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Atlanta Braves Tickets | Atlanta Braves Baseball Schedule 2024

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Get ready to mark your calendars and plan for an exciting season with the Atlanta Braves baseball schedule. This year's lineup is jam-packed with thrilling games, including high-stakes matchups at Truist Park that you won't want to miss. From opening day celebrations to key homestands against fierce rivals, there's a lot in store.

We've got all the updates on the Braves' offseason moves too. With power players like Chris Sale joining the ranks, expectations are soaring. Plus, don’t forget about The Battery Atlanta where dining and shopping await fans looking for more than just a game.

Last but not least, snagging tickets can be a breeze when you know how. Stay tuned as we dive into these highlights and give you all the info needed to catch every pitch of the 2024 season.

Table of Contents:

Atlanta Braves 2024 Regular Season Schedule

The Atlanta Braves are gearing up for another thrilling season, fresh off their top rank in the NL East. As single game tickets hit the market, fans can't wait to fill Truist Park with that electrifying cheer unique to baseball. So grab your glove and cap because it's time to mark your calendars.

Opening Day Festivities

If there's one day that encapsulates hope and excitement for MLB fans, it's Opening Day—and the Atlanta Braves know how to put on a show. Picture this: A sea of red, white, and blue as fans converge on Truist Park, buzzing with anticipation for the first pitch of what promises to be an epic season.

Beyond just a ballgame, Opening Day is a celebration where traditions reign supreme; think special pre-game presentations and maybe even some new faces from offseason signings gracing the diamond. Will we see power hitters like Wander Franco launch one into orbit? Only time will tell.

Homestand Highlights

Surely enough though throughout this brimming schedule lie homestands you simply can’t miss—those stretches when our beloved team battles it out against division rivals or marquee teams under home lights. These series aren't just games; they're chapters in ongoing sagas etched into baseball hall fame stories year after year.

Loyalists know each homestand brings its own flavor—a chance for redemption against last season’s spoilers or perhaps setting dominance early in matchups poised with potential playoff implications down the road.

Offseason Moves and Team Updates

No conversation about expectations would be complete without addressing those strategic offseason maneuvers every fan has been talking about—the ones sure to give our infield boost.

Impact of New Signings

This past MLB offseason saw plenty of ink dry on contracts but none quite as exciting as seeing southpaw Chris Sale join Braves' ranks—yes folks. The same pitcher whose slider baffles batters league-wide now calls Atlanta home after signing his two-year deal amidst much buzz from both media giants like Ken Rosenthal and David O'Brien alike who analyzed these moves thoroughly giving us midterm MLB offseason grades worth discussing over dinner tables across Georgia.

Fans eagerly waiting will finally get answers lingering since autumn: How will players acquired during these chilly months meld together come spring warmth?

To keep tabs on which stars made cut post-signing frenzy check out updated Braves Roster.

All eyes were also set upon phenom Shota Imanaga, with comparisons lighting up chat rooms since word got out that he might bring a rarely seen diversity to the mound.

Key Takeaway: 


Get ready for a thrilling season with the Braves, featuring must-see homestands and fresh talent like Chris Sale. Opening Day at Truist Park will be a blast of traditions and excitement, so mark your calendars.

Offseason Moves and Team Updates

Impact of New Signings

The Atlanta Braves have been as busy as a beehive in winter, gearing up for what's sure to be another nail-biter season. With the addition of powerhouses like Wander Franco and Chris Sale, they've given their roster an infield boost that has fans buzzing with excitement. So let’s talk turkey about how these moves could change the game for our boys in blue.

Franco brings his bat speed and defensive prowess to bolster an already formidable infield lineup. His agility around the bases is akin to lightning — quick enough to make opponents' heads spin before they even realize he's taken another base. But it's not just on-field antics that make this signing exciting; it's also about adding depth and versatility where it counts.

Then there’s Chris Sale, who joins the Braves after leaving a mark with the Boston Red Sox. This lefty slinger comes into play ready to strike out hitters faster than you can say 'peanut butter jelly time'. Having battled injuries over recent years, he looks poised for redemption—his slider still slicing through batters’ hopes like hot knife through butter—and we're here for it. The team must think so too because snagging him was no small feat; read all about Sale joining forces with Atlanta.

New Strategies at Play

A chess match isn't won by pawns alone—it takes knights, bishops, and queens moving strategically across the board. Similarly, MLB teams need more than heavy hitters; they require strategic thinkers behind them—think Ken Rosenthal or David O'Brien types—to weave together winning strategies from player strengths.

This offseason showed Alex Anthopoulos flexing his mental muscles once again as GM extraordinaire—the man knows how to assemble a dream team if ever there was one. By bringing in fresh talent while keeping core players intact (yes I’m looking at you Ronald Acuña Jr.), he ensures every position on that field is locked down tighter than Fort Knox.

If baseball had midterm grades during its offseason—which honestly sounds like something straight outta high school—the Braves would ace theirs without breaking a sweat.

Tapping Into Untapped Potential

Gone are days when only big names ruled rosters – today's MLB thrives on unearthing hidden gems too. That said hello Shota Imanaga comparisons: A pitcher hailing from overseas whose stuff may well draw parallels with some of our own mound legends...but let’s wait till spring training wraps before jumping any guns shall we?

We can't ignore Chad Jennings either—he might not have headlines singing daily but trust me when I say his contributions are just as crucial. He's the unsung hero whose steady performance keeps the whole team moving forward.

Key Takeaway: 


The Atlanta Braves are all set for an electrifying season with the arrival of stars like Wander Franco and Chris Sale, bringing new depth and power to the team. Alex Anthopoulos has played his cards right, keeping a strong core while adding fresh talent that could very well turn them into an unstoppable force.

The Battery Atlanta Experience

Imagine stepping into a vibrant scene buzzing with energy, where the spirit of baseball blends seamlessly with an array of dining and shopping options. This is The Battery Atlanta on game days—a true home run for fans looking to make the most out of their visit to Truist Park.

Dining and Shopping Options

If your stomach's growling louder than the cheer of Braves fans, you're in luck. Adjacent to Truist Park, nestled in downtown Atlanta, lies an entertainment district that could rival any seventh-inning stretch. It's called The Battery Atlanta—where each restaurant plate competes with home plates for your attention.

Beyond satisfying cravings, The Battery also offers a plethora of shops where you can snag some Braves gear or pick up unique gifts. Between bites and browsing, it feels like every corner turned reveals another hidden gem waiting to be discovered by locals and visitors alike. Just when you think you've seen all there is—the buzz from live music or special events might just lure you back in.

Surely enough, these experiences at The Battery don't simply add flavor to game day; they are essential ingredients making up this grand slam experience right outside Truist Park's gates.

Ticket Purchasing Guide

Snagging tickets for an Atlanta Braves game isn't just about seeing a baseball match; it's securing your spot in a sea of excitement. Now, whether you're planning to catch the team as they face off against rivals or simply want to soak up the vibrant atmosphere at Truist Park, getting your hands on those golden tickets is key.

Where to Purchase Braves Tickets

You've got options when it comes to buying Braves tickets – and we're not talking about standing in long lines at the box office. In this digital age, Ticketmaster Atlanta Braves is your go-to online hub. They make sure you get legit tickets without breaking a sweat. Plus, if you fancy some special treatment or extra perks with your ballpark experience, keep an eye out for premium seating opportunities that pop up throughout the season.

No more guesswork involved – use Ticketmaster’s detailed seating charts to pick exactly where you'll cheer from. It’s like having Turner Field's spirit right there guiding you (although let's be real - Truist Park has its own unique charm). And remember: single-game seats are available now. The earlier you book, the better selection of spots you’ll have.

Navigating Seating Options and Prices

The best view comes down to personal preference and budget flexibility but don’t worry; there’s something for everyone. From infield boost zones close enough to see Wander Franco turn two like poetry in motion or outfield stands perfect for catching home run balls—if luck strikes—your choice can tailor-make the experience.

Pricing varies based on factors such as opponent strength (think Los Angeles Dodgers versus Houston Astros) and day of week—but rest assured every dollar spent contributes towards unforgettable memories under Georgia skies full of cheers.

Making Sure You Don't Miss Out

Gone are days when fans had ‘maybe next time’ regrets because games sold out before they could act—nowadays staying ahead means signing up for alerts so news lands directly into your inbox faster than Chris Sale's fastball crosses home plate. Make sure notifications are set so sale announcements don't pass by unnoticed.

If ever faced with sell-out situations fret not my friend because secondary markets might save day albeit often at higher price point due demand laws—it still beats missing live action though especially during playoff runs worth every penny.

Scoresheet Tips Before Checkout

  • Double-check: Always review your work. This helps catch errors and improves the overall quality.

Key Takeaway: 


Grabbing Braves tickets is a breeze with online options like Ticketmaster, offering legit seats and detailed charts for a stress-free purchase. Whether you're eyeing premium spots or budget-friendly stands, book early to secure the best view at Truist Park.

FAQs in Relation to Atlanta Braves Baseball Schedule

Who is showing the Braves game tonight?

Check your local listings, but it's usually on Fox Sports Southeast or MLB.TV for out-of-market fans.

Where do the Braves play?

The Braves throw down at Truist Park in Atlanta. It's a real gem of a ballpark.

How many games are in a Braves season?

A typical MLB grind has 162 games, and that includes the Braves' regular-season slate.

What DirecTV channel are the braves on tonight?

DirecTV users can find their Brave heroes battling it out mostly on channel 646-1.


Check out the Atlanta Braves baseball schedule, and you'll catch every critical play. Remember: Truist Park is where the action happens, with Chris Sale now pitching in to secure more wins.

Dive into The Battery Atlanta for a pre-game bite or post-game celebration. This hotspot turns game day into an experience beyond nine innings.

Getting tickets shouldn't be tough work; use our guide and get your seats sorted quick and easy. It's all about planning ahead to enjoy America's favorite pastime.

So keep these tips top of mind as you prep for each pitch, hit, and homerun this season. Let's make it one for the books!

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