. Boston 19-18

4. Tampa Bay 19-21

5. Toronto 17-21

The Red Sox head out on a road trip starting Tuesday night with two games at the St. Louis Cardinals.  After that they play a four game series in Oakland.  Following these six games the Red Sox return back to Fenway for a home stretch that takes through the following weekend. 

At 19-18 the Red Sox are 4 games out of first place but just a game or so ahead of Tampa Bay nipping at them from behind.  The team is just kind of hovering right now and really hasn’t made a definitive move yet in either direction good or bad.  There have been stretches where the pitching is great and the offense is lacking and vice versa.  The Red Sox have yet to get things clicking together nicely.

We have seen some great individual performances that are very encouraging such as the ones from Sale, Betts, Bogaerts, and of course Benintendi.  The issue at 3B remains a large looming over the manager and GM as we just don’t know what we will get from that position or if any potential moves are underway.  We will have to see how this tough six game road trip shapes up but as we get closer to Memorial Day the pressure to make a move in the standings will only ratchet higher.

By all accounts starting LHP David Price seems to be progressing nicely.  Price continues to report no pain or discomfort in his throwing sessions and is getting ready for live action soon.  

Red Sox Update 5/9

AL East Standings

1. New York 21-9

2. Baltimore 21-10

3. Boston 17-14

4. Tampa Bay 16-18

5. Toronto 12-20

As you can see the Red Sox have their work cut out for them in the AL East.  The red hot, younger, and vibrant NY Yankees have recently jumped into 1st place just a hair ahead of the Baltimore Orioles for now.  

What plagued the Red Sox for a couple of weeks seemingly sprung to life in the recent series versus the Minnesota Twins.  The Red Sox absolutely hammered Twins pitching and put a while bunch of runs on the board to break out of their recent malaise.  The Sox even provided ample run support for Chris Sale on a day when Sale actually surrendered four runs in an inning.

Xander Bogaerts and Andrew Benintendi have been on fire and leading the Red Sox offense.  Bogaerts is currently hitting .340 and Benintendi is hitting .325.  these are two huge postitive sings. Xander faded in the second half of last season and Andrew Benintendi is still officially a rookie even though he handles the crucial 3-hole in the Sox batting lineup.  If both of these young players can keep it up that bodes very well for the Boston Red Sox.

Red Sox Update 5/3

AL East Standings

1. Baltimore 16-9

2. New York 16-9

3. Boston 14-12

4. Tampa Bay 14-14

5. Toronto 9-18

The Red Sox managed to get through the guantlet of the defending champ Chicago Cubs taking 2/3 games but they now are in a dogfight with the first place Orioles.  This series with the Orioles has been filled with tons of drama and controversy and it is very clear these two teams simply do not like each other.  Keep an eye on all of the mathcups between Baltimore and Boston and in particular the two series in September that look like they might determine the winner of the AL East.

Two players in particular that really stand out this week are Chris Sale and Hanley Ramirez.  We continue to mention Sale here in the blog because frankly he is quite simply awesome.  Here are Chris Sale's numbers so far:


1.38 ERA

63 Ks in 45.2 IP

Hanley Ramirez is really picking up the pace pounding moon shot homers left and right.  This is a very much needed boost for the Boston Red Sox as the team has been moaning about the absence of David Ortiz recently.  Here are Hanley's numbers so far:

.267 BA. 5 HR, 14 RBI

Red Sox Update 4/28

AL East Standings

1.       Orioles 14-6

2.       Yankees 13-7

3.       Red Sox 11-10

4.       Rays 11-12

5.       Blue Jays 6-16

The heat in Boston from the fans and media is really starting to crank up as the Boston Red Sox languish in the middle of the pack in the AL East.  The main challenge thus far after the early illness issues is the lack of offense.  If you take away a recent 6-2 win over the Blue Jays, the Red Sox have scored only three total runs in the four games sandwiched around that Jays game they won.

The Red Sox continue to waste absolutely brilliant pitching performances from Chris Sale.  The majority of the pitching to include the bullpen has actually been quite solid.  Lack of offense so far is clearly the challenge. 

Let’s see how the Red Sox respond this weekend as they host the Chicago Cubs in a very hyped up series that many felt might be a preview of the World Series.  The Sox have so many talented players on offense it’s difficult to see them struggling for too much longer.  The tough Cubs pitching staff however will have something to say about that.  

Red Sox Update 4/21

AL East Standings

1.       Orioles 10-4

2.       Yankees 10-5

3.       Red Sox 10-6

4.       Rays 9-8

5.       Blue Jays 3-12

On 4/20 it was yet again the Chris Sale and Mookie Betts show.  Sale simply was sensational yet again.  Sale sizzled through eight innings only walking one and giving up four hits.  He struck out 13 Blue Jays.  There was controversy surrounding why Sale did not pitch the ninth inning as well given how the number of pitches tossed through eight was quite low. 

Kimbrel came on in a tie game and gave up a solo home run to Morales leading off the ninth to tie the game at 1-1.  Mookie Betts bailed out Kimbrel and the Red Sox in the tenth inning with a bases clearing double.  Betts has been on fire and is now hitting .340.

The Red Sox now travel to Baltimore for a three game set against the first place Orioles.  After that they are home against the revamped and youthful New York Yankees and the defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.  This is a very tough stretch coming up where the pitching staff will certainly be tested as well as the management of bullpen arms and middle relievers stepping up and getting the job done.  After this stretch we should have a much better view of exactly who the Red Sox are this season.  Moving past the flu epidemic and players missing games into this level of competition will be a great way to evaluate the team and how it looks in early May.

Injury Updates 4/25

The Red Sox placed 3B Pablo Sandoval on the 10-day DL with a sprained knee today.  Panda has been struglging both at the plate and in the field essentially this entire season.  Hopefully he can get healhty and turn it around but the Red Sox know they made a huge bet on Sandoval heading into this season.

David Price tossed 45 pitches off of a mound again today.  Price sounds very optimistic about making a full return this season.  The lefty stated he threw 15 pitches in three different sets while sitting for eight minutes between each set.  He continues to tell everyone he has no discomfort in that left elbow.   

Red Sox Update 4/17

The Boston Red Sox find themselves at 7-5 through 12 games and in 3rd place in the American League East.  This far one of the biggest stories of the season was the start of the year and the team losing several players to illness and one key player to bereavement.  The flu seemed to sweep through the Red Sox and sideline a handful of players.  At this point the Red Sox have everyone back and are operating at close to full strength.  Jackie Bradley Jr. and David Price remain on the disabled list.

The main stories on the field are clearly Chris Sale and Mitch Moreland.  Chris Sale has been absolutely sensational in his three starts though he only has one win to show for it.  Sale is dominating opposing hitters and leading the league in strikeouts.  In his last outing Sale was brilliant over eight full innings and striking out twelve. 

Mitch Moreland is hitting .356 with 9 doubles.  The Red Sox obtained Moreland to fill the void left by David Ortiz by combining his output at first base and DH with that of Hanley Ramirez.  It appears that so far that plan is working out nicely.   


The pitching to this point has been a bit of a mixed bag.  The Red Sox continue to operate without David Price in the rotation and a handful of players have not performed well of late.  There are two extremely important pitchers that have been outstanding: Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel.  Sale, as mentioned above has been simply breathtaking.  Kimbrel, in his role as the heavily scrutinized Sox closer, is pitching wonderfully even with the added drama of him putting men on base in critical situations.  Despite a few walks here and there Kimbrel is slamming the door shut in save situations and is a big reason why the Sox are above .500 currently.

Rick Porcello has not looked great yet.  The Cy Young Winner from 2016 is off to a tepid start that includes getting roughed up last time out.  Steven Wright hasn’t been able to find a groove and Eduardo Rodriguez has been well mediocre and not that inspiring to this point.  There is however plenty of time to get the pitchers rolling in the right direction.  It’s a long season so hopefully guys can get healthy and stay healthy.  

Red Sox Update 4/7

The regular season finally arrived and the Red Sox jumped out to a 2-0 start winning both games at Fenway Park against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Steady rains arrived on Thursday of that first week and the third game was subsequently rained out.

The biggest highlight of the first week was the sensational debut of Chris Sale.  Sale was absolutely brilliant tossing seven scoreless innings and giving up only three hits and one walk.  Sale also struck out seven batters.  Catcher Sandy Leon won the game in the 12th inning for the Red Sox with a three run homer.

On Opening Day the Red Sox welcomed members of the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots out for pregame ceremonies.  The Red Sox beat the Pirates 5-3 behind the stellar play of rookie sensation Andrew Benintendi.  LF Benintendi is already hitting in the third spot in the order.  In addition to making a fabulous catch in tricky left field at Fenway, Benintendi smashed a 3-r homer to lead the Red Sox.  Cy Young Winner Rick Porcello started the game and was quite solid.

The Red Sox now head to Detroit for a four game series and then return to Fenway Park for a short series with the Baltimore Orioles.  The rained out game with Pittsburgh will take place on Thursday April 13th.  

Red Sox Spring Training Update - March 22nd

The Red Sox continue to roll through Spring Training as we get past the phase which includes the World Baseball Classic and the associated distractions.  Let’s get caught up on a few key players and happenings:

Chris Sale – By all accounts Chris Sale appears to be gearing up for a very strong performance.  On 3/21 Sale went a full six innings and struck out ten New York Yankees.  Sale didn’t walk a batter and gave up only four hits.  Unfortunately one of those hits was a two run homer.

Mitch Moreland – Mitch continues to make a strong case for himself getting plenty of at bats this season.  Moreland is hitting .375 with 12 RBI this spring along with playing some solid defense.

David Price – Things are still somewhat unclear with David Price and his elbow.  He has returned to doing some throwing and the team keeps stating that they expect him on the mound before the end of May.  This bears careful watching as we simply do not know what will happen at this point with that elbow.

Drew Pomeranz – Pomeranz is another question mark for the Red Sox pitching depth.  He continues to tell everyone that he is doing ok yet he consistently reports discomfort in his tricep on his throwing arm.  Pomeranz has battled injuries the entire time since his arrival via a trade in 2016 so again this is another that bears close scrutiny.  

Red Sox Spring Training Update – March 10th

The Boston Red Sox have been down at Fenway South for a couple weeks now and things seem to be progressing fairly smoothly.  Here are the main points of discussion to this point:

David Price – Is his injury serious?  There was speculation initially that Price’s elbow injury was leading straight to Tommy John surgery.  However, after a visit with Dr. Andrews the pitcher was told to rest for 7-10 days and evaluate again at that point.  We will have to wait and see what happens.

Chris Sale – Sales has made one start this spring so far and he was ok.  There “news” related to Sale is that there really hasn’t been any news.  Sale appears to be preparing for the season as he would any other season.  Most importantly he looks healthy.

EROD – Eduardo Rodriguez has made two starts so far and looked pretty solid.  This is great news.  Erod is crucial to the depth of the Red Sox rotation this season and he needs to bounce back strongly.  It’s great news to see Erod healthy and gaining momentum.

Mitch Moreland – To this point it looks like Mitch Moreland can provide some pop in the lineup against RH pitching and spell Hanley Ramirez at 1B.  This was a huge question coming in with the retirement of David Ortiz.  Moreland has flashed some power.  So far so good.  Let’s keep our eye on him and hope he is a powerful force in the lineup.    

Red Sox Recap


The Red Sox were winners again of the American League East in 2016 but finished the season with a swift and disappointing loss to the Cleveland Indians in the first round of the MLB Playoffs.  However, fans have every reason to be very excited about the upcoming 2017 season and attending Red Sox games at Fenway Park and other stadiums around MLB.   

In the offseason Red Sox management got to work rapidly and in very aggressive fashion.  The biggest move of course was the acquisition of Chris Sale to substantially augment the starting rotation while giving away prized prospect Moncada.  Now the Red Sox will hit the season running with three studs leading their rotation David Price, Rick Porcello off his Cy Young, and the aforementioned Chris Sale.  In addition to this firepower the Red Sox still have Erod, Steven Wright, Drew Pomeranz, and others. 

Let’s take a look at the Red Sox projected lineup:

LF – Andrew Benintendi

CF – JBJ Jr.

RF – Mookie Betts

3B – Pablo Sandoval

SS – Xander Bogaerts

2B – Dustin Pedroia

1B – Mitch Moreland

DH – Hanley Ramirez

C – Sandy Leon

This Boston Red Sox team should continue to score lots of runs and be very effective even with the retirement of David Ortiz.  The team didn’t get much from 3B last season so Sandoval could actually be an upgrade.  This will also be the first full season for Andrew Benintendi and that could add another full time above .300 hitter to this lineup.  This should be a very exciting and fun filled season.

Chris Sale - One of the most intriguing aspects of this coming season will be the performance of Chris Sale.  Sale is in what many times is the sweet spot for a pitcher's career arc when they reach maximum output and performance levels.  Lots of fans are curious to see how well he can produce with the support of a stronger team behind him.  Chris Sale put up very impressive numbers for a teamthat was generally struggling and rebuilding.  It will be very exciting to see what Chris Sale can do with a very taleneted supporting cast around him.  

Here are the final standings from last season and the odds to win the World Series and season win total assigned by the oddsmakers:

1.        Boston Red Sox 93-69

2.       Toronto Blue Jays 89-73

3.       Baltimore Orioles 89-73

4.       New York Yankees 84-78

5.       Tampa Bay Rays 68-94

Red Sox Odds to win the World Series:  11/2

Season Win Total: 96.5

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