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Sports fans, whether they watch sports or not, are like Olympic champions; they are special. The sports that they love the most have a deep-rooted history that people admire and appreciate, and those sports have a culture all their own. is your #1 choice for finding the best tickets to upcoming sports events near you.  Check in to see the latest schedules, dates, and cities where you can find all the action.  Don't forget to also look out for great deals on parking passes and other travel packages if needed. You can find sports games near me along woth everything that is happening, today, tonight, this weekend, and tomorrow.  

Over time, the tournament can often become as much of a sporting event as the athletes themselves. They are just as passionate about sports as their fans, and they share a love for every game.  Huge events like Wimbledon and The Masters take place every year and capture the attention of fans across the world. 

There are so many wonderful things that come to my mind when considering college football's biggest rivalries. It may be a random selection, but for me there is no contest. For years I have craved for those magical moments of "I can't believe they scored that goal" or "that was at least close" from one team to the next. There is something about the sense of accomplishment that comes with coming out ahead of your friends, family, or opponents. It makes winning that much sweeter!

College football tailgating is the one event that you don't want to miss if you love college football. Tailgating has been around ever since stadiums have been built, and they bring fans from all over the country and even the world to root for the same college teams. Football tailgating provides everything a fan could hope for in a tailgate party: fun, great food, great drinks, easy access to the stadium, and the chance to meet some of your college football heroes. Tailgating is the one event where you will get free food, beer, and sometimes even souvenirs!

In the fall, as the leaves start to change colors and fall, you will be able to find Penn State fans everywhere, wearing their scarves and jerseys, watching their Nittany Lions play at the Big Ten Football Championship and the Rose Bowl. Penn State plays in the middle of the pack in the conference, but they always put on a great show and attract a lot of fans. If you live in the area, you should make it a point to attend one of their home games. There is nothing quite like watching the Nittany Lions take on the College Football Bowl champion and all of the other top teams from the other conferences.

College football season is filled with a lot of ups and downs. You have the title games between the top teams in the country, you have the crazy bowl games between teams that don't make the playoffs, and you have the super bowl which usually only has one team competing. There are usually a few bowl games that have big national implications, such as the Orange Bowl or the Sugar Bowl, but the rest of the season is fairly uneventful until the final game. When this happens, people start to get really fired up for the annual championship games between the best teams in the country. Some years there are exciting title contenders, but most years the same old teams keep winning the national title.

You can have a blast this year when it comes to being a college football fan in the area. There is so much history and so much opportunity to make memories at a tailgate party. You can visit with some of your favorite teams and cheer them on when they are playing in the playoffs. You can root for Georgia or Auburn and get in the spirit of what these teams are doing when they are playing each other in the SEC Championship games. There are all kinds of other exciting games to watch in the area that you can enjoy just as much as you enjoy Georgia Tech, Alabama, Oklahoma Sooners, Florida, Oklahoma State and every other college football team that play in the Southeast.

The Georgia Dome is always one of the best tailgates to visit. There is nothing more unique than sitting on the sidelines during a college game when you can hear some of the biggest shots from the field. If you are not able to make it to the Georgia Dome, you can always find some fun tailgating locations to root for in the surrounding cities. There are always a lot of Georgia State University fans in the crowd, which makes for some incredible college football games when you are visiting Atlanta, Augusta, and anywhere else in the southern part of the United States.

Baseball. The home of the Olympics, the game has grown to be more than just entertainment. It is a sport that give respect to winning, motivation, and brings pride in accomplishment. The majors are now dominated by players who have been playing this game for several years, and that level of experience is only expected to continue growing.  We have so many ticket options for you in baseball to include MLB, the MLB Playoffs, the World Series, and college baseball.  Catch an incredible college game like the South Carolina Gamecocks baseball or LSU baseball and Clemson baseball.  Never miss a chance to check out the NY Yankees or historic ball fields like Fenway Park

Basketball. Like baseball, the NBA continues to show how players from all levels have developed a level of professionalism for every game, which is somewhat hard to believe, just check out how competitive and tough the NBA playoffs are every year. This professionalism continues to grow, which is not surprising since this is one of the most popular sports in the world.  Check out the NBA Live Stream to stay current with all the action of exciting games and teams like the LA Lakers and Houston Rockets.  We can connect you directly to each team as well with Lakers live stream and Mavericks live stream and LA Clippers live stream plus more.  

NCAAB is always exciting with college basketball action taking center stage for March Madness.  Follow along with CBB Reddit Streams.  Nothing can match the excitement of te Men's and Women's NCAAB Conference Tournaments and then the March Madness tournament leading to the Final Four.  There are so many college basketball games near you in every main city, and it is very easy to get tickets and watch on live stream.  

Football. The sport has remained popular since its beginnings, with teams that often reach the highest levels in the sport. The most notable success stories are the teams from England, but it is impossible to ignore the impact of Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa on the world of football.

Soccer. Soccer is a sport that has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Soccer has added some celebrity appeal, as well as a competitive edge that have allowed teams to compete against each other.  Don't miss any action by tuning in to the TUDN Extra live stream and or your favorite club like the Real Madrid live stream.  

Frisbee. The game has seen many changes from its original version. There are even frisbee tournaments, such as the YMCA World Tour, where athletes to showcase their skills on a course filled with obstacles and other hazards.

Rugby. Like football, rugby is known for its rich history and culture. The game has been on the top of the sports event pyramid since the 1950s, and the sport continues to grow in popularity.  Rugby continues to gain popularity in the United States as it is already extremely popular in Japan, Europe, Russia, and elsewhere.  It's easy to find rugby games near me.  

Rugby union. Rugby is one of the oldest games in the world, and it has seen some tremendous growth in recent years, including the Olympic games.

When it comes to different sports, they are nearly all beloved by fans. Although there is no shortage of sports that are wildly popular, each one has a culture that fans embrace.

Sports events are popular for a reason: they bring people together. In sports events, fans can watch their favorite team and players and even cheer for their favorite sport at the same time.

NFL Football 

The National Football League (NFL), headquartered in New York is the most popular sports league in the United States. Founded in 1920, it was initially known as American Professional Football Association (APFA). 


NFL football has 32 teams based in the contiguous United States. The teams are divided between National Football Conference and American Football Conference equally. Every team plays 17 games in its regular season that, held for 18 weeks from September to January. The annual championship game, Super Bowl is played between the champions of NFC and AFC in February. 


NFL has a massive fan base with more than 26 million followers on Twitter. It is so popular among fans that it is ranked among the best-attended pro sports leagues in the world. The total attendance at the regular-season games in NFL on an average is 16 million. 

The Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots have the most fans according to Facebook fan pages. 

TV Ratings

Super Bowl has consistently been the most watched annual sporting event not just in America, but the world. The Super Bowl championship in 2021 had 91.63 million viewers in the United StatesIn 2020, the average television viewership of a regular-season NFL game was 14.9 million.

College Football

The College football league is organized by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). It is played by student’s teams from different universities of us and Canada. The performance of the athletes impacts his chances of being in a professional football team.  


130 teams are part of the NCAA Division I FBS football season 2021 to be held from August to December. The Football Bowl Subdivision is the most competitive subdivision of NCAA Division 1.


The fan base of college football is enormous and some even prefer watching it more than NFL. According to Statista, 21% of respondents of a survey in the USA confirmed that they were avid followers of College football.  

LSU and Ohio State has the most enthusiastic fans according to the attendance marked at the stadiums. Tailgate party where fans gather at the stadium parking lots to celebrate are popular in college football games. It’s usually held before games and allows fans to socialize. Barbeque and beverages make tailgating an extremely fun event. 

TV Ratings 

Despite the popularity, the TV viewership of college football has seen a decreasing trend in the last few years. The viewership of the college football national championship between Alabama and Ohio was 18.7 million which was 27% lower than the previous year.


FIFA (Fédération International de Football Association) was formed in 1904 and is the highest governing body of association football. It organizes the World Cup which is a prestigious international football tournament. 


Football, also known as Soccer is the most popular sport in the World. 

Soccer has more than 4 billion followers worldwide. Most of the fans are from Europe, America, Canada and Africa. 

Most Popular Teams

The most popular team is Real Madrid from Spain with 252 million followers on social media. It is followed by FC Barcelona from Spain and Manchester United from England. 

World Cup

The FIFA world cup is held every four years since 1930 and is the most watched sports event in the world. The next world cup will be held in Qatar in 2022 with 32 qualified teams. The most successful team is Brazil with 5 World cup titles.


Major League Soccer, formed in 1993 is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan. It is supported by the United States Soccer Foundation and is one of the major professional leagues in the USA and Canada. 


It has 27 teams that play 34 games each in the regular season held from February to October. The MLS Cup is the league’s annual championship game and its 25th edition was held in 2020. The Columbus Crew emerged as the winner of the cup.


Los Angels Galaxy and New York City FC has the most followers according to social media fan pages.

TV Ratings

MLS stands at the third position in The United States Soccer viewership. Each game records a viewership of 250000 to 300000. The match between FC Cincinnati and Inter Miami recorded a viewership of 720000 which was twice the expected ratings. 


The National Hockey League (NHL) is extensively popular as the premier hockey league in the world and a key professional sports league in Canada and the United States. It is a professional ice hockey league for men in North America. The playoff champion of the league wins the Stanley Cup, which is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America.

How Many Teams Are There in NHL?

The NHL 2021-22 has 32 teams – 25 teams in the United States and 7 teams in Canada. Last season, there were only 24 teams from the United States. This season, Seattle Kraken is a new addition to the NHL from the US.

Conferences and Divisions

The NHL has divided the 32 teams into two conferences:

· Eastern Conference

· Western Conference

These conferences are further broken into four divisions:

· The Metropolitan Division in the Eastern Conference

· The Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference

· The Pacific Division in the Western Conference

· The Central Division in the Western Conference

There are eight teams in each of these divisions.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Format

The playoff format for the Stanley Cup includes four different rounds of ‘best of 7’ series. Each game series follows the 2-2-1-1-1 format. This means the team that has the advantage of home ice hosts the first, second, fifth, and seventh games. On the other hand, their opponent hosts the third, fourth, and sixth games. The fifth, sixth, and seventh games are played only if required. In each conference, 8 teams qualify for the playoffs.

Stanley Cup Playoffs TV Coverage

The Stanley Cup Playoffs will air on NBC, NBC Sports Network, SportsNet, CBC, CNBC, SN Now, SN Now+, TVA Sports, and NHLN. From NHL 2021-22 season, the hockey league is expanding its TV deal to include ESPN, TNT, and ABC as well. The association has signed 7-year agreements with Turner Sports and Disney to divide television coverage of the upcoming seven seasons. Both these networks will broadcast regular NHL season and playoffs. However, the Stanley Cup Final game will alternate between the two networks, with TNT or TBS airing it in odd years and ABC airing it in even years.  The best way perhaps to follow all the action is with the NHL live streaming.  


Tennis is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. It is a racket sport that individuals or teams of two people can play. It is an Olympic sport and played by millions of players around the world who play to keep fit and enjoy the experience of playing. The game is governed by the International Tennis Federation.

Top players

Some of the great players to have played the game (with details of grand slam titles won) include:

  1. Margaret Court of Australia (won 24 titles).
  2. Serena Williams of the USA (won 23 titles), presently ranked No. 1 in the world in women’s tennis.
  3. Steffi Graf of Germany (won 22 titles).
  4. Roger Federer of Switzerland (won 20 titles).
  5. Rafael Nadal of Spain (won 20 titles).
  6. Novak Djokovic of Serbia (won 20 titles), presently ranked No. 1 in the world in men’s tennis.
  7. Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova of the USA (with 18 titles each).
  8. Pete Sampras of USA with 14 title wins.
  9. Bjorn Borg of Sweden (11 titles).

Top tournaments and locations

One of the most popular tennis tournaments is the Grand Slam. It comprises four tennis events held every year.

  1. The Australian Open is held every year at the end of January. It is held on a hard court and is held at Melbourne Park (capacity: 14,820), Melbourne in Australia. 
  2. The French Open, also known as Roland-Garros, is a clay-court tournament held during May-June every year. It is held at the Stade Roland-Garros (capacity 14,500) in Paris, France.
  3. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament and is held during June-July every year. This is a grass-court tournament held at the All-England Club (capacity: 14,979), Wimbledon, London.
  4. US Open is a hard-court tournament held every year during August-September. It is held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (capacity: 14,000) in New York City, USA.

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