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15 Landsdowne Street

Boston, MA 02215


There is a garage right on Lansdowne Street and a few parking lots on the areas surrounding Fenway Park.  Please plan accordingly as the mix of concerts and shows at the House Of Blues along with Red Sox games and other nightlife can make finding parking a challenge.

Public Transportation:

T – Green Line Kenmore

The House of Blues in Boston hosts various concerts and events throughout the year and is located right behind the Green Monstah of historic Fenway Park in Boston, MA.  The House of Blues in Boston also has a restaurant that is open daily from 4PM to 10PM and opens two hours before each Red Sox home game. 

House Of Blues Boston

The Foundation Room VIP Club is accepting new members.  The VIP Club offers an exclusive lounge, dining room, and concierge service.  This VIP Club is the location where many of Boston’s elite rockers and socialites party well into the morning hours.  Many a scandal and interesting story emerges from the VIP Club on a regular basis.  House of Blues is a great place to find rap concerts near me and country concerts near me.  You can also find great nightlife at Big Night Live and Royale Boston.  

The first House of Blues in all of America actually opened up in the Boston area in 1992.  The initial location was in Cambridge at Harvard Square.  Harvard Square in Cambridge now has its own concert and nightlife scene headlined by The Sinclair Music Hall Cambridge.  Isaac Tigrett and actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd opened the venue.  Other members of the venture included Harvard University, Aerosmith, River Phoenix, and James Belushi.  Both Aykroyd and Belushi remain associated with the House of Blues and do appear at openings and various other events and gatherings. 

In 2006 Live Nation acquired House of Blues and now has nine locations across America.  Live Nation moved the venue to its current location in Kenmore Square in 2009. 

The venue hosts a variety of artists and music styles and is experiencing more and more growth.  Patrons tend to thrive and really enjoy the cozy atmosphere and vibe of the venue.  You will find established acts and new and emerging artists both at the House of Blues in Boston on any given night.  The venue sets the standard for the thriving music scene and live music scene in Boston.  

If you are ever in Boston, and you need a place to stay, there is really only one place you should be looking for. It is called the House of Blues. This is one of the most important clubs in the United States.

You can actually make your stay at the House of Blues as comfortable as possible. There are only three ways to see the show: day or two night cheap hotel. So the price is going to be quite cheap, but it is worth it because you are going to see amazing shows, as well as great shows. The advantage with having a two-night cheap hotel is you get to be able to see the amazing shows for cheaper. Usually a two-night hotel will cost around the same as two nights at a fancy hotel.

If you have ever been to Fenway Park, you will recognize the house of blues as being similar to Fenway. The house of blues is often called the spot for Blues in Boston. It is really a place that is a few blocks from Fenway Park. When you are looking for a place to stay, make sure you don't miss the house of blues.


House Of Blues Boston Tickets

The atmosphere around the House Of Blues Boston is simply amazing and full of fun.  The venue is located on the famed Landsdowne Street which is joined to Fenway Park.  The House Of Blues Boston is literally right “behind the monstah” as us locals will tell you.  That entire area and street is full of vibrancy especially when the Red Sox are playing or there are concerts and football at Fenway. 

There are also several cool spots there to eat and drink not to mention the easy access to the T via the Green Line Kenmore Station.  The Cask n Flagon is a longtime favorite spot in Boston and Gillian’s is an excellent place to play some pool and go bowling in addition to drinking and eating.  The entire Fenway neighborhood is booming which only adds to the appeal of a trip to the House Of Blues Boston for a concert or show.

house of blues boston tickets

House Of Blues Boston Tickets

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Lansdowne Street – Boston

“He hit that one out onto Lansdowne” is something you might hear a fan or patron say after attending a game at historic Fenway Park.  This is because Lansdowne Street is the street that runs immediately behind the Green Monster which is the monstrous wall that constitutes the left field fence at Fenway Park.  Interestingly enough, it would be quite difficult for the ball to actually land on Lansdowne Street given the angles and laws of physics.  If a player swats a ball that launches out of the stadium entirely to left field then it most likely is heading to the rooftops of buildings on Lansdowne Street or even onto the Mass Pike!  Nonetheless, it’s a cultural thing and memorable way of describing a big home run.

house of blues boston tickets

Lansdowne Street, in addition to serving as the home of the House Of Blues Boston, is sort of a cultural and entertainment centerpiece of the Fenway neighborhood.  During games at Fenway the street is blocked off to traffic and thousands of fans are enjoying sausages, hot dogs, and other items along with the restaurant offerings before and after games.  Lansdowne also hosts the immensely memorable Cask N Flagon bar which is situated right at the apex of fan and patron foot traffic outside of Fenway Park.  The Cask is not only great for Red Sox games but also for catching a Boston Bruins game or Boston Celtics game.  Gillian’s Lucky Strike is at the opposite end of the street and gives fans a chance to enjoy billiards, bowling, and a dance club.  Boston has great nightlife as well such as Royale Boston and Big Night Live

A newer player on the Lansdowne Street and Fenway scene is the Cheeky Monkey Brewing restaurant and hangout spot.  This is a very spacious, new, and clean venue with excellent service and food.  You can come in and relax on some couches and play pool and other games or eat inside te restaurant or out on the sidwalk of Lansdowne Street.  Don't forget to remind any Yankees fans that this is Boston and not the bronx if you see any.  

Fans that attend a show at the House of Blues Boston or Fenway Park (Red Sox Tickets are available here) should definitely take a walk around the neighborhood.  Across the Mass Pike is Kenmore Square which is a trendy spot with eateries, etc. along with the Kenmore stop on the T (Green Line).  The other side of Fenway is exploding with residential towers and also has several restaurants and bars to include the always delicious and enjoyable Yard House.  Come on out and catch a show at the House Of Blues Boston.

House of Blues – Boston Massachusetts


The House of Blues is an entertainment building that was developed due to Isaac Tigrett’s love for music. He was particularly passionate about an American Form of art referred to as The Blues. Growing up, Isaac was exposed to a lot of this music throughout his early childhood in Tennessee. It was then that he got the inspiration to bring the music of the rural south to the world. His focus was on Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Roots Based Rock & Roll as well as Blues. House of Blues is aimed at celebrating and educating the Southern Culture history as well as the artistic contribution of African Americans to the music scene.

While The House of Blues was specifically set up for entertainment, it is also dedicated to serving the community. Over the course of its existence, it has maintained this as one of its priorities. Among the things House of Blues does is providing food to the homeless on Thanksgiving Day and finding and supporting local artists. It has since earned a reputation for itself as a place that offers more than just music and food.

What is Inside

House of Blues holds in high regards, the southern traditions. In order to create historical awareness about the south, House of Blues possesses quite a number of items and artifacts that have got notable historical significance. The Crazy Quilt stage curtain for instance is a piece that signifies respect to the Africans who were enslaved in the early times and used an Underground Railroad as their passage to freedom. The curtains cover the stage of the venue and have been constructed in a free-form-abstract arrangement.

House of Blues’ art collection is almost wholly made of Outsider, Self-taught and Folk artwork. The style is known as Visual Blues. Currently, House of Blues holds its place as the world’s largest Outsider Art curator. Underneath each stage there exists a metal box that contains Delta Mississippi mud. The Box is welded in place to signify the fact that every artist that performs on the stage has the spirit and roots of the south planted right underneath their feet.


House of Blues hosts quite a number of interesting events throughout the year. Some of the most recent and upcoming shows include Lacrae – All Things Work Together Tour, Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band Country 102.5 Wicked Awesome Monstah Bash, Epic Halloween, Grizzly Bear, Cypress Hill as well as Jack and Jack present FALL2017 Tour.


There are quite a number of viable parking spots close to the House of Blues. At just $15, you can get yourself an amazing parking spot at the LAZ Parking. There is also the One Beacon St. Garage available for $14 as well as Arch Street Building Garage available for $11. Other parking spots close to the place are Pi Alley Garage, Icon Parking, Center Plaza Garage as well as Lafayette Garage. Your choice of garage will primarily depend on two factors namely cost and closeness to the venue. 

The Neighbourhood of Fenway and Lansdowne Street

Fenway is a neighbourhood that exists in Boston, Massachusetts. While it is often casually referred to as Fenway, it consists of distinct sections; Kenmore Square, East Fenway, West Fenway and Audubon Circle. The population of the neighbourhood is currently estimated at being 41,000 with a land area of 3.2 square kilometres.

The neighbourhood gets its name from the main thoroughfare. The West and Eastern parts of Fenway are separated by the Muddy River which flows into the Charles River.  The amount of real estate development in the Kenmore Square area and Fenway area is simply breathtaking.  There are residential towers going up and filling up rapidly.  Of course, the patrons and residents have access to the Fenway Commuter Rail station and the Kenmore Green Line T stop along with ample supplies of Blue Bikes.  

The neighbourhood is dotted by brownstone townhouses and apartment buildings that go up five or six storeys. These buildings were typically constructed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. There are many small shops in between whereas the major commercial properties are found at the Kenmore Square. Fenway Park, the baseball stadium, is located close by.

Furthermore, there are many students residing in the neighbourhood due to the existence of segments of Boston University, the Berklee College of Music and the Northeastern University.

Landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmstead played a huge role in the establishment and design of the neighbourhood which was initially targeting high-end dwellers. However, with property prices rising, the institutions of higher learning would purchase many of the buildings, thereby facilitating an influx of students into the area.

Nevertheless, currently, there are planned developments of modern building to house different purposes/uses. For instance, more mixed use properties are being planned to cater for retailing, hotel/apartment, dining and other uses. There are more plans to modernise aging hotels and to expand commercial centers to make the neighbourhood a lot more appealing to both the young population of students and revellers who visit Fenway Park to enjoy baseball matches. Furthermore, Fenway Park’s redevelopment has revamped the stadium’s image and the Boston Red Sox can now take pride in their home ground.

Lansdowne Street is one of the streets in the neighbourhood and hosts a great deal of fun places to visit and have a good time. The oldest bar here, Bill’s Bar, offers you the thrill of night time dancing and proper service of drinks. The foods and drinks are cheap here and you can indulge with your friends after catching some action at Fenway Park.

The newer Bleacher’s Bar offers you a one of a kind of experience. you can partake of your drinks while catching live action straight from the field through a special window that gives you unprecedented views. There are other bars along the street that offer you the promise of cheap, great food and memorable, sporting experiences.

At the House of Blues, you can catch live music as well as sample Southern cuisine. The house features performances showcasing the contributions of African Americans to folk art and music. Of course, you can catch numerous other genres there.

For a more active day out, Jillian’s and Lucky Strike Lanes is just the place for you. Here, you can play pool and arcade games, and get to bowl and even try your hand at video consoles.

The Fenway neighbourhood offers a lot more than just the action at the park. With entertainment spots along Lansdowne Street, you will not lack a fun activity to engage in throughout your stay.

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