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Boston Bruins hockey is the ultimate in finding sports games near me and great events to attend. 

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Come on out and enjoy some incredible hockey action when the Boston Bruins are at TD Garden or playing at any arena in the NHL.  Check out great games like the Bruins vs Penguins and Bruins vs Maple Leafs as the Bruins try to get to the Stanley Cup.  Don't forget other great hockey opportunities in the local area as well such as the Providence Bruins and Worcester Railers.  We can help you even when out west and you want to see a San Diego Gulls game or San Jose Sharks game.

If you want to check the games out on NESN or NBCSN feel free to see our options for Boston Bruins live streaming.  

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The Bruins have been part of the NHL since 1924, a founding member amongst the six original teams. As Stanley Cup Champions eleven times over, they've earned their place as an iconic team with incredible history and tradition. With David Pastrnak, Patrice Bergeron and Cam Neely leading the way this season, it's no surprise that boston bruins hockey is still going strong today. From rivalries with other NHL teams to live streaming options for games at TD Garden - home of the Bruins - there are plenty of exciting ways to follow your favorite team throughout each season. Check out our blog post for more information on these topics plus a calendar full of events and ticket info.

Table of Contents:

History of the Boston Bruins

Since 1924, the Boston Bruins have been a part of the NHL's Original Six teams, contributing to its storied history. They are one of the Original Six teams that made up the league at its inception. The team has seen many highs and lows over its nearly 100-year existence, but they remain one of hockey’s most successful franchises.

In 1924, Charles Adams founded the Boston Bruins as part of a NHL expansion that created six new teams. Their inaugural season was marked by success as they became Stanley Cup Champions just two years later in 1926—the first American team to do so. Despite some lean years during World War II, when several players left to serve overseas, the Bruins remained competitive throughout much of their early years thanks to Hall-of-Famers such as Bobby Bauer and Milt Schmidt who helped lead them back into contention after 1945.

Stanley Cup Championships:

The 1950s saw an incredible run for the Boston Bruins as they won five Stanley Cups between 1939 and 1969—a record unmatched until recently by any other NHL franchise. This period also included great individual performances from stars like Johnny Bucyk who won both Lady Byng Trophy (1958) and Hart Memorial Trophy (1970). It wasn’t until 2011 that another championship was added to this impressive list when Tim Thomas led his team past Vancouver Canucks 4–0 series win en route to becoming Stanley Cup Champions again after 39 years.

The Boston Bruins have a long and illustrious history, with Stanley Cup Championships and notable players that will go down in hockey lore. The TD Garden is the arena where devotees of the Bruins can view their beloved team play from an impressive perspective.

Key Takeaway: The Bruins, a legendary NHL franchise, have experienced glory five times in the span of 30 years; they lifted the Stanley Cup trophy from 1939 to 1969. They achieved this feat again after a 39 year wait with Tim Thomas leading them to victory against Vancouver Canucks in 2011. This iconic franchise has been home to some of hockey's greatest stars such as Bobby Bauer and Johnny Bucyk who helped shape its success over nearly 100 years.

TD Garden: Home of the Bruins

TD Garden, the residence of the Boston Bruins in downtown Boston, has been their abode since 1995. It boasts a multitude of features and an interactive seating map to provide fans with a remarkable hockey game experience. It has been their home since 1995 and it offers a great atmosphere for any hockey fan. From its state-of-the-art amenities to its interactive seating map and chart, TD Garden makes watching a game an unforgettable experience.

Arena Features and Amenities:

TD Garden features over 100 luxury suites with private entrances, climate control, and HDTVs. At the TD Garden, there are also over two thousand seats that provide access to private lounges and complimentary food and drinks during events. In addition to these luxurious amenities, there are also concession stands offering traditional ballpark fare such as hot dogs and popcorn. Plus you can find all your favorite snacks like candy bars or pretzels at one of many concession stands scattered throughout the arena.

Seating Map and Chart:

The seating map provides an easy way for fans to find their perfect seat with a view from my seat feature that allows you to see what your view will be before purchasing tickets online or at the box office. Our seating chart provides a detailed overview of the layout within TD Garden, allowing you to pinpoint your exact seat location before arriving on game day.

Our 3D virtual reality tool provides an immersive experience that allows users to virtually explore the seating bowl of TD Garden, from rows and sections to suite levels, right from their computer or mobile device. This tool allows users to explore every angle of TD Garden’s seating bowl including rows, sections, suite levels - even views into some suites - giving them complete peace of mind before they purchase tickets online or at the box office.

The TD Garden is a renowned arena for hockey fans, providing an exciting atmosphere and top-notch amenities to enjoy the Bruins' games. The Bruins have garnered a devoted following due to their thrilling matchups against other hockey clubs, making them one of the most beloved franchises in sports.

Key Takeaway: TD Garden is the go-to place for any hockey fan looking to experience an unforgettable game day. With its state-of-the art amenities, interactive seating map and chart, plus a 3D virtual reality tool offering immersive views of the arena - it's no wonder why this is considered one of Boston’s premier sports venues.

Rivalries with Other NHL Teams

The Bruins and their adversaries, particularly the Rangers and Canadiens, have long been locked in an intense rivalry. These two teams have been playing against each other since 1926, when the first ever game between them was played at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The rivalry between the Bruins and their opponents from New York and Montreal has only intensified, making each matchup one of the most eagerly awaited contests on both sides' calendars.

The Bruins-Rangers rivalry is one of mutual respect and admiration, yet also rife with animosity and rancor. Both teams are renowned for their aggressive playing styles, often resulting in heated on-ice confrontations that can lead to penalties or ejections. There have been several landmark occasions between these two sides over the years; from Bobby Orr’s legendary goal to secure a Stanley Cup title in 1970 to Mark Messier's hat trick performance in 1994 which enabled his squad to surmount a 3-1 deficit against Boston during Game 6 of their playoff series.

Since 1924, Boston and Montreal have been fiercely competing against each other at the Forum (now known as Bell Centre). This match-up has yielded some truly iconic hockey moments such as Guy Lafleur's overtime goal which gave Montreal a victory over Boston during Game 7 of 1979 semi-finals or Ray Bourque's 1st period goal scored during Game 4 of 1988 playoffs that marked his retirement after 20 seasons with Bruins organization. Both teams' supporters bring an immense amount of enthusiasm every time they face off, making this rivalry all the more captivating.

No matter who comes out on top at any given game, it is clear why so many people consider these matchups among some of hockey’s greatest rivalries: there is no love lost between either side when it comes down to business on the ice. Cheering for or against Boston, watching the Bruins face off with either New York or Montreal is always an exciting event.

For generations, the Boston Bruins and their NHL opponents have fiercely contested for local bragging rights. For Bruins devotees, there are various streaming choices to peruse for viewing games from anyplace.

Key Takeaway: The Bruins have an intense rivalry with both the Rangers and Canadiens, each providing memorable hockey moments that make these match-ups some of the most anticipated events on either team's schedule. With no love lost between them when they hit the ice, fans can expect a fiery battle every time Boston takes on one of their two greatest rivals.

Live Streaming Options for Bruins Games

Are you a die-hard Bruins fan, but don’t have the time or money to attend every game? No problem. With today’s technology, there are plenty of ways to stay connected with your favorite team. Whether it be through official team websites and apps or local cable providers and streaming services, you can watch all the action from anywhere in the world.

Let's start with official team websites and apps. The Boston Bruins website offers up-to-date news about their players, standings, scores, stats and more. Additionally they provide live streaming options for select games throughout the season on their app as well as special promotions such as discounts on tickets or merchandise. Registering for an account on the Boston Bruins website provides users with exclusive content such as interviews and videos not accessible elsewhere.

For those wanting to stay abreast of their favorite team, streaming services and local cable providers offer live streams throughout North America. Popular options include FuboTV which features NBC Sports Boston, Hulu Live TV boasting 65+ channels such as ESPN, Sling TV offering 30+ networks including Fox Sports 1, YouTube TV providing 70+ networks like NHL Network, AT&T Now supplying 45+ networks among them NBCSN and PlayStation Vue featuring 50+ networks including MSG Network - all giving hockey fans the chance to get in on the action without ever having to leave home base.

It doesn't matter what device you have, from laptops to tablets and even phones - with the progress of tech, following sports is a breeze. So grab some popcorn (or nachos), put your feet up on the couch, relax and enjoy cheering on your beloved B's.

No matter your location, the streaming choices for Bruins games make it simple to stay current with the squad. With a variety of official and third party sources available, it's never been easier to watch your favorite hockey team play. Let's explore what options exist for upcoming games in terms of events and tickets.

Key Takeaway: With the advent of streaming services and team websites, Bruins fans no longer have to miss a single game. Now you can conveniently access all the games from any device, so get ready to cheer on our beloved B's in comfort. So sit back, relax and enjoy cheering on our beloved B's with some popcorn (or nachos).

Calendar of Events and Ticket Information

Keeping on top of all the upcoming activities featuring your beloved squad is essential for any true supporter. With so many different ways to watch, you’ll never miss a beat. Get information on buying tickets to events including special offers and promotions available only through official sources like

For the latest sports news, check out calendars of events featured on websites such as ESPN, NBC Sports, and Fox Sports. There are also local newspapers that feature game schedules and updates about upcoming games and events at TD Garden.

For Boston-area events, is the most commonly used ticketing services by fans seeking access to their favorite teams' games. If you're in Boston or its surrounding areas, Ticketmaster is one of the most popular ticketing services used by fans who want access to their favorite teams' games. You can also check out which has great deals if you purchase tickets early enough before they sell out.

Looking for discounts? Check with your local cable provider as some may offer discounted rates when purchasing season passes or packages for select games throughout the year. Additionally, many streaming services provide exclusive deals for those looking to watch Bruins games from home - perfect for those nights when heading down to TD Garden just isn't feasible. So don't miss out - keep an eye open for special offers so you don't have pay full price every time you want attend a game.

Key Takeaway: Staying informed on your team's upcoming events is essential for any diehard fan, so take advantage of ticketing and streaming discounts to ensure you can enjoy the games without spending too much. With ticketing services like Ticketmaster and StubHub offering discounts for early purchases and streaming deals from cable providers or streaming services, you won't miss out on any games - plus save some money while doing so. So be sure to keep an eye open for special offers so you can catch Bruins action without breaking the bank.

FAQs in Relation to Boston Bruins Hockey

What is Boston Bruins known for?

The Bruins, a professional ice hockey team based in Boston, Massachusetts, have been part of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in the NHL since 1924. The Bruins, who are part of the NHL's Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference, have been a mainstay since 1924. The Bruins, founded in 1924, have taken home the Stanley Cup six times - their most recent win being in 2011. Additionally, they are part of the "Original Six" and boast 24 division titles as well as two conference championships. As one of the Original Six teams, they also hold an impressive 24 division titles and two conference titles. The Bruins are known for their hard-hitting style on defense, their physical play along with skillful offensive playmaking abilities that make them one of the toughest opponents to face off against each season. The Bruins boast a devoted following and are considered one of the most illustrious teams in all athletics.

What is the Boston Bruins motto?

The Boston Bruins' motto is "Winning Is The Only Option". This motto serves as a constant reminder to the Bruins that nothing less than victory will suffice, driving them ever closer towards their ultimate ambition of claiming a Stanley Cup title. It serves as a reminder that every game matters, and that they must strive for victory in order to reach their ultimate goal of winning a Stanley Cup championship. Since their beginnings in '24, this slogan has been a source of inspiration for the Bruins and still drives them today.

Why is a Bruin called a bear?

A Bruin is called a bear because it is the mascot of UCLA, which stands for University of California Los Angeles. This nickname was chosen in honor of the state animal, the grizzly bear. The school's colors are blue and gold to represent its home state, California; these colors also match those of a bruin or brown bear. In addition to being used as an unofficial mascot at athletic events and other university functions, the term "Bruins" has been used by students since 1921 when UCLA first opened its doors.

Who is the best Bruins of all time?

It's a tough call to make when trying to determine the most noteworthy Bruins ever, given the sheer number of accomplished athletes who have represented the team. However, Bobby Orr stands out above them all for his incredible offensive and defensive contributions during his tenure with the team. His ability to control both ends of the ice revolutionized hockey in ways that still influence how it’s played today. Bobby Orr's success with the Bruins, including 8 All-Star selections and two Stanley Cup championships, solidifies his position as one of the greatest Boston players ever. Orr’s impact on the game and his incredible skill set make him an easy choice for the best Bruins of all time.


From Bobby Orr to David Pastrnak, they have had some incredible players that have helped them become Stanley Cup Champions several times over. With TD Garden as their home rink, fans can come out to watch live games or stream them online. The rivalry between the Bruins and other NHL teams is a thrilling experience for fans, making each game an unforgettable one. Get your tickets today so you don't miss out on all the action from this historic team in Boston Bruins hockey.

Discover the best seats for all Boston Bruins hockey games with! Get tickets, live streaming access, seating maps and charts to find your perfect spot in the arena today.






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