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Hanover Theatre in Worcester is the best place for live theatre and upcoming concerts.

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The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

2 Southbridge Street

Worcester, MA 01608

The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts is a 2,300 seat theatre that draws over 200,000 patrons annually and is situated in the heart of Downtown Worcester.  The theatre hosts top tier Broadway plays and musicals, premiere comedy acts, notable musicians and bands, and various other performances. 

Worcester Center for Performing Arts is a registered non-profit and is the owner and operator of The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.  Surprisingly to many, at the time of the restoration endeavor, Worcester, MA was the largest city in America without a theatre for the performing arts.  In addition to The Hanover, Worcester has other great venues.  You can catch amazing upcoming events at the DCU Center which includes minor league hockey, NCAA Hockey, high school tournaments, and concerts and performing arts.  Don't miss out on the Palladium Worcester concerts either. Mechanics Hall has incredible symphony orchestra and other events.  


The vacant and declining Poli Palace Theatre in Federal Square caught the attention of two local Worcester businessmen prior to 2008.  Ed Madaus and Paul Demoga had a vision as they looked around Federal Square when most people felt the structure was useless and destined for the dustbin of history. 

Several Private and government contributions enabled the restoration project which totaled over $32 Million.  The interior of the structure features incredible ornate detail along with several historical treasures.  The restoration also added an elevator and a phenomenal state of the art sound and lighting system. 

551 Main Street is a three story building adjacent to the theatre.  The Worcester Center for Performing Arts purchased the building.  The center is at the heart of the City of Worcester Theatre District Campaign which was launched on June 2, 2016.  The building will host a restaurant on the ground floor as well as office and administrative spaces and function spaces on the second floor.  The Worcester Center for Performing Arts will use the basement level to enhance and expand its youth and outreach programs.  

The ongoing development of Downtown Worcester continues full speed ahead. This massive development includes high imapcts on the Hanover Theatre and the number of patrons attending events.  Worcester is also seeing an increase in the number of businesses downtown due to this development.  

Downtown Worcester, Massachusetts, is a vibrant and bustling area that offers a wide array of attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike. One of the most notable landmarks in this area is the Hanover Theatre, a historic venue that has become a cultural hub for the community. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and diverse range of performances, the Hanover Theatre is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a taste of arts and entertainment in Worcester.

First and foremost, downtown Worcester is home to the iconic Hanover Theatre, a true gem that stands as a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage. Built in 1904, the theater has a long and illustrious history, having previously served as a popular vaudeville venue and later a movie palace. After undergoing extensive renovations, the Hanover Theatre reopened in 2008, reclaiming its position as a premier performing arts center.

The architecture of the Hanover Theatre is nothing short of mesmerizing. Adorned with intricate details and exuding grandeur, the building seamlessly combines both classical and modern design elements. The stunning exterior is marked by a majestic marquee that harkens back to a bygone era, while the interior boasts ornate ceilings, plush seating, and state-of-the-art acoustics that enhance the overall theatrical experience.

The Hanover Theatre is known for its diverse and impressive lineup of performances. From Broadway shows and musicals to ballets and concerts, the theater offers something for every taste. Renowned artists and performers from around the world grace its stage, drawing audiences from all walks of life. The theater's commitment to showcasing both local talent and internationally acclaimed acts contributes to Worcester's status as a thriving cultural hub.

Beyond its artistic offerings, the Hanover Theatre also plays a crucial role in the community. The theater actively engages with local schools, offering educational programs and workshops that expose students to the world of performing arts. Moreover, through its partnership with local organizations, the Hanover Theatre contributes to the economic growth and revitalization of downtown Worcester, attracting visitors from near and far.

In conclusion, downtown Worcester, and specifically the Hanover Theatre, is a dynamic and enchanting destination that embodies the essence of arts and culture. From its striking architecture to its diverse performances, the theater serves as a beacon of entertainment and inspiration for all who visit. As Worcester continues to thrive, the Hanover Theatre stands tall as a testament to the city's rich history and vibrant arts scene. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, a trip to downtown Worcester and the Hanover Theatre is an experience that should not be missed.  You just may find Dear Evan Hansen or Wicked or The Lion King

hanover theatre tickets

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